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Chief Eric Jolliffe -York Regional Police Services

One of "Dirty" Eric Jolliffe's police officers was charged with sexually assaulting a prisoner multiple times on route from the scene of "crime" to the police station. Constable Noor Khan was charged with sexual assault. Constable Noor Khan had three previous complaints of sexual inappropriateness . All were ignored or covered up "York Region" style by "Dirty" Chief Eric Jolliffe. Among other cover ups in recent years are :

Detective Maurizio Gentili - Importing and viewing child *** (alleged by his ex wife)

Detective Mark "The G20 Goof" Charlebois - sexual inappropriateness with a minor in the police station at District 2. His videos are infamous for their stupidity and lack of respect for Canadian Law

Sgt. Terry Jordan- Numerous harassment complaints against fellow female officers and sexual relations with "domestic violence" victims in return for court favors

Sergeant Robert Penman- Ran and operated a brothel and drug den in a residential Newmarket Neighborhood for years and was covered up by "Dirty" Chief Eric Jolliffe, then Deputy Chief

Etc. Etc.

The "Dirtiest" and most corrupt police force in Ontario:

York Regional Police officer charged with sexual assault

NEWMARKET, Ont. - A York Regional Police officer is facing a sexual assault charge following an incident earlier this year.

The Special Investigations Unit was called in to investigate after a 28-year-old woman alleged she was assaulted by the officer in his vehicle.

The woman was arrested on January 27 and alleges the assault occurred en route to the police station

An investigation conducted by the SIU concluded there were reasonable grounds to charge Constable Noor Khan.

Khan is scheduled to appear in a Newmarket courtroom on June 7.

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Terrible police force. I live in Toronto but work in York Region and go out of my way to avoid these police officers.

Many of the male police officers are sexually inappropriate with me. Many are heavily tattooed and shaved head. Very scary guys. I avoid them at all cost and my fellow employees, especially the females, are terrified of these guys.

Most are young and very inappropriate. One of my colleagues has a very scary incident with one police officer where he tried to get her phone number for a date and was aggressive about it.

I can't wait until I am transferred out of York Region. :)


Slander? I googled Constable Noor Khan and it's true- he was charged by the SIU for sexual assault.

Eric Jolliffe is his Chief.

SO where is the slander Officer?

So go cry back to mommy's teat officer. :cry :cry


Would you like a slander suit ***!!!!!!!!!!! :zzz :zzz :zzz

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Dirty D Alf
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Racist, Anti-Semitic York Regional Police

Here is a copy of an email received this morning outlining the macabre relationship of Antisemitism and corruption between the criminal Islamic clan of Afarin Maleki-Raei, Fariba Maleki-Raei, Farzaneh Maleki-Raei, Forooz (re: Foroozandeh) Maleki-Raei, Ayoob Galami and Reza "Toronto Auto Station" Behroozian and their "sponsors" from the York Regional Police: Detective Mark Charlebois #815 and Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133 of teh York Regional Police:


From: Forooz Maleki

This is to all who have try to defile the family name of the glorious Maleki-Raei. You are incorrect in your attempt to destroy us. It will not happen, ever. I will address each and every one of you animal on a one by one basis. I'm am speaking on behalf of my whole family: Afarin Maleki, Fariba Maleki, Farzaneh Maleki, Reza Behroozian, Ayoob Ghalami, my parent, myself- Forooz Maleki and the honourable and respectful Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili, #1133 of the York Regional Police and Detective Mark Charlebois, #815 of the York Regional Police (Mark is the sponser of Afarin Maleki, Mo is my sponser).

/name removed for security reasons/- We have tell you since the start that you will lose. I have tell you I put you in jail and I have. I have tell you that my friend and soul mate, Detective Maurizio Gentili, a honorouable and great man will bring you to trial. You are so lucky you have a corrupt and *** Judge, who goes by the black name of, Judge /name removed for security reasons/, has let you go. If it is true, that you say in the last letter you write to glorious Albert Diniz, that it was more then a "technical" stuff, then she will pay with a dear price. I have to see first the letter and if it is true this Judge will be in grave danger from both my family and Detective Maurizio Gentili. I know you never seen me in the court but my sisters Afarin Maleki, and Fariba Maleki were there. They want to make sure you know they were there. I hope you see them but if not know this very careful- I was there with Detective Maurizio Gentili, Afarin Maleki, and Fariba Maleki. Detective Maurizio Gentili promised me that he would be there that day no matter what. He is not a scared of you, your dirty Jahoodi lawyer and you fatso pig lawyer. He is not a scare of anyone including the Judge /name removed for security reasons/. He was FURUIOUS!!! After the Judge let you go and swore to me that she will pay for these disruptions against us and my family. You think Detective Maurizio Gentili

Did not know there were no call made? You think he did not know that these charge have to be fix to lay on you? Of course he knew. I say this to you so you understand and understand greatly- HE TELL ME HE WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN PRISON OR DEAD!!! He will arrest all your family, your Jahoodi lawyer and /name removed for security reasons/. He hates your Jahoodi lawyer and all Zionist pig jew ***. He tell me all the time how much he wants to slap all your lawyer because they are dirty whiny, complaining Jews.

