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I have only been in the store a couple of times. I actually liked it until I saw Gary Anderson's comments about others, especially those that are not as well off as he claims to be. I actually think it is hilarious that he thinks he is so much better than everyone else. Have you looked in a mirror you?? You are a pathetic excuse for a human being and you are by no means better than anyone. The fact that you own a few stores means nothing!!!!! I am fairly certain that you have lost a HUGE number of customers. You have shown your true side lately and just like your face, it is ugly!!!!
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Bridgeport, West Virginia

Gary is a little ***!!!

He's the biggest *** *** in this town. He has always been like this. You were a lil *** in high school and your still a lil ***. Instead of harassing women on Facebook and bringing up her dead mother and brother. Just to let you know, she just recently lost her mother and its still a very emotional subject to her whole family. For you to be so vicious to a female is beyond disgusting. Grow some balls and start a fight with a man. Your family must be embarrassed of you and I feel bad for your children.
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I am family and I am highly embarassed of his actions.


Second that.


He's my hero. You people are sick!

This is not a blog


You know why he's doing this right? He WANTS someone to come into his store and beat the *** out of him so he can sue them.

Do you honestly believe running a CANDY store and selling *** WV merchandise got him that much money? Most people prefer Nike & Under Armour WV clothing... not the junk he sells. And his cell phone ***?

Please... you can buy everything he has in store on for half the price.


Illiterate Ron. Can you come up with anything else to say?

Just saying the same thing over and over makes you look like lost creek trash. :grin


Learn Geography much? Weston is not part of Lost Creek ***.

They are two separate cities. Calling someone illiterate, and not knowing the difference between two cities is quite hilarious. Saying the same thing?

You truly are retarded... good day sir.


oh yeah.. Weston is much better than Lost Creek...

do you ride a bike like most people in Weston? I bet you hang out on 2nd st alot next to the asylum.


Are you mentally challenged? I mean honestly.

Who said ANYTHING about Weston being any better than Lost Creek. Where do you get that notion in anything I said, at all? Jesus Christ... I swear to god people in West Virginia are truly 100% retarded.

I'm yet to see anyone in Weston riding bikes... so where you pulled that from, other than your ***, I have no idea.


I heard he sells lots of other things...not all legal.

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Clarksburg, West Virginia
New Reviewer

Sexist man

I find it hilarious all Gary does is attempt to bully women, and fails miserably. When will you bully a man Gary? Are you really that afraid to have your *** knocked down a few notches? Oh, I know... how about you have Aaron threaten to "***" me, rofl. If he WAS proficient in any type of computer work he wouldn't be your "***" selling cellular phone accessories... in other words... he's a ***. You even tried to bully my wife before and failed, once again.I also enjoy how you try to to use Twitter to communicate with sport personal/celebrities who will NEVER give you the time of day. Keep up the hard work Gary, and attempt to bully a man someday if you have the balls.
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iPod Repair for easy


First thing is first, I'm not sure how many times I can reiterate that you CANNOT get a finger print behind the glass, there is a digitizer and then an LCD. They are fused/glued together by the manufacturer, not myself. So a fingerprint behind the glass is impossible and you saying this means you know nothing about iPhone repair, and should stick to your own job/whatever it is you do to make money. If you were saying there is a finger print behind the LCD on the shiny foil type plastic, then again you must be an *** to think it caused whatever it is that was "wrong" with the screen. This foil is simple put in place to reflect the lights of the LCD panel so that it shows up as opaque and not transparent/ dull with no contrast between the CMYK colors that an LCD uses.

Second, a *** huh?! All I have to say is that you must not feel good about yourself if you must put down others. I am COMPLETELY PROFICIENT at iPhone/iPod repairs. I do it for fun, because I enjoy it. Not because I'm a *** who thinks I know what I'm doing and according to anonymous, who is afraid to say your name, I should get a real job. You, obviously do not know me. And never will.

A ***- I'm 25 years old with a better paying job than most. I've worked for everything I have and haven't had one thing handed to me! I graduated high school in 2005 and joined the WVARNG, for sole purposes that I can go to school while serving the United States of America. I served for 8 years. With numerous medals and acheivments. I had three MOS's not one. I can do almost anything you can think of, I graduated two years ago with a Bachelor of Science of Architecture degree with honors. But that was only after my year tour in Iraq, in which less than 1% of Americans serve and only half of those deploy. YES IM PART OF THE 0.45% of veterans serving at a time of war in America, a ***?! That's what I saw daily from atop the 13ft tall MRAP Maxxpro that I was gunner on, for every convoy we took, and was chosen to replace others from different platoons. Yeah I guess you would consider me a ***. Easy for you to say sitting in your computer chair typing away because you have nothing else to do then drag people's names down because, you're insecure about your whole life. I'm happy as *** with what I'm doing. I'm not stressed coming home from work, I have more work ethic than you would know what to do with more than likely. And yet.....I'm a ***.

