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You should look up the court case of "BRE MARINER MARCO TOWN CENTER, LLC v. ZOOM TAN, INC." Apparently a company that likes to force its clients to pay on their membership agreements even though they tried to cancel them doesn't want to pay on their leases. That makes me laugh for some reason. Basically, the idiots at Zoom Tan took out a lease with these guys in Marco Island, Florida. But, they didn't check to see if they could open a tanning... Read more

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*** you for making light of this day that the majority of the country is mourning about. On top of having to live with a *** President I dont want to hear puns from zoom tan about it. Read more

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Pretty much before I commit to anything , gym/home/car ect.. i do research, most people do, when I read the reviews about Zoom Tan I was nervous, but a friend who goes there talked me into joining, its a great experience, friendly staff, not pushy like I've read, no regrets at all!! Read more

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Honestly, just read the reviews about them that are all over this and other websites. I really hope that some people will see these reviews and see how bad they are before they end up doing business with them. Tanning salons are pretty iffy businesses to deal with anyway. They're like tattoo parlors. some are good and most are terrible. Zoom Tan is one of the worst of the worst in tanning. The guy who runs it is a crook, plain and simple. The... Read more

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Wow!! Went to the one on East Bay Drive in Clearwater and the girl was so rude !!! I wanted to get my daughter started on unlimited Tanning and I was not allowed to use my card ! And they don't take cash ! They had to have my daughters card .. I then walked out and went up the street to another salon and they gladly accepted MY card and CASH!! I will tell everyone I know about this experience! Read more

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I stumbled onto this site and was shocked that they let people say whatever they want without identifying themselves. I much prefer Google and Yelp reviews. At least those people have to identify themselves which is probably why the Zoom Tan reviews over there are much better. Out here it looks like these posts are from competitors or disgruntled former employees. My experiences have been nothing but great and I have tanned at several Zoom Tans.... Read more

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I signed up for 3 months last year and asked that they not bill me any more as I would not be in the area after the end of March! As it was I left early. They billed me for March, I only went once, and they also left me with an amount owing for April! Luckily my credit card was changed or they would have billed April as well! When I went in this year to get a spray tan they insisted I pay for last April! I refused out of principle and did not... Read more

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I bought a year membership for a friend who recently found out he was moving to a state that does not have a Zoom Tan location the only option they were able to give me is to give me 3 extra minutes on my year package. But no refund for the full amount that was paid for the year only 1 month prior. Completely 100% unsatisfied with the staff. They were unable to give me no other options. Sale final Read more

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I don't know if everyone's heard but there has been an incident with someone taking photos over those short little walls in Zoom Tan. All any *** needs is a selfie stick and they can snap a nude photo of you in Zoom Tan and post it to some *** website. Once a photo is out there, it's out there and you have little to no chance of getting it taken... Read more

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Zoom Tan - Super
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Absolutely love the convenience of walking in to a friendly face, speed to get in a booth, always clean.. Products for tanning are a bit pricy, but work great. The off season Sunless tanning spray, not so good. Spray's on a bit runny, so have to rub in not to have drip lines, then your hands have been stained. There is not enough color to use this product, so how do I get my refund, and where do I send the almost full bottle? Was purchased in... Read more

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