Detective Maurizio Gentili did not have to be their that dark day of November 24, 2010. He was there from 9:30am until very late. You know this correct? He was not officers in charge, he was not called by the Prosecutor. He comes for US!!! That is how much he loves me and that is how much he hate you. Did not I say to you that I will put you in jail? And I did. Now I make another promise to you, your jew lawyer, and your family- 2011 will be dead and if you do not stop this Detective Maurizio Gentili will make sure one of you end up dead or in jail. That it is how is shall be. Anything I have promised you I have done so listen to this promise and if I find out that this jew judge was corrupt by you. This fake judge /name removed for security reasons/ say those thing about my dearest friend Maurizio Gentili, my family will personally make sure her and her kid suffer at great cost and with blood.

I want you to understand and believe this so read this careful: After the Crown tell Detective Maurizio Gentili that your charge were dropped he went crazy!!! He was so angry, he come get me and my sister in the Victim Service office and bring us direct to the Flic office to make sure we destroy you. I have told you many, many time that you have to leave York Region, correct? And now you will. Detective Maurizio Gentili

Is a very smart man and he come up with a fantastic and delightful idea to make sure you go back and forth to jail. Detective Maurizio Gentili helped me design a restraining order. I will include some of these for you. I don't know how much of this was serve to you and your lawyer but I want you to see what Detective Maurizio Gentili do. He is a brilliant man- he made it so the restraining order you cannot come with 500 meters of all my family. That mean you have to leave York Region!!! He already tell your jahoodi dirty jew lawyer that you have to leave york regiuon correct? So leave. He was so upset that he said he wished one of us would have killed you when we send those mens to bash your head in. He beg us to do it to your jew lawyer, /Link removed for privacy issues/, in which he has a special and dear hate for. You kow by now Detective Maurizio Gentili is a well respect man in Newmarket court and he said he will straighten the Judge /name removed for security reasons/ and he will also investigate her and your lawyer /name removed for security reasons/. He also design the complaint against to make sure he never become a Judge. You can thank

Detective Maurizio Gentili. I have include the restraining order and on Feb.08 Detective Maurizio Gentili will be there to help us make it a FINAL ORDER and after that he promise you will go back and forth in jail. If you look at the restraining order it was he,

Detective Maurizio Gentili, that tell us your previous charge. He want you to know it is him destroying you and he want you to know that it is he that will put that final bullet through your brain to make sure I am safe. I tell you and your jahoodi lawyer many time ago that he loves me dearly and respects my family with dear passion. If we find out /name removed for security reasons/ really disrespect Detective Maurizio Gentili and my family like that, as you say (but I never believe you or your lawyer you are pathological liar), if that is, true, believe me Detective Maurizio Gentili will kill both of you. He hate that Judge and said she did this because she is new and was on your payroll. You will see how respected Detective Maurizio Gentili is when she ends up dead or in jail with you.

And I want to surprise you very well once again- You keep mention this guy Detective Ian Mason. You are wrong!!! He is old news. He is a *** *** like you. He is not investigating you. I want you to hear this from me and me first so when he kills you or put those hand cuff on you I want you to know if was me and Detective Maurizio Gentili. This is something no one know yet but I give you this glorious news- You are under the control of Detective Mark Charlebois, #815 of Dist.2 York Region Police. He is the one whom took this case for my sister, Afarin, by his own will. He hate you so much and tole us and my family that this one is "personal business" for him. He promise that he will do anything and everything in his power to make sure you are dead or gone from York Region. Before he bring you to jail (and he say you are current arrest able as today) he will put you in a coma and hopefully for week at a time before he bring you in. he tell us that he is a very good friend of Chief Eric Joliffe and they already talk about you. The chief has given full permission to both Detective Maurizio Gentili and Detective Mark Charlebois to "take care of" you under all circumstance. So this mean that:

i) you leave York Region and stop this nonsense

ii) you die at their glorious and righteous hand

iii) you go in jail for many, many year

That is it for you *** ***. You are finish in this and both these police mans have promise me this. You know Detective Maurizio Gentili drove me to send that letter to you three day after your arrest because he say you should stay in jail? You already know he will never arrest me. Me and my family were telled that we would pass the polygraph in June/2010. Detective Maurizio Gentili, his boss, tell me and my uncle that we will pass no matter what from June 2010. It was done so if you, your *** jahoodi lawyer end up dead the police can cover themselves up. You are so *** that