I do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I'm not a child, and I take responsibility for my actions. I have been trusted with the responsibility of the whole entire arsenal at many armorys around here, I have top secret security clearances, I can fix iPhones, play call of duty like a boss, go to iraq, and come back in one piece, I can build rifles I can fix a jam on a M2 .50 caliber machine gun, I can bake cookies( which I love because I'm fat and love food) I can check head space and timing on a mk19 40mm automatic grenade launcher, I can make my own bed, and PAY MY OWN BILLS, I make awesome sweet tea, and can house a taco salad in 4 seconds, I can build modded Xbox controllers, customize iPhones, build buildings, and shoot any type of weapon, I can do electrical work, and type 20 page papers on the importance of and safety of transporting nuclear material, I can graduate college, and serve my nation proudly, and work at a place I love working at daily. I can go on for hours, but I won't. ....Oh and apparently I'm a ***.


Congratulations on your tour, I'm glad you made it back safely. Do you think you are the only person who's served in the military?

The fact you had to bring that up further proves my point of you being insecure, so bravo sir. I served 13 years with the Marines with 7 of them being in Iraq and the last 6 being a marksmanship instructor. I graduated WVU with a Masters in Computer Engineering. You clear jams on a M2, wow....

I build .458 SOCOMS from scratch. I bullet cast .458's in my garage. And I just laugh at the Xbox comment... consoles are for children.

I PAY MY OWN BILLS TOO! WOW! I'm glad your happy with what you do... the fact is you getting on Facebook and threatening women, telling them your going to *** them, when you're probably a "Script Kiddie".

And afraid to say my name?

Far from it kid, I'm just not going to release it on here of all places and be stalked by your *** friends. I don't take kindly to talking and neither do my two 130lb. GSD's and I won't be held responsible when they hurt someone for stalking me/ my home/ car/ wife. I'll gladly release my name to you or Gary, but not within the mall or in your store.

And like I said...

I'm at the Bridgeport Park daily, running from 5-7pm... you can't miss someone who 6'7 running.


Oh wow, you cast your own .458's. do you forth your own arrows too?!

You're such a manly man. I'm not quite sure what your saying when you say "you're going to *** them?!" I don't recall saying anything of that kind. 6'7", huh.

They stack *** that high?! :x


Fletch* auto correct on my gold iPhone


Yep, I do. You better re-read your statement and comprehend what you were saying if you believe in a non-comparison statement.

Anyhow. I'm not surprised with your response, typical of a child who joins the "Army" of all branches... I see the truth more and more when I have a conversation with a person or persons from the "Army" how mentally retarded they truly are. Yep, they do stack "the ***" that high.

I wonder what the county deputy is talking to Gary about right now... hmm.

I've had my fill of arguing with an *** from the Army, if you have a problem with me know where I will be... daily.


And the word was H.A.C.K. .... the filter on this website is atrocious and unforgiving.


County Deputy, don't act tough on here. You and I both know you can't go looking for someone based off of this website and question them...

after all you said it "FREEDOM OF SPEECH". That's a lawsuit. For a deputy, if you are one, you are pretty *** dumb. He's abusing people?


Far from it... you can't "abuse" anyone through text that is typed.


Oh Deputy... and you're going to believe what someone says ...

on a WEBSITE... LOL! I bet you believe "Wookies" are real too huh?

Do you have any idea how many people are at the park daily from 5-7pm? God you are dumb.


Jeff? lol...

you sir/mam are a full blown retard. My name is no where near "Jeff". Playing on this site? Leaving comments is playing?

Really? Astonishing your intelligence is.

My wife is sleeping... for the last hour she was "entertained", thank you kindly for asking.

