Zte Zmax Pro Cell Phone Reviews

Bought a phone it was a ZTE max pro and couldn't down load any apps on the phone. Told metro pcs and they been giving me the run around every since. Will not replace or fix the phone. Leaving you hold telling it's not your name hanging up on you. Just bad service period. The data sucks when they controling your internet usage and having you on old windows you have to keep updating and taking up space on the phone..
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For almost a month now I have been reading the reviews on the new ZTE Zmax Pro phone FOR only 99.00. and what a great phone it is. The day has arrived for my wife and I to each order a new phone and the price is 179.00 +tax less a 20.00 instant rebate and a 60.00 mail in rebate that can take 12 weeks to come back. Even ZTE advertised this phone a revolutionary price break at only $99.00. It looks like Metro is collecting the extra sales tax and...
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