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Zoovy - Read before you make ur mind! Zoovy is a big fraud!

This is how the story started: The sales person asked me to join zoovy, promised to transfer my existing business to zoovy in no time, promised for integration with my website and etc... he asked me to also buy support hours and training, $1000 just for 500 minutes support. *** me, I listened to him. he asked me to send him a website design and etc.. so he can start working on them,... after payment, he disappeared and it took me 2 month to get a hold of someone, eventually i found out, he had quite this *** company. some gentleman from customer service took over and after two weeks realized that I need to be taken care of, he assigned a team for me to help me setup what was promised, but the team was just another joke from zoovy. after 6 month, I found out they haven't even touched my project and they just waste my time over the phone trying to use the support minutes and make some money, meanwhile I was paying over $250 a month to zoovy just to have the account. thankfully I didn't transfer all my business there, I transferred less than 5% of my business there just to see how it will go. after 6 months of wasting time with zoovy personnel i found out zoovy was just a big fraud, you even have to buy hours for customer support, and what customer support does? you say hello and it start charging you, it took me 6 month to get a hold of someone who actually understood me, after finalizing the project I just asked them for the most basics needs of ecommerce, I was promised that everything will be done, I was transferred to another team, and the team was on and off every other day, wasting time and asking for unnecessary questions. at the end, they stopped responding, when I called, the answer was they are on vacation, she didn't come today, she will be back next week and etc... meanwhile I transferred my whole business to Corecomemrce, what a nice platform, user friendly and high tech. Zoovy did *** me off, and they did took my money and after $2000 investment in their fees and buying support, I ended up with $400 refund. its a shame, this kinda company will go down eventually, Im not worry about my money, I made a bad decision and I paid for it, Im actually worry about people who work there, they going to be out of job in future, spending all their energy in this company. Zoovy doesn't have customer support, customer service manager or etc.. whatever u hear it a fake face to get your money, drain your pocket little by little and eventually you will be out. system is not user friendly, the support costs you arm and legs and I promise you, you will eventually drop out, if you look closer in the market, they are better companies with same or even better capabilities who will care about your business, and charging your card is not their main goal. there are companies that like to grow with you and secure their future, but companies like zoovy are the ones that are looking for one time customer, someone like me to rip them off and at the end just say, sorry, hope to see you again, please keep this 10% refund, so you will be happy. you are left with nothing, and $2000 out of pocket. think wise before you get in to this type of companies, the sale staff are always the nicest one, so make sure you talk to tech people, customer service and your acct manager to realize who you are dealing with, sales staff in zoovy were good, they did their job.
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Problem is they are now starting a new company under a different name..just found that out from an ex support person of theirs who now works for another company. The new company is called :(

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Zoovy ... rip off!

We were with Zoovy for almost 2 years, slow sales and promises broken. We were told that our sales would increase, and they never did, we were told that Zoovy helps you market your site, they never did, and they charged us for a bundle that we did not need for almost 2 years and refunded only a small percentage of payments we made over the two years. When asked, why were we sold a product we did not need and never used .... their comment was "we don't know". It cost us more per month than the site was making. Dont waste your money or time, there are other internet companies that support their customers and dont overcharge them.
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Karen H Llf
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Zoovy Ain't Groovy

We were a customer of Zoovy for some time, but decided to leave after rate increases and continuing inappropriate comments towards us by the Zoovy staff. Apparently we were disliked because we didn't spend enough with Zoovy. We never felt that Zoovy cared about our business, in fact we felt put down by Zoovy. We switched to another ecommerce provider and our sales have sky rocketed. Leaving Zoovy was not only good for our business, but we found our rankings in Google shot up because we no longer were linked with a Zoovy sub domain, we had our own domain after we left. You really need to shop around for an ecommerce provider and check for hidden costs. And there are better ecommerce providers out there, our success is evident of that. We been interviewed on a number of radio shows, TV and in a internationally released documentary. I highly doubt that if we had stayed with Zoovy that we would have become a huge success.
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The success fee change is complete ***. You read that correctly..

11YEARS. We have 1000's of hours into our *site* and feel like we are trapped with this company.

Our margins were small to begin with and the **success fees** just eat into it. We are REALLY pissed off.


Dear "wish youd posted your business",

You don't mention that in 2005 your monthly fees for our website went from a couple hundred dollars a month for the flat fees to over a thousand a month for your monthly "success fees". That sucked bad enough in a good economy. In a bad economy, it's making us consider shutting down the website.

Toni R Fqc

We were grandfathered in on Zoovy until the rug was pulled out from under us. I KNOW that Karen is telling the truth about her experience because ours was similar. Not to mention at that time Zoovy FORCED us into using Payment Resources for credit card processing and they were a huge rip off. So for anyone who is criticizing Karen's post you need to come after me, too. After I took my business elsewhere my business really took off. I went with Instant Estore and they have been wonderful.

While I think it's great that some people have posted great reviews here for Zoovy, just like some folks are accusing Karen of fabricating her experience, what's to keep Zoovy from posting bogus reviews? And hey why not accuse me too. For those of you who supposedly work for Zoovy the Payment Resources is easily verifiable, just ask your God Brian!

My website has ended up being mentioned in several books (with great reviews), nothing like this happened while I was with Zoovy.

Instant E Store was very reasonable in their web design and their support has always been really helpful. We've been with them since 2005.


If This is true why are the prices not listed? i have to join first?

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Yes. Prices are hidden.


Thanks i wont use them i almost fell for the trap..


I can't believe what I'm reading. Zoovy has helped me and my business grow at a pace that blows me away each and every year. I was one of Zoovy's earlier customers and I have been riding their coat tails to success since I began with them back in 2005. To say it's been all roses would not be honest. They have had challenges and there have been hiccups along the way. However, I have become, what I consider to be, a very successful online seller.

My sales have increased year over year and I owe a lot of that to Zoovy, along with my own hard work. If your looking for a management company to do it all for you then look elsewhere. It will always be up to you to do the work. However, if you are looking for a management company that will give you every avenue you need to succeed, then Zoovy is the best choice. Zoovy rocks.

For those that doubt, whether I am a real Zoovy customer.

Andreas Georgiou


Go "zoovy" yourself u online complainers!


Whether or not this Karen person is real or not, I can definitely relate to some of the issues that she brought up.

We started with Zoovy over 5 months ago looking for a way to post listings on eBay and any other eCommerce site more efficiently. To our surprise, after spending nearly $6,000, things aren't any different other than the fact that we're using a Zoovy interface.

The listings are not being created faster, the inventory tracking system is a joke, some of the pictures aren't being uploaded to the store front items posted or eBay listings, they've crossed out account with another clients, tagging their eBay item # onto our account/item so when people click on our item, it takes them to the other person's site. Their customer service is down right terrible, blaming eBay and us for everything that's going wrong. Funny how I didn't have ANY of these problems when I was listing through eBay alone. One tech even told me when I asked him what the status was of the issue we had mentioned to them (2months earlier) that he prioritized his team with paying customers first and that they'd get to our issue when they could. HELLO, we're being charged monthly here on top of what ever other little fees they're charging!

Zoovy over promises and under delivers and then blames YOU for it.

I agree, Zoovy ain't groovy at all.


This review is false:

Zoovy has not increased existing customer prices since 2005 when we went from flat fees to success fees.

This is probably a competitor posting a false review.

Disclosure: I work for Zoovy, and before writing this I searched our customer database and didn't find a "Karen Hutchinson". It lacks anyway to identify the customer, or check their site traffic or page rank (before or after), It's bogus.

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