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For all intentions its brand strategy is quite capitalist. First the trump card in capitalism for Jo/e Blow is go back to school, invest in self-learning, such as history of labor, Trotskey, etc. Second, like most alternative news oulets they cater to stereotypical target populations to get them hooked. Like: "We want you, the exploited [working class man] to get your jollies reading [wsws] and including all the surkov-type mixed messages of our dystopic disinformation war on your mind (or whats left after our psychoemotional manipulation)." While the news concerns everyone its timeliness leads one to suspect there are deep state sources. Also to reaffirm that Joe Blow is the target audience all one has to do is peruse the comments. Same commentators going back eight years at least. Always each one has a stock role as typical white guy. From the 2016 elections the public learned that there are communications agencies taking on social media projects to manipulate public opinion. One cannot say for certain this is going on but we can see for certain who is missing rejected or attacked. These divisive brand strategies are rife in alternative media whether truthout, counterpunch, global resources, mother jones, rolling stone, npr, democracy now, popular resistance, etc. whereby minority women journalists articles are rarely accepted and then often deliberately tokenized.
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Third the deep sources are linked to the international banking cartel. Fourth if you say anything bad about Lenin or Trotsky your comment is removed and you are banned from commenting for the rest of the day. So dont go around saying Lenin or Stalin or Trotsky also got funded legally or illecitly.

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Too sexist

The numbers speak for themselves. Male writers outnumber females 4:1 at least. Why did pissed remove my other review. Trotsky was a womanizer. Maybe men are greater risk takers in the socialist movement, but somehow that doesnt make much sense. We're all in this...
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It would be nice if VJ did some syndicated writing but now that he's such a trade name no. So you will never find Veterans Today, RT, Alternet, The Last American Vagabond, Truthout or featuring his truly.

They rather run a respectable waspy curmudgeon like...David Cay Johnston for increasing their SEO results! I mean if anyone defended Julian Assange it was Caitlin Johnstone, yes an Indy Aussie female reporter! So they won't include a woman let alone minority woman! I know because I share my articles with them and they ignore Asian American female journalist all the time aside from borrowing ideas.

DCJ borrowed my ideals on China bullet trains to get a flashy article in Salon about why America can't afford them "anymore." Well that's both a lie and provocation. No harm done. Nothing personal.

Just how the same old-same old operate in media today! Surkov-style spin and confusion abound in "pseudo establishment news" and dominated by fake "brave men." Men who hide in their cars and depend on delivery services!

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Disinformation: Russian and Chinese trolls among us

Jun 16, 2022

How to know what’s fake on social media? In this video, Prof. Darren Linvill from Clemson University Media Forensics Hub explains how disinformation works, common tactics of political propaganda, the role of trolls, hashtags, and how to spot fake news.

Prof. Darren Linvill
Prof. Darren Linvill

Darren Linvill investigates data messaging and context accompanied by inauthentic behavior on social media networks. He also examines misinformation and disinformation in the rising field of social media forensics and data monitoring.

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