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My Xfinity TV freezes in the middle of a program, sometimes I can't change the channel, so I'm stuck on 1 station for over 30 minutes! some DVR programs end before it's over, or it returns to the beginning WTH? It's like my old dial-up internet 10 years ago! Sometimes my cable, internet, and phone service all stop working at the same time. i have actually lost important voice-mail messages on my phone, i didn't even know I had until I went to...
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Anonymous Need a new box.Call tech support.Be a hemorrhoid if you have to.Get what you pay for.They are all the same.Pick the best of the worst.

I liked
  • Features that they advertise on tv
I didn't like
  • How the features are not as reliable as the ad boasts
#998096 feature - unfortunately, after logging in, I kept getting error when trying to play recordings/tv/ondemand/anything - I called tech support - after 1/2 an hour with a level 1 tech I was transferred to a level 2 tech who proceeded to step met through everything the level 1 tech did - but of course after another 1/2 hour nothing he did worked. So, he said a level 3 tech would be calling in the next 24-48 hours - If past history is any...
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I liked
  • Fast internet when it works
I didn't like
  • Service
  • Tech support that cannot resolve issue
  • No help with problem
Xfinity on Demand is a total joke. When you go to find the latest episode of a recorded program, it's a excellent example of how much a company see and cares about its viewership. Have tried to see episodes in Top 20, by Network, or even by alphabetical order only to see it not listed a day, two, three four etc., if at all, after the initial broadcast of such episode. Their on demand free service is the worst I've seen of all the cable providers.
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Anonymous Completely agree. Watch tv almost exclusively online so use xfinity On Demand for PC constantly. It is 10 AM Friday and Thursday night shows are still posted. Sometimes 'las...


Anonymous You cannot see episodes of shows days after it has aired

I didn't like
  • On demand service is in a state of disarray
  • Deception
  • Frustrated