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Customer service is like a dog chasing its tail You call One department and get the runaround and then your forwarded to another department and get the runaround One year later tech discovers that I have been issued the wrong modem for high-speed So one year later I finally get a technician to come to my home and change out the modem I am assured by the tech department that I will be credited for my trouble and to call back in after the... Read more

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I had reputation on comcast. I was devastated after their faulty billing system. No customer support. Poor .

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Continued to raise prices on my 90 year old mother after decades of using cable. With my father passing she now has a limited budget. This month price went from $56 to over $74 with no notice. Initially discussed with rep who refused to drop price to below $68. Today I called to cancel service. Was lied to about price as it was supposedly $56. I found their agent to lack caring or even show an interest to keep the account for an elderly long... Read more

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Don't use this company. I am not a romantic but decided to surprise my gf this valentine's day. Having paid up, they not only failed to deliver the flower, attempts to call them was thwarted as they phones were not picked up and when it was, promptly cut off. They gave the impression they are global but i suspect they are based in a shed with overworked staff paid 1 penny an hour. They failed to deliver, no one answered phone and when they did,... Read more

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I tested their wifu signal for over a week before subscribing, and I had an unwavering, strong signal. I also had similar results during two free trial periods. However, within 24 hours of plunking down the money for a subscription, the signal choked down to a barely detectable, unusable bit of nothing. Calls to customer service were answered by condescending, vacant-headed 20-somethings who seemed miffed that they were required to actually do... Read more

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Every day my hd channels won't tune in it always says to reset my box and unplug for ten minutes. I always get this code xre-0021 or xre- 003056. It tells me to try another channel. When I call Comcast they try everything and it doesn't work. Then they want to send someone out to service it. Oh but guess what. It always start working around 4pm. This is every single day. Am I being limited on the time to watch my television? You tell me. I'm... Read more

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Injection Of Intrusive Advertisements For Xfinity Wi-FI App
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I was browsing the internet on my Android phone (Samsung) when I get 5 different popups in 3 different places in less than 10 minutes. Two in middle of the screen, three in the bottom right. All of then were advertisements for their Xfinity Wi-Fi app. When I said no to all of them I was disconnected from the network and my phone forgot the password (conveniently) to get onto the network after it. So, after all reconnecting I got more... Read more

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I have had Prime Star, years ago, or Direct TV for 20 years and I am now in a rental condo with Comcast. I can report that Comcast is absolutely the worst provider of TV that I have EVER had! VERY frequently I get a black screen then a message that this channel "should return shortly". "Return shortly" could mean 5 minutes or 2 hours. So, as an example, if you want to watch the news, you may miss the first 10 minutes of important news or the... Read more

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I can't believe this...I ordered new service 3 days ago, was given a day and time slot and was told that I would receive a call 30 min. prior to arrival. I took off work, had my Dish network disconnected and removed the equipment to make it easy on them and now I'm being told that my install actually wasn't available for the date given to me and that there are no available dates for the next 5+ weeks!!!! What is going on over there? My first... Read more

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what I want to know is why am I required to abide by my 1 year contract and your not? I have a one year contract which started in august -sept time frame for $64.00 month after5 months you raised it $20.00 without notice you have done this to other people I know I'm on a fixed income I think its unfair and illegal .why can you do this, greed I think is the answer I would switch to another company but I would still have to pay out the rest of the... Read more

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