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Problem at the casino

Our waitress was extremely rude to us. Then wrongly accused me of taking a picture of her when all i did was ask for her name. This escalated to me being kicked off the casino floor when the manager came over who completely bullied me this is not acceptable behavior by either party. I am a paying guest and should have been treated with respect. You may call me for further details 603-738-**** Kim
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  • Rude staff

Preferred solution: Full refund

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Horrible experience... overcharged, double charged, AmEx credits not applied

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I booked a room at Wynn/Encore through my Centurion Black card. Paid $577.27 in advance for one night basic room charge. Was promised $100 spa/salon credit, and $25 minibar credit at checkin. My girlfriend had her nails done at the salon. They would not book the appointment from our room phone unless I gave them a credit card number, since she was not "on the room." They assured me if I came to the salon with her I could put it on the room and they would not charge the card directly. I did this, went with her to the salon, and signed for her $195 service plus 20% gratuity, total of $234. The salon hostess did NOT give me a copy of what I signed, but I signed for $234. At checkout, there was a $170 salon charge, not $234-$100= $134. I complained to the checkout agent (Davida?) to no avail. She said I need to take it up with the salon? I had no time to do that, told her she needs to call the salon and verify my signed charge and correct the bill. She would not. On top of this, I was charged a total of $26 for minibar charges, this did not at all reflect any $25 credit. She for some reason took only $8 off the minibar bill and not $25, charging me $18. I told her I would be taking it up with AmEx to dispute these charges. On top of all this, I just looked at my AmEx credit card bill, and have some unknown $93.98 charge on my card from your hotel, as well as a $270 charge. I can only imagine the $270 charge is the salon, overcharging me for a $234 service, not to mention double charging me since the salon charge for $170 ($270-$100) still appeared on my checkout folio. Needless to say, this is all nothing short of disgraceful. Your hotel managed to turn a pleasant one night stay into a nightmare experience upon checkout. I'm not interested in paying $800 for one night in a hotel only to fight for correct charges and promised credits. As it currently stands, I will NEVER stay in a Wynn resort again...
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Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Check your bill carefully. Or avoid the hotel altogether.

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When I made the account I singed up as Illinois but it is saying that I am in a whole another location should be Illinois with my address which is 3456 w Jackson Chicago Illinois 60624
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They say that when you work for Wynn Resort LLC you can always come back to work for them. But it's not true.

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I've applied several times and they always say I'm not hireable. When I resigned I was told to write a letter and not told to give two weeks notice. The manager are great and the employees are great too. I just want to work for this company again. Either as a Porter or kitchen Worker Banquet Steward.
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cp m
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Wynn Resorts Terrible Hotel Service Matt Maddox, Nicholas (Nick) Moreno

