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These people suck!!! Don't trust them! I called them before Thanksgiving and my car is still not fixed!!! The the Mechanic keeps giving me the run around says it's different things with my car. Now I paid him 2 weeks ago and he has been avoiding my calls then,,,, when he did call back he says he is so busy!!! They are not to be trusted!!!! I've been under alot of stress over this and at this point I want my money back! I've missed work 2 times...
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Anonymous It's kinda funny when people just complain crazy without contacting actual corporate to solve problem. these kind of reviews really does not help at all. thanks btw

They suck the guy was 2 hours late then i had to check the codes for my engine light and then he wanted me to go to the parts store to get parts and pay no so he went and he took another 2 hours to get back to me and then he said that i blown a head gasket well today theres no steam and some white smoke and the cooling fluids are not.low at all so im actually taken to my other person he said it could just be a leak never using them again ever i...
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