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It is a Smelly facility and not kept up at all. The equipment is never clean and the bathrooms are just gross. They have Hidden fees and contracts that appear to be a good deal but not at all. Id rather build my own gym at home. Cant cancel my membership without a bunch of hassle and paperwork so they hold on to the automatic payment and continue to charge my account. They also original messed up my automatic payment and I was sent to...
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Joined Lockwood Ridge gym about 8 moths ago. I use primarily the elipticals whose mechanism is not the smoothest , but tolerable. At first all four machines would read my heart rate from my chest belt or from my gripping the chrome immobile. And all lelevisions worked. Now despite my reporting this to the front desk people several time in the last two months : one television does not work, the heart rqte monitors do not read either from my...
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I didn't like
  • Equipment not repaired or maintained

Youfit Health Clubs Gym Facility Review

Lime card membership and can't get a bike that works . Call and get the excuse that parts are ordered and won't be in till August. I was told back in March that they were fixing or replacing them , I'm still trying to figure out what they do with all the money they collect as equipment upkeep.