Donald H Kio
map-marker Pensacola, Florida

Dealer Scam

What can I say besides stay away from these con artists. I paid over $20,000.00 for a car that i still have yet to drive because it has so many issues. This company had this car for months after i purchased the vehicle to complete repairs. They had the gall to say they fixed the issues on it when It is still sitting because the brakes are so screwed up on it that it is not able to be driven. I should've known when I went to test drive it and the battery was no good. I took it to mechanics just after i purchased it and it needed new motor mounts, brakes, rotors, water pump, brake cylinder, radiator flush and shocks all of which were supposedly done but had the same issues every time it was picked up. Manager said I will never help fix another car that goes off this lot again. ,Go figure scam deal, cars have major issues. I am a veteran who is sick to his stomach that he got scammed. They don't deserve one star periodDe
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  • Have terrible customer service

Preferred solution: Them to fix what they know they never did. Which was almost $3,000.00 worth of issues the car has had. It is still parked undriveable waiting on a real mechanic to fix it.

User's recommendation: Stay Away unless you want to get scammed

map-marker Pensacola, Florida

2004 Chrysler Sebring Car Review from Pensacola, Florida