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AVOID AT ALL COST I chose 12:00PM Guaranteed delivery for my girlfriend's birthday, who lives right next to an highway exit. (extremely convenient to get to) My girlfriend was scheduled to leave for work 3PM that day for a night shift. I wanted the flowers to arrive before noon to brighten up her day. Guess what, it even didn't arrive by 3PM and when I called them at 2PM they said "sorry we can't reach the driver, we don't know what's going on" You can imagine how dissapointed I am. With total cost of flower+delivery being almost 100$, I was extremely surprised by this level of service. They offered to refund the 8$ delivery fee. WOW. I didn't even know what to say. I really hope this place shutdown itself and do the world a favor.
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map-marker Toronto, Ontario


********* 3 DAYS LATER STILL AWAITING DELIVERY OF THE FLOWERS!!***********GOING TO THE PRESS/MEDIA ABOUT THIS COMPANY! My husband and sons ordered flowers to be delivered on Valentines Day before noon and paid extra - its now Saturday afternoon and still no flowers!!! Our credit card was charged on the same day as the order Feb 11th!!! WHERE ARE MY FLOWERS? !!!!! VERY ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED WITH THE FLORIST AND THEIR AFFILIATE CANAFLORA!!!! BETTER REIMBURSE EVERYONE'S MONEY THAT YOU FAILED TO DELIVER TO!!!!CHECK OUT THE LINK FOR ALL OF THE OTHER PISSED CONSUMERS WITH THIS COMPANY:
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Gary, you are not the only one who faced this problem. it's the whole Canaflora florist who take money from people and run away.They are one *** peoplewith different names.

YONGE FLORIST , rideau florist and canaflora they all are the same. they call it calaflora family and I call it a scam family. BE WARE, DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE :( .

they ruined my whole order. I ordered red roses and they delivered pink and white without even bothering to ask me.they are all a bunch of *** holes



I also placed an order for flowers to deliver by 3:30pm and didn't show up until 5:30pm even though I paid extra for the service.

They could not tell me when and where the flowers were even after talking online to their chat department several times because in no way could you actually get someone on the phone.

I was told in a chat I would have a refund of the delivery fee in 5-10 business days which has now been over that time length.

I have no sent my 4th email because once again no one can be found by phone.

Put a damper on my Valentine's Day as I had to tell my girlfriend about the surprise and she had to go into work the next day as someone else signed for them as she was done work when the arrived.

Also find the response on here from Canaflora unacceptable. First time I heard about it reading this in the 4-5 emails and chats I have been involved in and on top of that do you not screen who you hire to deliver? It is your companies fault for hiring unprofessional drivers.



We actually had a lot of troubles with our courier there who took all of our orders and failed to deliver 250 of them and then stopped replying to any of our phone calls or emails. They did not tell us which orders were missed so you can imagine how overwhelmed we were with phone calls and emails. I believe we've answered all inquiries we got, but if we accidentally missed yours please send us another email and we will definitely reimburse you.


One more Canadian florist that I won't use. Don't try Prairie Florist, either.

They CLAIM that they will deliver, but they don't.

Maybe it's the canaflora affiliate that is the problem? :(

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