Detective Maurizio Gentili play you and your *** lawyer for month and month. He never investigate me. I bring in one computer. Watch how your is taken: By break down your door and come in and beat up your family. I talk to Detective Maurizio Gentili

On Dec.20 to make sure we finish you *** idiots out, he laughs how *** your lawyer was and how he play him like a fool for months and months. I don't see how you can not understand this. Detective Maurizio Gentili knew that that *** Gail Millar, corrupt ***, was waiting for the phone records, he knew they had nothing on them. I tell him to wait until Sept. 21 to give them because the date of the report was due Sept.20. You and your lawyer know he had them since Aug.2010. We had a dear laugh about this. Just know that On Nov.24.2010 Detective Maurizio Gentili hold my hand in the FLIC office and promise that he will destroy you. You won't make Feb.2011 court dates so don't feel to proud pig,

/name removed for security reasons/ and /name removed for security reasons/- You two are scumb back, low life lawyer who only like dirty money. Detective Maurizio Gentili understand this and he know that dirty lawyer deserve dirty blood payback. He told us everything about your life and how to destroy and hurt you. He tell us that you live in Newmarket and Thornhill. Your daughters, your spouse are all know. Your homer address is known and Detective Maurizio Gentili tell us that if we hurt or even kill you dirty jahoodi lawyer he will block it as he has done for many month. Trust us, leave this case or sufferthe dire consequence. You know we send letter to OCL, children lawyer, children aid, everyone. Ever single letter I left a "surprise" in them so you will know it is us. And Detective Maurizio Gentili has save us from every police force. SO leave the case and let this criminal defends himself. Or you will face both dire consequence from Detective Maurizio Gentili and Detective Mark Charlebois.

/name removed for security reasons/ and your group of Zionist pig jew ***- my sister Afarin Maleki has tell you in nice way to remove her name from your garbage website, you have failed. You know in Iran what we did to jahoodi? We would cut their throat and watch their Zionist blood flow in the street. You know they don't offer bury to you animal jahoodi? We use to throw them in the open sewer where you garbage jew belong. Detective Mark Charlebois has state to us how much he hate you jew *** and specially you lawyers. That is why he took this case for Afarin. Bevause he loathed and despise you jew *** and he is honourable and smart to understand the decit, treachery and poison you posses. My advice is to take down these post or he will imprison you *** jews, with pleasure. The choose is yours. And /name removed for security reasons/, we know it is you who spread those lyies about Toronto auto station, reza is a great and honrouable man. He close becuae of you and you will pay dear price on this. Toronto police, rcmp, yourk regional and Detective Maurizio Gentili has even know have the FBI on you. You will end your nonsense and I have a very SPECIAL surprise for Jedith for closing my mrtgage. Just like I suffer so shall her family and /name removed for security reasons/ family. You watch and see.

If anyone who receives this email do not believe, just phone these number and ask:

Detective Maurizio Gentili- #1133, ext. 7493

Detective Mark Charlebois, #815, Ext. 7278

You can see the restraining order that Detective gentili help me with, he did the CPIC and his hand write is there. He is serious and will not play:

/Link removed for privacy issues/

/Link removed for privacy issues/

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this dude gentili #1133 of the york regional police is dirty as ***.....he collects pay offs from tow truck drivers in york region. makes easily 3-4K a week himself on this little scam these cops got going won't get a tow without greasing these guys up...gentili is the worse of the bunch...#1133 is his badge, little weird guy always messed up on valium...he does the collections for his crew....


ATTN READERS: the above posts are all slander and lies fabricated by a very sick and pathetic individual.

We as a family are victims of MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI

He has been charged (twice) and is currently out on BAIL for the following charges:

-Criminal Harassment


-Dangerous Driving with the intent to cause DEATH

-Stalking/creeping (inappropriate Watching and Following)

-Impersonation using emails/phone calls/letters to threaten public figures and members of the community

We as a family have been protected with a restraining order where by MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI is to not come within 500 ft of us, our place of residence, place of eduction and/or place of employment.

These are not allegations but FACTS as all the above mentioned charges are before the court and are also public record.

We have been victims of cyber stalking, psychological abuse, and defamation for the past SEVEN years by an individual who is obviously extremely disturbed and mentally unstable. Using IP spoofing, he has dedicated his life and every waking moment to feed this twisted obsession and fantasy of so called "revenge".

