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Travelers Insurance Company - Workers Comp complaint

Travelers Insurance Company - Traveler’s work comp service is terrible

Travelers Insurance Company - Still no follow up 6 months later..

Travelers Insurance Company - They don't care about people


Same happened to me they gave me epidural injections and then after that I had two ablation and keep saying I can work full time but then treat you again for pain after a few ...


Travelers Insurance Company - Destroying lives for profits


I would love to be part of a class action lawsuit against them


Travelers Insurance Company - Premium Gouging


Agree with what post #1 said.I have had the worst experience with Travelers. They send you bill after bill with no real itemized breakdown, raise your premiums by thousands of...

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Travelers Insurance Company - Brain damage


Travelers does not provide the medicine, your doctor does. Secondly, did you ever think to do your research on the medication? Normally people will look up the medication onli...

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Liberty Mutual Insurance - If They Screwed Us, They will ***!

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