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Lisa villagomez abuse continually her position as manager she thinks she is the owner but she works for zell asociates that are the worst landlords ive have ever seen plus the other lisa the director of managing small buildings dosent have any manners at all zell assosiates sucks never never rent with this people
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MaxineMcGinnes M
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Zell Associate's Inc over charged me for last months rent and denyed all issues with landlord

1777 Hamilton Ave San Jose, CA 95125 (408) 978-**** Zell Associates (SLUMLORDS) 6/16/2012 I had a horrible experiance with the complex on 1st street IN San Jose, and with the Landlord Ann. Not only did she have a horrible attitude and was unbearable in conversation, but she got worse and worse as the months of me living there. When I tried contacting her about the unit having pests, she denyed it and then BLAIMED ME saying I was the one who brought them to the unit?! I also at the move in date told her I had a small bird which she was fine with, 4 months later when I contacted her about the pests, she said she was sending someone over the next day. I informed her to let me know when the person was coming so I could put my bird away, she then asked me" where does the bird shi*?" I told her that my pet wasnt potty trained but I cleaned up after it when ever it was out of the cage. She then told me I needed to look for a new home for my pet. The next issue with this horrible slumlord was when my boyfriend tried to park in our assigned parking space with a car that was under his mothers name, but she had also co-signed with us, Ann then caused another argument(she seems to be good at talking down to people) and when I tried calling the company about her attitude and the violation of our renters rights, the law stated that anyone who signed the lease is entitled to park in the spot.The main office had a women claiming to be the manager "Lisa" interrupted me while I was telling her about ann saying "ya know, normally the only tennants who contact the company are the ones who dont like following the rules. Ann has been doing this for 5 years and knows what shes doing." what an idiot! the next day, Ann had posted a note saying that "After reviewing the addendum, anyone who signs the lease CAN park in the parking lot. Damn Lisa, if Ann knows what shes doing and has all this experiance, then that should of never happen. I told Ann I was moving out on the 31st of may, this was on may 7th. Ann told me " Normally you are suppous to give us a 30 day notice, but if you can be out by the 1st with the unit cleaned and ready, then I wont pro-rate you for the first weeks rent on June. When I got my deposit back, the company charged me anyway, and when I called Ann about it, she denyed saying that and that I needed to call the company about it. I called the company and Lisa, wouldnt even speak with me, I had to speak with the receptionist the whole time and having to be put on hold continuously so that Lisa could speak with her and not me saying that Ann has been doing this for 15 years and that it was my fault for "Hoping" the unit would get occupied so I wouldnt have to pay the last weeks rent?????Then told me that I needed to call Ann back and work it out with her even though she didnt have the authority to say weather or not I could get my deposit back. I couldnt believe how ignorant this women was. I told the recptionist, if you look at my rent record, I have NEVER missed or been late on my rent, so if she did "pro-rate" me, why wasnt I given the amount??? why did they have to take it out of my deposit???? if I had know then I would of payed it just like every other months I had!!! this place is a JOKE.
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Nov 27, 2020

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Colby Hager
Colby Hager

Colby Hager is an experienced real estate investor with Capstone Homebuyers. He has years of experience in renovating houses, home remodeling, and property management.