All google links are OPINIONATED blogs, complaints, and rants done by this "insider"

Isn't it odd how the SAME allegations and "updates" are obsessively repeated for days months and years...


MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI you are the poster boy for INSANE JOBLESS LOWLIFE HOBO (seriously) (you actually PAID to post that garbage?!) (enough said)

-various scam and terrorist sites (yes YOU are definitely DIRTY) etc etc etc

MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI is a social retard who some allege is a PC (diddler) case from PC breeding ground KINGSTON PENITENTIARY, smells like liquor and OxyContin breath, is balding, morbidly obese, and at age 50, lives with his MAMA MARIA GRACE AMICUCCI (SUPPA) who is clearly disappointed by his lack of social advancement. I guess ANNA-MARIA AMICUCCI (CATNILA) IS the golden child seeing as YOU are obviously the family LETDOWN

The reason this WACKOMAFO enjoys his "freedom" is because this trailer park white trash is protected by like minded pedophiles. Among them:

" JUDGE" Heather A. McGee of Newmarket Family Court- This CORRUPT Judge who actively supports PEDOPHILES and actively solicits and *** her OWN CHILDREN to PEDOPHILES!!! Justice Heather A. McGee of Newmarket Family Court has actively allowed PEDOS to have custody of children. She is CLOSE and PERSONAL friend to corrupt and malicious JEW LAWYER JUDITH HOLZMAN of Maple, Ontario who actively supports these pedophiles. Justice Heather A. McGee of Newmarket Family Court ACTIVELY dismissed a request for a restarining order against WACKOMAFO against Fariba Maleki-Raei, Afarin Maleki-Raei and Foroozandeh Maleki-Raei (the harassed). This was done in ATTENDANCE of Det. Maurizio GENTILI #1133 of the York Regional Police. Det. Maurizio GENTILI #1133 of the York Regional Police is a very HONEST and RESPECTED member of the York Regional Police who did tons of work to get this *** and tons of WORK to get the child away from the ***. Justice Heather A. McGee of Newmarket Family Court sent away these THREE VICTIMS WITH no restraining order. Allowing the WACKOMAFO to terrorize and victimize not only this poor innocent girl MARYAM TORABIPOUR but also members of the YORK REGIONAL POLICE!!!!!!! Justice Heather A. McGee of Newmarket Family Court is CORRUPT, SUPPORTS PEDOPHILIA and is under investigation from various members of the York Regional Police services.

“JUSTICE “ Ronald P. Kaufman (Family Court Branch) . This is also another CORRUPT JEW JUDGE who is affiliated with JUDITH HOLZMAN. As a lawyer he has been under numerous investigations for PEDOPHILIA and CORRUPTION by the YORK Regional Police. He is also a *** who supports pedophiles and actively encourages CHILDREN TO BE MOLESTED in his NEWMARKET COURTS. He is also under current investigation as being a member of this SICK AND TWISTED molestation and *** ring. His home address is :

Ronald P Kaufman

1315 Pickering Pky, Pickering, ON, L1V 7G5

Other members of the WACKOMAFO *** ring (trailer trash village *** MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI) and this is public record and under investigation by the York Regional Police:

MARIO RACCO who has allegations of SEXUAL ASSAULT against school children and corruption (can be verified via public records)

MARIO RACCO (numerous Children Aid Investigation for pedophilia) of THORNHILL ONTARIO CANADA

21 Checker Crt, Thornhill, ON, L4J 5X4

Sandra RACCO his wife has been under NUMEROUS corruption invetigations by the York Regional POLICE!!!

Close personal friend of JEW *** SUPPORTER JUDITH HOLZMAN:


113 Heatherton Way,

Thornhill, ON

L4J 3E7

CARMINE PERRILLI (under investigation for Pedophilia by the York REGION Police and nder other investigations by C.A.S)

1 Swan Crt, Richmond Hill, ON, L4S 1G3

OTHER corrupt NEWMARKET JUDGES under investigation by the YORK REGIONAL POLICE are:

JUSTICE McDermot (kiddiediddler)


Talk to the sickest most twisted piece of trailer park village trash MAFARIO ANTONIO AMICUCCI... He is a deadbeat dad who had his child taken away in a custody battle because he was deemed unfit (ONGOING *** ALLEGATIONS) and is now taking it out on the family... IT'S JUST REPULSIVE MY HEART GOES OUT TO MARYAM TORABIPOUR AND HER FAMILY.....


