Lakendria Xvy
map-marker Foley, Alabama

It is the most dishonest company

supposedly you have 5 days to cancel the contract, they never accepted. After having done everything possible and impossible. Now I am with my credit ruined and in a collection company.
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Me too…. Reporting negative on my credit report

Steve M Fwk

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| map-marker Honolulu, Hawaii

Purchased two trips for $4,540.36. Now they are only trying to give me vouchers worth about $1445.

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World Discovered Pacific - Purchased two trips for $4,540.36. Now they are only trying to give me...

Hi everyone, do not trust this company.

Unless you want to throw money away, then by all means go right ahead. I made a terrible mistake for not looking at the reviews before joining.

Near September 2021, I attended the online webinar. Once the webinar finished, I was immediately transferred to speak with a female salesperson. Essentially, she offered me two trips, You get one vacation to any country in Europe, flights, and hotel stays paid for 4 people (WDP European Vacation). Also, a Hawaii trip for 6 people, flights, and, hotel stays paid ( Hawaii Ultimate Adventure Package).

All you have to do is purchase the membership today for $4,540, and you will receive these gifts. I absolutely purchased it. Mind you I verbally asked the saleswoman several times in front of my fiancee to confirm everything, and she did. They took a loan out from Monterey Financial Services.

Now including annual renewal fees, which total approximately $5,000. Guess what? Several months later, I attempted booking the trips. I spoke with the customer service manager, Kate.

I tell her I'm ready to book my trips. We would like to redeem the Hawaii Ultimate Package, at the time of the initial sales phone call, voice recording, female salesperson said, The Hawaii package consisted of 6 person travel to HAWAII (flights, hotels, and activity certificate included), in which enrolled and paid 4540.36. I responded in this manner because I recently saw the BBB ratings online. I did not want to lose my money.

Kate responded, Your gifts include the Europe week (accommodations) and the Hawaii Ultimate Adventure package. The Hawaii Ultimate Adventure package is $1,000 in credit for activity in Oahu and Maui (this is credit for activities only). I would respectfully advise that it is more likely what your sales person was explaining was what your membership entails, not just one of the gifts themselves.

I told her, Appreciate all the information, but no on the day of the purchase, the salesperson lied to me and said, Unlimited Hawaii Package includes a 6 person trip in Honolulu, 2 condos, and flights included. I knew this was sketchy.

Especially, when I realized its a certificate all of sudden. You guys record phone conversations for quality assurance, and accuracy purposes. That being said, go listen to what your salesperson said to me that day to get a commission, its cool though. I saw your BBB ratings online.

I guess everyone is onto something, correct?

Basically, I was completely bamboozled for the b.s. Hawaii trip. Next i'm thinking at least I know for sure Im getting a Europe vacation because I paid on 09/2021, $4,540.36. Guess What?

Kate says the only thing included with this is the stays (studios, apartments, etc..). She then proceeds to send $60 a night stays for a total of 7 days, which would equal 420 with fess, maybe 445. No flights included. Ok, and a b.s.

Hawaii certificate, which is useless because I was expecting a paid full family trip, as promised by the salesperson.

So if you do the math i'm all in at $4,540.36 + 2 year worth of annual fees ($200) = $4,940.36

So $4,940.36 - ($445 Greece Studio) - ($1,000 Hawaii Activity Voucher)= 3,495.36

What happens to the $3,495.36 straight to their pocket as profit for doing absolutely nothing. Its a sales scheme. Think about it, if they can do this to 100 people a week after each webinar. Thats more than 30K profit for lying to people.

If we get together, this company will have to pay everyone for damages. The WDPS owners should be held personally liable for allowing these manipulative tactics.

Its common sense with $4,940.36 in my own hands, I could book a full Euro trip for my family, flights paid, hotel paid, private pool, hot tub, and breakfast buffet included.

Im extremely pissed. I want my Europe Vacation trip as promised, and I demand they listen back to the phone interaction between me and the female salesperson.

Another thing is such a large company, and theres one customer service manager (Kate). Her line is completely cut off.

She will not answer the phone. You will not be able to speak to her. Unless you're being sold a contract and forced to take a loan out. Thats the only time she comes around for her commission.

The entire company is terrible. Many false hopes, and they definitely have their sales team and workers lure you in with lies. Its not even negotiation tactics, it's pure dishonesty at its finest.

This company is no different than credit card scammers.

But let's see if I actually get my "Europe trip" set in stone. My fiancé and I are disappointed as of now.

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  • Never take their promotions
  • Do not care about their customers
  • Will steal your money

Preferred solution: Europe vacation for 4 people., as promised. Or full refund.