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Background. This was my first visit to the Wynn Las Vegas. I am a big fan of Steve Wynn's business acumen. Over the years, I’ve followed his business career. In many interviews, he spoke of the outstanding service at the Wynn. He cited stories of employees driving to California to get customers with diabetes medications. He spoke of an atmosphere that, blew people away. Our experience was utterly terrible. I expected that the Wynn resort in Las Vegas would be a five-star experience. I am here to tell you that this hotel is a nightmare when it comes to service. It is overpriced, they nickel and dime, and the staff are arrogant and dismissive. There's a wholesale lack of respect for customers. Caveat: I will say, without reservation, that the Hotel is really beautiful and the quality of the premise shone through. Steve Wynn is and was a genius. This resort is tremendous. My big complaint is the absolute arrogant attitude of the employees. MY EXPERIENCE: Why am I so upset? The answer would take me all day, but needless to say, our overarching experience was deplorable. It started off when we checked into the hotel. The front desk receptionist was rude, arrogant, and unhelpful. I felt like I was checking into one of the seedy dives on the strip ( she was so rude). We had to wait for 2 hours or so, but that was ok because we were a bit early. We got up to our room, and it was fantastic. We got cleaned up and went to dinner at the Sinatra restaurant. This was our first terrible experience. The waiter was terrible. Sinatra is one of Wynn’s signature restaurants. I will be fair and balanced and say that the food was Par Excellance (the best). It was the waiter that ruined our night. I walked away from my dinner feeling let down. I just spent ($350-$400) on a meal, and the whole experience was ruined by some arrogant, rude, ill-mannered middle-aged waiter who felt he is was above my family and me. I have no idea what got into him, but he was almost trying to offend us. At one point I asked him “did I offend you?” and he just arrogantly denied it, but I knew he had some issue. I want to make it clear that the bus-boy and another woman that worked there were nice and we-we appreciated their kindness. The waiter was awful, and it seemed like he purposely sabotaged our experience. We shook it off and thought that maybe it was just a one-off experience. I want to make it crystal clear that we were ‘super’ well behaved, kind, and nice to this waiter. We did NOTHING that would make him treat us this way. I still tipped very well, despite the experience. I also want to point out that we are one of the nicest couples when dining out, we treat the staff with kindness and respect, and we ALWAYS tip insane amounts, even when it's mediocre. We did not deserve the treatment we received. Another experience we had was with that of the security guards at the elevators…Walking up to our room, every time we went by elevator, a security guard was standing there to see our key (great thing to be doing, I approve). The problem is that they were all rude. They do not smile, say goodnight or even interact. They give off a stare and a glare that says “ you are beneath me.” This did not just happen one time; it was EVERY TIME. People may ask why I care? The reason is simple, I am not looking to make a best friend, but when I stay at a 5-star resort, I want the staff to be polite and courteous. The security staff at the elevators were terrible. I also understand that they are there to watch out for bad things, but that does not mean they have to talk down to people and look like a correctional officer. Trust me when I say that they are all arrogant and pompous. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. We are staying at a 5-star resort, do they have to be this way? It may sound petty, but this air of arrogance permeates the whole place. Our next horrible experience was at the SW Steakhouse. First off, let me say this: The SW is one of the nicest restaurants I have ever been to. It is beautiful, and the food is better than excellent. I can't lie, this place was nice. I also want to say that two other people served us, besides the waiter, namely: 1.The busboy, and 2.The 2nd waiter (assistant waiter). They were BOTH VERY nice and very good at what they do. One of them walked my 14-year-old daughter up to the fountains to take pictures ( he treated our family VERY nicely). The big complaint was with the head waiter. He was even worse than the waiter at the Sinatra (if that is possible). This guy could not be ruder if he tried. He ignored our table for the most part, and when he did say something he was condensing and rude. He came to our table at the end, and instead of asking us how things were he just said one word: “desert”? …My wife is one of the lowest maintenance people ever; she never complains, but even she said “ what is with this guy” .. My daughter who does not pick up on verbal cues very well, said “daddy, why is he so mean” .. I will admit that I had a bottle of wine and I was enjoying myself, but I was well behaved and trying to enjoy my family and the restaurant. I was a gentleman to the whole staff, including the waiter. We spoke to the assistant waiter many times about different subjects; he was a nice guy. We also had some nice talks with the busboy; he was the best. In the end, I was walking out of the restaurant, and the waiter came up to me when I was saying goodnight to the busboy and the assistant waiter, and I let him know in no uncertain a terms that he was rude, and he ruined our meal. I have never stiffed a waiter in my life, but this time I did. This was the single worst dining experience that I have ever had. When you spend $700 on a meal that should be $200, you want to feel good and be treated nicely, and with respect, this waiter was a vile and rude person. He looked and acted like a street brawler… NO KIDDING. He was brutal. We almost walked out early because he was so