I closed my bank account because of excessive fees for small overages that were supposed to have stopped being allowed by the bank. the day after I closed account my car insurance went to the bank for payment and Zions rejected it and kept my account open to charge me a fee for rejecting it ??? Well I told them as far as I was concerned I had no account there but they could not just let me leave without theyre greedy business practises so they...
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I owned 10 acres of beautiful Colorado mountain land debt free. I obtained a contruction loan with Zions First National Bank of Salt Lake City. The project went over budget by 55k due to contractor negligence. Zions froze project for 6 months. I finally got them to raise loan amount, construction resumed with the new 20k foundation. Zions changed their minds and froze the project again. Demanding a new loan, higher interest rate etc. I could...
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Huge STOLE your land? You are very naive, so you are saying that you paid the bank the interest and complied with the covenants that you agreed to? Let\'s hear the real story, pl...

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