User's recommendation: Make sure everything the salesperson say's is written in the sales contract written agreement


World discovered pacific claims to have been in business over 10 years and under the same leadership of Sam Issac and Jami Parks during this mistake plagued 10 years of pure island incompetence. What is amazing about the "leadership of World Discovered Pacific" is it consistently makes the same mistakes over its 10 year history of false claims, customer dissatisfaction, outrageous pricing and scam marketing tactics.

Would you trust someone with your money that makes the same mistakes of low value for your money, false promises and bait and switch methods ? A SCAM moving online to target more dumb consumers.

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World Discovered Pacific is Pure Scam ! - Tele-marketing with web advertising, ridiculous membership when you can get other clubs for minimal cost and risk.

This is a dangerous company as they are nationwide with their ads and not victim to foot traffic in Waikiki.

Beware the conman bearing gifts of free hotel stays , and you will be out $4K ....bad exchange and value for the money !! If you dont travel out of state every week, its NOT WORTH IT !

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2419716

World Discovered Pacific LLC is currently NOT in GOOD STANDING with the State of Hawaii , Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Seems like simple routine tasks are beyond the competence level of Jamie Parks and Isaac Isaam with World Discovered Pacific, too busy selling their scam loans to Monterrey Financial to fulfill basic corporate governance ?

Are any legal documents valid , purchase agreements valid during this period? Seems like a window to claim refunds, or File compaints to State of Hawaii Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Is Jack Mellon, arrested for sexual assault in Honolulu according to the Star Advertiser, still an officer of World Discovered Pacific?

World Discovered Pacific LLC reviews and complaints on the Better Business Bureau is the ultimate report card on the capabilities of the officers. The incompetence has continued for over 10 years?

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2419716

I lost $2000 + 1 time fee. I got nothing in return.

Why they still exist? Do they donate to Biden campain?


Beware the ZOOM call from World Discovered Pacific. Scams offer you an irresistible offer to suck you in. Welcome to " my parlor said the spider to the fly" applies here from World Discovered Pacific.


I was one of the victim too. I paid almost 2000k for the membership and they gave me the Europe cert.

I tried to redeem it last year but they could not disclose where the resort in Greece I can stay so at least I search the airfare first. The entire year when I tried to search their site, never found a good deal on hotel comparing to or or This company need to be shut down.

They promised all the good discounts but nothing is true. I should have google them before I signed up on the spot.

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Cosme Cbc

Scam Alert Scam Alert

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

This company is a complete fraud. I'm not sure why I'm still getting their emails.

I tried to unsubscribe. They took my money years ago and refused to give me a refund. I was very dissatisfied with the lies and manipulation. They are a complete joke.

I pray they get shut down. They will not find any great hotel deals. They give you the most expensive ones and you barely would save any.

Book from third parties doing your own research. Do not buy a membership with these scammers.

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  • Thinking you are saving
  • Misleading and all lies not saving a thing

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Do not do business with these scammers


Check out the BBB reviews on World Discovered Pacific. They are a vacation club, with a website, that is worse than time share companies or time share exit companies !!

Google BBB investigative report on timeshare and related companies and compare the investigation with the complaints here and on BBB site. Timeshares and vacation clubs are often synonymous with high-pressure sales. With the sun out and their guard down, vacationers can quickly find themselves on the hook for a life-long commitment. And, while they are easy to get into—these contracts are incredibly difficult to escape.

An investigative study by Better Business Bureau, Unpacking timeshare and vacation club sales, examines patterns of customer complaints, dollars spent and lost, customer reviews, related scams and more. World Discovered Pacific - SCAM be US.!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2362462

Just Google KITV or KHON ( Local Hawaii TV Stations ) and Hawaii Tour Experts for a journalist take on local Hawaii Travel Scams. Hawaii Tour Experts is/was a marketing affiliate of World Discovered Pacific, run by the Scamming Duo of Jami Parks in Kailua, Oahu and Isaac Isaam of Waikiki, Oahu.

Membership?? indeed a waste of money!!


After checking up on this company World Discovered PAcific and its affiliated companies as well as ownership status. It is important that complaints are addressed to the "leadership" of World Discovered Pacific that has left a trail of incompetence, partnership turnover at ALL the companies, from Ka Moana Luau, to Fun in the Sun, to Aloha Hawaii Tours, to Diamond Head Luau.

So in Kailua Jamie Park, a CFO, of all the above companies and Sam Issac, has repeatedly left a trail of incompetence and deceit to their clients, affiliates, contractors and their partners. The trail of unpaid bills is ridiculous. If you do business with World Discovered Pacific, you are in a world of PAIN as a customer, employee, partner, vendor or contractor. World Discovered has taken their theiving lying ways online .