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Bridgeport, West Virginia

Rude Owners

I don't frequent their stores a lot, because of Gary Anderson's poor attitude and bad behavior. His wife, Bobbi Jo, obviously supports his attitude and behavior and sees no problem with it. They also own Cell Accessories and Candy Unlimited at the Meadowbrook Mall. Many have begun boycotting their stores recently due to Gary's poor attitude. He does not shy away from calling people vulgar names if they don't agree with his opinions. He is against people on welfare, people who believe our guns should be restricted (Democrats), and anyone who is from an area other than Bridgeport. I know that not all Bridgeport people are snobs, but these two make it hard to believe. They think they *** doesn't stink, when in actuality, you can smell Gary's coming into Bridgeport on I-79. They started out with just a small candy business, got lucky with some sales and ended up owning 4 businesses. But if his bad behavior continues, I guarantee their sales will be plummeting very soon. If you don't believe what I'm saying about Mr. Anderson, just read his comments on these complaints. He has posted under numerous different names, including the ranting "georgejones", who has called everyone who disagrees with him and his business practices a vulgar name and told them to *** off and so on. I urge people not to go to his businesses. I have nothing against Bobbi Jo, besides being married to the fool, because she at least seems to be trying to keep customers pleased. While she does have a history of violence against shoplifters, she hasn't called people vulgar names on social networking sites. If I were her, I would divorce the maniac she's married to and fight for the ownership of the stores, because she could make them thrive whereas her husband seems to want them to fail miserably. Again, I reiterate, do not shop at WV Fan Zone at the Meadowbrook Mall or their Clarksburg store, Candy Unlimited or Cell Accessories.
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#625628 are simpley ***. i know the story as well about the pregnant shoplifter.

obviously you dont know the whole story. bobbi jo didnt get arrested, look on the jail website and see if you see her picture. bet you wont find it there. i also lease my vehicle, why own one when you trade every few years.

i guess you wouldnt know that because your car is how old? lol guess i can afford things that you cant!

haha i hope you guys are about done with this *** because it is ridiculous! there business is still BOOMING


Not one of these comments are about a transactions, or a bad time at the store. All of these are stories, and most seemingly very suspicious, and tend to be very attacking more than anything. Seems as if these are 5-6 people just making stuff up as they may have a vendetta against the owners.

If you actually read these with a little intelligence, and understanding, some of these accusations demand a reply as such was given. I have shopped here many occasions on my way to and from West Virginia Mountaineer football games. And I will continue to do so, and so won't the 15-20 that travel with me to tailgate in the Blue Lot.

This store has a great variety, and if we need something completely random, they usually have it. And it is fairly cheap compared to the prices in other stores similar in the morgantown area, as well as any others that I have stopped into.

Thanks for everything,

WVU Fan in WV!


Well said theresa!! The same comments are from a random few people that are just jealous and have nothing of their own other than jealously.

..... thanks for the suppory


Val, is that you????


The missing words are... 1.

P*SSY - 2.

*** & 3. Chickensh*t....YEP, you ALL summed up in three words!


HOW typical.... blow off at the mouth georgejones, but as soon as there's a little heat, you tuck and run like the *** you are...Look who's running scared with his balls tucked up in him like a *** now....Yep, it's you, Gary!


No dead people to laugh about today....Not dropping addresses or smearing names today are you...You chicken *** dirtball clown! :(


After seeing the way the owners of WV Fan Zone are behaving on Facebook, I will gladly spend my money at Mountaineer World.


You're not better than the *** that comes from your unwashed disgusting, satan owned body. You have no money and that's why you won't be spending it anywhere..

You need to get a job and get off facebook and here and spend your money on a psychiatrist, deodorant, and save for any future abortions becuase YOU should not multiply.

Guess what half the people that are feeding into your pathetic drama ARENT THE OWNERS OF THOSE STORES! They're ADULTS who are sick of this disgusting womans constant ask for attention.

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#392808 Review #392808 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Agreed,this man is a well known ***,avoid this store.

I was shopping here with my wife and daughter,while my wife and I were looking around my 13 year old daughter asked to use the restroom,she came out shortly after and told me she had noticed what appeared to be a small camera inside the toilet paper dispenser. I told her must have been a motion detector of some sort,but I went in to investigate,sure enough it was one of those cheap spy cameras you can buy online sitting inside the locked housing of the toilet paper dispenser...I was furious to say the least... I went straight up to the counter and told the girl at the register "I later found out this was his wife" what I had found.As I was speaking with her I noticed another man walk into the restroom"I later found out this was the owner Gary Anderson".I told her we wanted the camera out of the locked toilet paper dispenser ,and we were going to be contacting the police,she was very helpful,she got the key and walked us back to the bathroom to retrieve the camera"By this time the owner had already been into the bathroom and taken the camera and walked back out" So by the time we got into the bathroom it was gone. Needless to say I threw an absolute fit at the point as I begun to piece together what had happened...I called the police,when they police finally showed up they said that that would file a report but that nothing could be done without any proof.So this *** *** got away without even so much as a slap on the wrists. I urge you all not to give this ***,peeping tom any of your business,he has had multiple complaints filed to meadowbrook mall by myself and others.Not all related to issues such as this but still.. AVOID AVOID AVOID.
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Justines husband needs to get her back on her medicines.shes caused him nothing but trouble running her mouyh about people. shes always been that way and we just dont know what to do about it.her lies about people are going to get her husband fired one of these days.