rude. We had many other experiences, at the Wynn, that were terrible, but I will save my breath. I want to talk about one more situation though; this was the final straw. On the last day, we decided to check out a day early. We had a miserable time, for the most part, and we just decided to go early. I called the casino host to ask about comps for my play. The guy told me that I gambled for 2-3 hours and he gave me $150. I told him to check his system, and that was a mistake. I gambled far more than that, and I knew that this was some type of mistake. The host refused to do anything. I decided to call and ask for the higher ups. I was given two names; one person was not there, so I ended up talking to Nicholas ( Nick) Moreno. I told Nick about my terrible stay and that I had gambled far more than what I got credit for. On the phone, I said to him that I gambled on one occasion, for 3 hours. I told him on another occasion, another 2.5-3 hour. I told him, at a minimum, I gambled for 8 hours and most likely a lot more ( guess it to be 13 hours). He was ok and said he would conduct an investigation. I assumed he would look at video footage to confirm. I knew that he would come back and tell me that I had indeed gambled longer. He said that the investigations would not take long and he would be back to me shortly. I never heard back that day, so I called in the evening. He said he was still looking into it. Bottom line, he called me back four days later after I had left two messages and told me that he confirmed that my play ( gambling) had been placed in another category that they did not reflect my actual play… whatever his excuse, it was confusing, but he said he would give me another $250. My experience (opinion) of this guy was that he didn't give a lick. He didn’t care that I had a terrible experience, he took his time investigating, and once he found that I had indeed gambled longer, he just gave me a little concession. It's not the money that is the issue, its that he did not give a crap about me having a bad experience. He just wanted me to go away and treated me like a nat on his rear end. He is a VP at Wynn resorts, and he had an opportunity to make things good and treated me like a valued customer, he did no such thing. He was arrogant, just like most of the staff that we experienced during our stay. I will say it. First, he was cordial, but then when it came time to take action and make things better, he just dropped the ball, took his sweet *** time and at the end of the day, did nothing to help. Side note, they charged me for my last day, even though we were not staying at eh hotel and left early. Casino marketing could have easily waived this ( especially since we left early morning the day before) but no, they nickel and dimed and stuck it to me. This is a big theme with the Wynn; they are super cheap with everything and expensive… My haircut cost 85 dollars, and the guy was just a normal barber. The Wynn cares about one thing, and that is money. That would be okay if the service was five-star. When you charge 5-star prices and give out 1-star service, it doesn’t go over well. Another Caveat: to be fair, we DID have a wonderful experience with two employees. Here is what I wrote to the Wynn concerning our experience with them. I hope they both get huge praise because they deserve it. Here is what I wrote about the hotel. “The first person is Celina Aqular. Celina works in the gift shop at the Encore. We met her several times, and she was always really nice (big smile and wanted to help). On our last day, we wanted to ‘break’ a hundred dollar bill (she was not able to do it for some reason). Instead of just letting us find another place to get change, she dropped what she was doing and took the time to walk us down to a machine that breaks larger bills. She explained, in detail, how the machine worked. She spent 5-10 minutes walking us down there and making sure we knew how to work it. She is a shining example of how a dedicated employee treats guests. Celina is a great employee who treats customers like they are family. The Wynn is fortunate to have her on board. What a sweet person. Kudos to Celina!!! The second person I want to mention is the housekeeping professional that helped us throughout our stay. Her name is Eliazar Benitez. Eliazar is the nicest, most helpful housekeeper we have EVER experienced. We travel a great deal, and Elizazar is the best housekeeping professional we have ever experienced. I hope she is recognized for her absolute dedication and the concern that she displayed for my family. What a great person she is; I think the Wynn is very lucky to have her. These two individuals are not your ordinary run of the mill employees; they are the best of the best- the crème da la crème. They have incredible attitudes and clearly, want to help.“ Finish: Our experience was a 1/10, especially given the fact that our expectations were high. Given the 5 star rating, and all the times I heard the former owner, Steve Wynn, speak of how great this place is, I was expecting the staff to be phenomenal. Instead, I found the staff (with two exceptions) to be third rate and arrogant. I will not stay at the Wynn again. The Bellagio is just as nice, if not nicer, than the Wynn; also, the staff are much nicer (I am surprised I am saying this, but its true). I was expecting greatness from the Wynn, and I got the same service I would find at a Motel 6, or a Comfort Inn. This hotel and resort is Five star when it comes to food quality, room quality, and the sheer beauty of the facility, but unfortunately, the staff brings the place down. They ruin the customer experience by treating people with an attitude. I will never stay at the Wynn again.
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  • Quailty of food
  • Rooms
  • Facility
  • Terrible attitudes
  • Arrogant staff
  • Customer service
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Poor customer service

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