AVOID. A few pennies saved on a terrible luau at Aloha Towers, or a "FREE" 3-night stay at some flea bitten hotel, will cost you $3K on a useless "Travel Club" that can be had for free on orbitz and Expedia. Wise up folks !

This company has been in business for over 10 years and STILL HAVE THE SAME RECURRING COMPLAINTS on BBB! What does that say ??


used to work at world discovered pacific. I highly recommend you AVOID this company.

Not only is their service a SCAM, the company continues to reinvent itself under different names and ownership, after being in business 10 + years !!! Free alternatives elsewhere vs World Discovered's "vacation membership club". All you are paying for is a password to a website and they sell your loans to Monterrey Financial. A careful background check of their ownersand the business relationship is instructive.

From a Jamie Parks that is the CFO shuffling money between affiliate companies ( marketing fronts), bouncing checks, avoiding tv news reporters....all signs of a shady business with a storefront in Kailua, Oahu. AVOID like the BLACK PLAGUE X COVID !!!

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Mathew B Ill

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

Verified Reviewer
| map-marker Honolulu, Hawaii

Unhappy Member

Trying to redeem their vacation certificates is a hassle. After several emails and phone calls I finally booked the Hawaiian adventures at the last minute when I was already on the plane flying to Hawaii.

Now I am trying to redeem the European certificate for a 1 week stay in Italy. The hotels offered are 3 star at best with a value on other sites for a total of CAD $460 for the week. I have selected a hotel from their list and get no feedback from customer service for a week even though I emailed several times and phoned and left messages. That is what I get for spending $3500 to join.

Even if I saved 10% on each booking, I would have to travel ten times in 2 years to break even on the membership. Take my advice and avoid this one.

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  • Difficult to redeem vacation certificates

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

User's recommendation: Don't Join


Address complaints of World Discovered Pacific to Jamie Parks: PO BOX 1186, KAILUA, Hawaii, 96734 Jamie Parks is allegedly one of the owners of World Discovered Pacific, is privy to all the scams and financial shenanigans, and knows where all the skeletons are. To get to Al Capone - get to the accountant. In this case - get to Jamie Parks !!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2383919

Stay away from any business with ISAAM ISAAC as business manager or business partner. That includes Ka Moana Luau, Aloha Hawaii Tours, World Discovered Pacific - all reincarnations of other businesses and partners that ran when they discovered how ISAAM ISAAC does business in Hawaii. If there is a way that ISAAM ISAAC can figure out how to take money in exchange for a good story and low value - count on your money disappearing , like World Discovered Pacific "membership fee" !!


World Discovered Pacific preys on naive Canadians looking to save a buck. These scam artists know their targets and buttons to push.

The cheaper the client, the more appetizing the deal sounds, the bigger the CON!

Report your experience to the Better Business Bureau !! It has a long list of gripes against World Discovered Pacific !


Have you filed a complained with the Better Business Bureau ? Adding to a long list of complaints lodged against World Discovered Pacific at the BBB.

demonstrates a pattern of negligence, outlandish promises and inadequate service performance of the travel club. This company is a nuisance in Waikiki with their 2 for 1 luiauis to attend a 20-minute online presentation nonsense is a HUGE smear on the Waikiki Tourist experience. The longer these scam artists are in business, the longer the list of complaints.

How does a business like World Discovered Pacific exist without addressing there recurring complaints??? Now they are telemarketing and doing online ads to suck the fools into participating in an online presentation!!!

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Jessica N Lwl
map-marker Overland Park, Kansas

Total scam

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

Dont buy!! The rates they show you live are a lie.

Every single item I have looked into cost MORE than other free search sites. Then they wont let you cancel.

They they want a yearly registration fee on top of the cost. Huge waste of money

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Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Don’t do it!


Isn’t this the company that hires felons to work online and out of disgusting booths and stalls in Waikiki with gifts to hustle a travel club? Check out the BBB reviews by googling world discovered pacific or Sam Issac..... buyer beware !!


bad history of "hustling" euphoric folks on vacation looking to spend . Membership is a dud....its all in the hype and emotional sell, membership offers few discounts, better off on free travel sites vs paying $3000 - $10,000.

World discovered Pacific has perfected the art of hiring felons and con the guy you met at the ALOHA STADIUM swap meet and offering a "Luau at a discount" for an hour of your time for a Zoom call......Seriously? Save $50 and waste $3K?? + 25% plus interest ??

Welcome to Hawaii. You are the mark!

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map-marker Vancouver, British Columbia

They would not honour the cooling off period

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Their product is no better than anything I can find for free elsewhere. I tried to cancel immediately and they said the cooling off period only is good for people from the state of Hawaii. I am from Canada
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  • No value at all

User's recommendation: Do not join

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