Det. Mark Charlebois- 815 of york regional police is a child diddler.


what does new york regional police chief "dirty" eric jolliffe think about this?

would your new mp, julian fantino agree or would he ask *** cop detective maurizio gentili 1133 to hook him up with some kids?

you pigs are really disgusting these days. and dirty eric jolliffe- your pig cop was right- this ain't Canada anymore- you pigs turned it into a *** hole.


So this weirdo cop in York Region, Detective Maurizio Gentili #1133 likes child ***? It was brought up by his ex wife in divorce proceedings and nothing was done? Welcome to the club of illustrious police pedophiles Detective Constable *** Maurizio Gentili, you will join in ***:

Constable Roger Yeo

Robert Lewis

Etc, etc. You can go on and on ad nauseum about these weirdo pigs. Detective *** Maurizio Gentili hooked up with a family that believes in pedophilia (Sh'ia Islam) and can provide him withe goods. This is a sick situation that occurs much to frequently in Ontario Police forces. DISGUSTING!!!!

Keep your children away from this PIG cop *** Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133- York Regional Plice CIB District 4.


Do a DETECTIVE CONSTABLE MAURIZIO GENTILI #1133 of York Regional Police is a *** and crooked anti-Semite? No way!!! Not in Dirty Region. LMFAO. These guys are the crooked of the crooked when it comes to dirty cops. I lived in Newmarket for years when this cop Sergeant Robert Penman bought a house for his *** girlfriend. They ran a brothel right on a residential street with kids running around and such. The number one clients were other cops and I will swear on a stack load of Bibles that I seen the Chief at the time La Barge and current Chief Eric Jolliffe going to that brothel many, many times. The problem was Sergeant Robert Penman was also selling cocaine and Oxycontins out of the home. The neighbors will all tell you (street called On Bogart Circle) that the main customers were cops and they made a nuisance of themselves. Drinking outside, driving drunk as ***, high as heck, swearing at the kids. One cop even exposed himself to an 12 year old girl after he left the home. The final straw came when one customer left the *** house high as a kite and smashed his car into the front porch of a neighbor. We then hired a lawyer. Took one whole year to get these coppers out of the area. It was ridiculous. I moved out of York Region after I got threatened by a female cop no doubt for shutting down their drug and sex palace. For this story look up Sergeant Robert Penman, happened in 2004. He was only charged for the *** stuff because the cops doing the "stakeout" were seen moving boxes from the home a few days before he was 'raided' (they shared a pizza with him while they 'raided' the house). The case didn't even make it to court as his friend Chief La Barge got him off. Sickening huh? That's pretty typical with York Region. This *** cop Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili will be protected hardcore and nothing will happen. In fact he'll be give a promotion so he and Chief Eric Jolliffe can enjoy some Oxycontins in the new *** houses they run in Markham. 50% of the crime in York Region are done by the cops. That's why I got the *** out of that *** hole. In between the cops and the dirty city officials trying to ticket everything they see- it's not worth it.

Oh, BTW- Sergeant Robert Penman was working at 2 District when this happened. Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) Detective Mark Charlebois #815 was under his command. So it's no surprise that you hear this guys name over and over in corruption related activity. They are crooks and criminals. Don't let the badge fool you. There is NO difference between these pedophiles and *** and the street thug with the bandanna and gun.

Former Chief Armand La Barge was corrupt and dirty. His Deputy was Eric Jolliffe. We dealt with him back then and he was a dirty, foul mouthed sleazy *** to 'work with'. He manipulated and protected the criminal Sgt. Penman like no one's business. I have no doubt that as a Chief, Chief Eric Jolliffe is still as dirty as they come and then some.Chief Eric Jolliffe learned his sleazy crime tracks from the best in the biz- Chief La Barge. I understand La Barge is currently looking for a house in Newmarket to turn into a bawdy house and Oxycontin den. Pray it's not your street,


If you look at his first divorce files of Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili, 1133 of York Regional Police- his ex claimed that he enjoyed "school girl ***". It went into the allegations that he enjoyed child *** and his ex claimed she caught him importing "school girl" type *** from Amsterdam.

Of course, being a cop it went no further than family court. So he's well groomed into corruption and side ways activity. This guy is a child *** reader and he's *** all this ***? He's a bigger weirdo than most pedophiles they lock up.

Be proud York. You guys are doing a fine job. Now if this is "***" then where is the lawsuit?

I post this from my business ISP so trace it an sue...and prove it's not real info. You'll lose you weirdo *** because your ex will testify that you, Detective Constable Maurizio Gentili #1133 are a weirdo and into child ***...I mean "school girl" ***.


why aren't these iranian terrorist pieces of *** in jail yet? what the *** is wrong with york regional police?

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