we care about her she just wont stop it. im so sorry for those people shes doing it to now


The people on here saying Mr. Anderson did these things are lieing.

I know Justine Scott from high school. She was a trouble maker then. Her and her friends would pick one person to pick on and they would tell lies on them and just bash them. One person killed theirself because her.

She tries to destroy peoples lives.

She needs to get back on her meds. before she hurts someone again..I know Im a family member and I dont want her to know who I am.


Y'all are so childish .. I'm in high school. And this what I see everyday in school grow the *** up and leave the Scott family alone


What kind of "path" is Gary Anderson ??......



a PSYCHO PATH !!!!!!! Lmao... get it?


I'm a high school student and for someone like you to do this To the Scott family is so ignorant . Your supposed to be a grown *** man ...

grown *** men don't do *** like this to other people . I mean *** this is the kind of stuff I see everyday in high school . Grow the ****** up Mr.

Anderson.. or should I call ya Gary cause I have no damnnn respect for ya white trashy *** *


the scott family did nothing wrong.. boo hoo...

just a victim!!! maybe she met her match.... used to bullying until the other person gives up....

If I recall, she commented on a post.. maybe that nosey bit-ch shouldve kept her thoughts to herself!!!!


Boo Hoo when you're the victim because being friends with that trashy psychopath will get you there quickly. Sad when the city of clarksburg workers tell people that Scott's wife takes bipolar medicine and that he's afraid of her when she doesn't take it.

This womans got a long police report and will soon be behind bars where she belongs. ALSO, THERE IS NO PUBLIC RESTROOM IN THOSE STORES. THE MALL OWNER DOES NOT ALLOW IT. LIE AGAIN PLEASE!




you grow up and just remember you are in high school. quit being *** urself


I'm not sure if anyone is aware, but there's no proof that Justine or any of her family has even posted on this website, hence the "anonymous" aspect. So I don't know why people are saying she keeps bashing them and trying to find info on them when she hasn't done anything that you know of. And I'm pretty sure the person who posted about Bobbi Jo giving foot jobs to guys in high school probably went to high school with her, duh!


Gary Anderson is my hero

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#373076 Review #373076 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Thomas, West Virginia


Gary Anderson would not quit looking at my 15 year old daughters butt. I have done some research on this wv fan zone owner, and he is a very negative person who in my opinion is a ***. The Meadowbrook mall is a wonderful place with wonderful customers, and we DO NOT need people like Mr. Anderson in such a great place. do we really need a *** like this operating a wv fan zone? I firmly believe a person with integrity should take over his lot space rent at this mall. anybody with a complaint should post it, and I'm certain there are more complaints than meet the eye. Would you agree?
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:grin If nothin else, HALF-PINT, you've been good for some serious LAUGHS...Italian, Catholic, or whatever, that WOMAN has seriously got you in a tail-spin. She's made you the laughing stalk of Facebook, and Pissed Consumer is just the icing on the cake.

What a BOZO!!! :grin


I'm glad you're having fun in you're own little world. This hasn't affected me one bit.

Just shows that everyone is useless like their lives and spend too much time worrying about other people. Find domes facts well talk!!! Still making more than you ever will!! Keep trying though.

Kinda cute. How many different "businesses" have you tried to do.

One pointer from someone who has 5. Quit trying to have a business out of your basement.


Obviously it has affected you or you wouldn't have changed your Facebook name and your pictures and your quotations in your about me. Oh, lets not forget your political party.

lol. Oh, Gary, keep trying to fool everyone into thinking this hasn't riled you up, but you've been riled for over a week now.


You all should get fist fuccked to death. Shame on you.


Can't wait until the going out of business sale.....who will be laughing then little man--aka Gary....



SEE YA!!!!

