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Shipped when NOT ordered

I'm sitting here with the 2nd unordered pack of Zencor. I was also led astray and I am peoed that this company is still in business. The ads are misleading to the extent of lying.

I mailed the first package back the next day after delivery and it cost me postage, minor but the very idea is sickening and unlawful...

And here, I sit with an un-ordered second package. Free, wanted, ordered? Surely you jest. This company should be reported to the BBB as well as the UPS. Unfortunately I'm probably going to have to pay return postage on this junk, too.

I got a phone call this week and I couldn't get a word in edgewise so I hung up. Frustrated and mad? Is there another word I can use? Not here anyway. A question please? How do I get back at these liars?

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map-marker Littleton, Colorado

Zencor +

I listened to an ad for this product which offered a "free sample". I have listened to the ad multiple times and it seemed pretty clear as to the offer.

I then called with the intent of getting the sample and trying it to see how effective it was. What I got instead was a 'hard sell' sales pitch offering me a 2-month supply which would 'include' an additional 1-month supply. Totally misleading and offensive.

I tried to complain that this was misleading relative to what was offered and got nowhere fast. I hung up on the salesperson.

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Dell Ykq
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

Zencore signed me up against my authority!!

Zencore is a rip off. I heard and ad on radio for free sample. I agreed to the sample with the rediculous shippping fee of $9.95. The very quick talking salesmen inundated me with numerous offers, etc. and offered to free gifts with no cost or obligation. I immediately halted him and said I want nothing, but the sample and not to sign me up for anything. I reiterated my request after more fast talk and he assured me I would not recieve the regular monthly pack of Zencore.

Instead out of nowhere I get a 5 pill pack of Zencore 59.95, plus 9.95 shipping that I never ordered. Never recieved 2 free gifts, but instead saw two 16.95 charges on my credit card for American Leisure and Easy Saver that I knew nothing about. I called them and they removed all charges from my card, but Zencore was admant that I must have ordered the 5 pack, which I did not.

After explaining myself numerous time and calling their number which never seems to answer I was told they would cancel my membership and I could send back the Zencore at my expense and still pay the 9.95 shipping they charged me. I asked them to please send a postage paid envelope and I will gladly return their product, but I am not being hijacked to pay for something I never ordered.

I am now filing a dispute with my credit card company and filing a complaint with the BBB and Attorney Generals Office.

Lastly, they do not tell you anywhere in their radio ad or in conversation that if you are on an antidepressent you cannot take Zencore. I am on an antidepressent and tried one of the samples. Beside not working it made me very sick for 12 hours.

Don't buy from this rip off company. It is a scam.

david from Pennsylvania Nov. 2008

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I got ALL my money back and got to keep the weeks supply of Zencore which I will give away. The dispute with the Credit Card Company if you best bet.

Just do as they tell you and fully and accurately write them what happened. Trust me they WILL make it right if you have been cheated. Pay with your credit card and always file a dispute if necessary. They are your best consumer protection whether it be car repairs, electronics, our supplements.

Lastly, I want to make this perfectly clear. As far as Zencore goes I am ONLY talking about their radio advertisements and the less than scrupulous practices of the telephone sales people they use. If you check the Zencore site, which I did after I filed my dispute, it is very clear, concise, and up front with what to expect.

Why they don't do that with there phone sales I have not idea as their site is very open and honest. I still wasn't impressed with there product though!


at least you got your money back..most places do not refund shipping charges anyway. FYI, vitamins, herbal supplements, and OTC's should be used with caution when one is taking any other kind of medication.

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map-marker Reston, Virginia

Zecore Plus "free" sample is anything but.

In response to a radio ad, I called for a free sample of Zencore Plus, an herbal supplement for erectile dysfunction. There was a s/h charge of $3.95 for two pills.

Fast-talking salesman "offered" an automatic-refill subscription for $59.95 a month for 5 doses. I declined and he persisited with that and other rapid-fire offers until I had to shout him down and get his assurance that he would not ship anything I hadn't ordered; that I wanted a free sample only. He agreed, but of course I got a package with five doses and a bill for $59.95 a couple of weeks later. He also had signed me up for the American Leisure and Easy Saver programs (same company for both) which began to put $1.00 per month each on my American Express card.

The Zencore Plus rep agreed to refund the $59.95 charge LESS the 9.95 shipping/handling fee.

I told her that was unacceptable and I will file a dispute for the whole amount with American Express.

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Stiff Night works really well:) My hubby uses it you can get it at the corner store!


I like the product!! I will not be buying from the 1-800 # They promised serval time a month supply, yeah right , I got 2 pills,What a scam Buy it @ GNC Instead,


I responded to radio add for "Free Trial" offering 60 days supply for 49.95 plus 9.95 s/h. Try for 30 days and return balance of 30 days if not satisfied and only pay s/h.

or keep and pay 49.95. Should have know better. Didn't work and CC was hit for $155!

Still contesting. Stay away from this scam.


Zencore Plus has been running their annoying ads all day long on KSFO AM 560 in the San Francisco Market, and appear to be sponsoring a number of conservative political talk shows. The radio station either doesn't know about the scam aspect, or doesn't care, as long as they get ad revenues.

I'm fully aware of the shadiness of operators who push dubious products such as "Zencore Plus" and "Clean My PC", but I put up with their "noise", because I know they're paying for shows I like to hear.

Unfortunately, since their ad campaigns run for weeks and months, it means they're making money from hapless listeners so they can continue to buy ad time. :cry


Anyone have new ideas in treating TINNITUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, I heard it advertized on Air America, of course that was before they went b/k


this scam is advertized on Glenn Beck!!!


I got the same *** shette and I'm contacting the Better Business Bereau...

Unbelievable how many times you confirm that you're NOT interisted in anything else other than the free trial or otherwise cancell the whole deal.. Just useless.. These people should be tried for thift...


so many companies do these kinds of things..if you want a product just go to the store and buy and tv ads ALL have a string attached


Did it work though?

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