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Clarksburg, West Virginia
New Reviewer

WVU Fan Zone store has false advertisement

My family went to the WVU Fan Zone in the Meadowbrook mall for a autograph signing they were having. My 8 year old son had been looking forward to it for weeks. When we arrived the football player was up on a stage signing autographs. There were signs throughout the mall. The sign stated $20.00 for autographs. Then on the following line it stated FREE autographs with any purchase from the Fan Zone. I thought $20.00 was a bit much for an autograph plus you had to buy something for the player to sign. Instead, we purchased a flag banner for $8.00. We then asked for our ticket to get the autograph and the clerk stated that we needed to buy $25.00 worth in order to get the autograph. I stated that the sign reads FREE autograph with any purchase. I asked to see the owner. She was very rude right from the start asking if there was a problem. My husband showed her the sign stating the FREE autograph with purchase and she began yelling and saying "well that's not what it says." After I told her that this was false advertising and was not right, this woman, who is the owners wife, looks at me and says "it's only $20.00!" I could not believe what I just heard! I then said maybe $20.00 isn't alot of money to you but for some it is and it's the principle. Now I have a very disappointed 8 year old. Then the woman tells me to leave because I was embarrassing my children!!! Let me tell you, if my kids weren't with me I assure you I would have put that disgrace of a woman in her place. My husband, on the other hand, had security called on him. He is not one for letting anyone walk on him or his son. Do not shop at this store. The owners need to stop false advertising for their benefit. But now that I saw first hand what kind of people they are, this does not surprise me. I have also found many more complaints about this store and this particular woman, the owners wife, than just mine.
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I am sick of all of the banter I see regarding this business. I see the owners jump to criticize and bash ANYONE who attempts to post an honest review of their practices...and they all too often refer to entire demographics of people as "ignorant".

The only reason I am posting as anonymous today is for that reason alone. I don't need the Anderson's attempting to berate my entire family because I attempted to post an honest experience on a site meant soley for that purpose. Any respectable businessperson would not go to such lengths to defame and decimate those who pose a threat to them. If they were truly so innocent and misunderstood, they'd go about their daily affairs discreetly, continue to do business as usual, and notify the proper authorities.

My family owns a business as well. Most business owners would be appalled at the things these folks do every time there is conflict (and there seems to be a LOT of conflict with Wvu Fan ZONE). Also, I find it to be an interesting pattern that this Mr. Anderson repeatedly attempts to make it known just HOW much money he makes and how extravagantly they travel, live, etc.

A respectable man who was actually independently wealthy from his own hard work would be much more humble (I'd hope). I also hope these people's actions don't reflect on those of us from WV that have made honest livings and do well on our own accord. We don't all act "Nouveau Riche" a bunch of crazy people that have to make our affairs known to the world and rip down those who we disagree with. My advice for these business owners: grow up.

Now, if you see if fit to go crazy with a cussing spree to defend your honor, go for it.

I will not be back to this page again, I came to post my opinion and I have done so. F


This store has a long history of threatening fans and customers. I would recommend anyone shop at a different store because these owners are garbage human beings who do not deserve to make a living selling the WVU product.

They are a disgrace to WV. I complained once about the *** chick who is married to the store owner and he emailed me begging to meet me somewhere to fight.

It was a fair complaint. These people are the ones your momma warned you about.


Let me be the one to clear things up. For $20.00 you got a 11 X14 photo of Bruce that he signed for you.

Or you had the option of bringing a item from home that Bruce would sign for $20.00. And the third option was you could purchase an item that was $25.00 and up Bruce would sign it for free. This was on the local news and posted everywhere. Now you let me know if we're the bad people.

I was watching a customers baby while she took her 4 year old on the stage to get his autograph when I hear this man cursing and yelling at our store, so I then look over and ask if there was a problem. I braced myself and the baby as the man and his wife barged towards me saying h--- yes I have a problem, your sign says FREE with any purchase. I told him there was an **** beside it and if he looked at the bottom it told you **$25.00 min purchase. He wasn't hearing me and we were busy with the line so I did say IT IS $20.00 and that was his charge.

His wife got in my face and said do you have 20.00 and I said yes I do. He then ran back in the store cursing, yelling and when a customer told him to stop using vulgar language because of his kids the husband threaten to punch the customer. This went on for a while they would not leave so we did call the local police, we gave them his cash back for the $7.00 pennant. And police escorted him out.

I feel offended by people like this we work really hard to please people, we paid $2,000.00 for bruce to come. They were just trying to scam the system I told the man just by the poster 20.00 and he can sign both kids names. My husband and I give to red cross, American cancer society, children's hospital, ms, and tons of local fund raisers. We just donated 1,500.00 to a family that there house burnt down.

Clothes, socks, jackets.

So if we're bad people I don't think we would do all that. So please let this be known we just don't let people walk all over us.


this not so perfect man threatened to fight customers in the store that asked him to leave using the F word constantly with all the other children around after asking the man to leave he refused and the police were called. Customers clapped and Bruce Irvin (signing autographs) clapped once he was removed!!!


I think JCA got it right.. we deal with ignorants daily!!!


I own the store.. these people are just trash..

I had 150 people that day and of course there had to 1 in every crowd.. and guess who it was?? trying to get something for nothing!!!! I GLAD WE REFUNDED YOU YOUR MONEY AND THAT YOU DIDNT GET AN AUTOGRAPH...

Im sure where you work..

if you work... that you have rules too!!!


I'm not from WV I'm from Chicago. I LIVE in WV.

The complaint isn't about the 20 bucks, it's about the FALSE advertisement! Maybe try to read the whole complaint before you comment on it!


people in west virginia aren't necessarily the brightest, so I'm not surprised you got mad about 20 bucks

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#305586 Review #305586 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Fairmont, West Virginia
New Reviewer

WV FAN ZONE Refused refund, SCREAMED at by salesperson

A saleswoman at WVU Fan Zone at the Meadowbrook Mall in West Virginia (who turns out to be the wife of the owner) accused me of shoplifting twice...once when she carried some items to the check out for me (my husband heard her telling the cashier) and a second time when I was signing the receipt (she didn't notice I was standing right beside her)! I don't know how you steal a handful of coffee mugs, but I must have looked like a shoplifter. When I decided I had enough, I said I wanted an apology (I was obviously not a thief, I had just paid) or an immediately refund, the saleswoman went off. She began screaming to the point other customers left the store and then walked away from me. I told the cashier I wanted a refund since the woman wouldn't apologize and I was told "she wouldn't have yelled at you if you hadn't said what you said." I was then refused a refund even though there were no signs saying all sales were final. I talked with some friends about what happened and they had horror stories about the same saleswoman/owner. One friend who has a facial piercing was actually stopped at the door by the woman and told "we don't sell face rings here." The next day, I sent an email to the store owner. I thought the owner should be aware of the saleswoman's behavior. After several days, the owner responded with 2 very weird emails. Below is the response I got: On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 2:15 PM, wrote: I am the owner and the lady that "screamed" at you was my wife (owner).. my advise..... go somewhere else. On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 2:20 PM, wrote: by the way... where you pay with cash or sign your credit card receipt.. there is a sign in BOLD RED letters that says " NO REFUND.. EXCHANGE ONLY" ......... only the rude don't see it...
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Yeah because everybody looks on this website before shopping.


Like I said in another post. Why buy any of their garbage?

Their clothes are... something one would but at Wal-Mart in WV Fan Zone. Buy Under Armour or Nike.... not their Wal-Mart trash.

Need cell accessories? Shop on Amazon. You can get ALL they have for half the price. And their candy store?


Don't be fat and eat junk, if you must, Bonnie Belles is better. And I wonder if Bobbi can see the future with those coke bottles she wears on her face, lol.


Your comments are stu-pid. This is not a fu-cling blog. Go back to the trailer park


Obviously you must be ***. Where did any factor of a blog come into play in my statement?

Go back to the trailer park? With you comprehension of what I said and more than likely your level of education you, sir, most likely live in a trailer park.


I am not friends with either the Anderson or Scott Family but I do know of both families through other ppl. I've heard/read all the comments from both sides and it is an outrage!

I'm not on either side but I will say this for Mr. are bashing Catholics AND Italians? Does someone need to remind you where you live? That's what 80% of this town consist of.

You just shoot yourself & your business(s) in the foot!

Instead of writing comments that are black & white for all to see, you or your wife should of went to that person face to face! I'm Catholic & Italian and won't be back to any of your stores!


Doing fine without you!!! Keep not taking sides.


Face to face? Like you did??


Everybody is catholic. It's the easiest to be. Sin and then forget


but not everyone is short its not the easiest to be......thats why you're angry and bitter Napolean! BLAAAHHHHAAAA!

We know it sucks to always be looking at big guys nose hairs when you are talking to them but it will b ok little man!!!! :grin


Id look at other women too if i was married to that oguurr your'e married too! dont worry halfpint maybe the doctors in vegas can fix her face and you can get new thicker healed :grin


Thoughts on this website are not true!!

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Mount Laurel, New Jersey

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