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Workbridge Associates - Scam Artists

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I applied for a job through one of their postings on Indeed. Salary looked great, job description was right up my alley.

Got a phone call later that day after applying by a guy named Nico. He did a normal phone screening and forward information to the company. Not a big deal. Went through the interview process and everything went great until the conversation of compensation came up.

Workbridge listed the position 10k ABOVE what the company actually listed the job for. When the company offered me a position they were thinking they were making a good offer (which it was, considering the actual range of salary and not the fake Workbridge salary posted). Then I get calls from two different employees at Workbridge, Brett and someone else. Get somewhat harassed that this is the best opportunity I will come across and that I can just work overtime every week to get the salary I want, the reputation is much better than the company I am at and I am making a life mistake if I refuse to take this job.

Avoid using this company at all costs, they will scam you into anything so they can get a commission check. They will be rude, unprofessional, and will attempt to force you into any job possible.

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Not as described/ advertised

Preferred solution: Avoid working with the company at all costs.

Heron Ddz


While searching for a job I'd advise you to use Workbridge as a last resort. I've worked with several recruiters there and all were kind of jerks except one.

I could look past that if it wasn't for some of their other shady dealings. For instance, once they submit you to a few roles and don't get any takers they'll use you for new business. They'll ask about who you're currently interviewing with and then call them to try and solicit business, all the while pretending they're still submitting you for other roles. I know for a fact they did it to me at least twice because I had two recruiters from other agencies tell me about it.

Do a bit of Googling and you'll see they're notorious for it. Again, LAST RESORT.

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Bad quality
map-marker Bethesda, Maryland

Bait & Switch: DC Workbridge Office; Same MO

Here is the email I received after the first phone screen. They want you to come in and submit information to them so they can do the leg work and final the position for you. They don't actually have clients that they are recruiting for since they didn't even mention the position title in the email or the company name. Besides why would a company with 700 employees need a recruiter, when almost all have HR in house?

Hi (Name),

It was great talking to you earlier; just wanted to confirm our meeting time for Wednesday, June 29th at 3pm. Contingent on our meeting, all of the information you’ll need will be below in case you have any questions.

If you do have any questions, just give me a call on the office line below. I’m really looking forward to meeting you and we’re hoping that we can find you everything you’re looking for!

Interview Preparation:

Please email me a copy of:

• Three technical supervisory references.


• A list of any target companies that you would like to pursue.

• A list of companies we should not contact on your behalf. (This list should include the companies where your resume has been submitted and the companies where you have already interviewed.)

Interview Details:

When you get here you and I will sit down for 15-20 minutes, talk about your recent projects and experience in a bit more depth. Then I’ll have you meet with my colleagues on the team here, where I and the team will do our best to answer any questions you might have about specific positions or the market in general. Any of the positions you approve, we’ll submit you to and get started marketing you to our clients.

Thanks and see you soon!

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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised
Bryonna Edr
map-marker New York, New York

Workbridge Associates: Sleazy recruiters who'll lie to your face

The way these guys work is like this: they scour sites like Monster, Indeed and Dice for openings and resumes alike, then call every single person who they can get a number for. They'll tell job hunters that they've got all these wonderful clients that they can get you an interview with, they just need to know who you've been applying at and interviewing with.

If they don't have anything, they lie and say they do, or just claim to have missed your emails, and call you back a few weeks later to try to convince you this time they really do have an interview, could you just pleas tell them who you've interviewed with in the meantime so they can understand where you're at presently. Rinse and repeat.

I got suckered into their scheme a while back. One of their recruiters called me up, I told him I couldn't talk at the moment, and he wouldn't take no for an answer (warning sign #1!). After finally yelling it at the guy a few times, he got the point, and we spoke a few hours later. The guy told me about all their great clients that he could set me up with, they just wanted me in for a pre-screening, which we scheduled for the next day.

I didn't have anything to lose, so I went in and talked to the guy. First thing he asks me is who else I've been interviewing with, "so we can understand where you're at" (warning sign #2!). What does that even mean? He wanted names and phone numbers of everyone, even. Then he has me go back to their reception area and talk to the rest of his team - again, why? Everyone who works there seems to be cut from the same cloth - 24 or so, young fratty types who've just gotten out of college (warning sign #3!). They all just shake my hand and give me their cards, nothing of substance is discussed.

When I get back, I have an email from the guy who originally contacted me, asking me for my resume in Word format. I've had recruiters add technologies I don't know to my resume before, and it's very embarrassing when you get questions about jQuery despite not knowing it, because the recruiter added it to your resume to get their client to interview you. I email him back offering to remove my contact info or anything else they need, and ask about the prospect of getting an interview with one or two of the clients of theirs he mentioned. No reply. I wait a few days and email him again. No reply.

Few weeks later, he calls me again to ask me who I've been interviewing with lately. Oh, and to talk about this new wonderful job he has for me. I ask the guy about the emails I sent him a while back, and he just says "Oh, I didn't see them." Very professional. I say whatever, I'll look at this. He sends me the job description, and this place is expecting applicants to have a whole laundry list of skills I don't even know, or have on my resume. I email the guy back, tell him to leave me alone since his company is being no help to me at all.

Next day, the guy's manager calls me up. He says he read my email to the original recruiter, and tries to sell me a whole new line of ***. The economy is bad, it's not their fault, maybe I should settle for this job that requires skills I don't have (what?), they really are the best recruiters around. Like his flunky, I have to hang up on him and shout that I don't care and want them to leave me alone a few times until he gets it. And now I'm getting calls from these clowns again! Wonderful!

Having worked with actually good recruiters, you can tell a good recruiter by seeing whether they do everything these clowns aren't. They focus on quality over quantity, and build actual relationships with people on both sides of the fence. They don't act like desperate telemarketers, calling everyone who they can find and bugging them until they

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I am glad I read this; and did not waste my morning going to meet with them!

Same experience...they emailed me, said they had these jobs lined up, but would never tell me what these were, or where..just that I had to come in...I got a design contract and debated whether I should meet with the recruiters or work on the glad I did not go in! They also were more interested in the names and phone numbers of other recruiters and jobs I spoke with, then telling me about what, exactly, I was interviewing for


The same thing happened to me and their LA branch. I go in for an interview and they have me interview with 6 different people, asking me the same exact questions the last person just asked me....

I hate it when people waste my time. Only one of them asked me if I was looking for full-time or contract positions. I wanted full-time, but a few of them sent me info on contract positions. That was only after I told them to just email me, because they would call me while I was at work, so of course I'm not going to answer the call.

They leave messages asking me to call them back instead of just telling me what the opportunities were. I finally had enough of the back and forth and told them I didn't want their help any more. Still, they kept contacting me through phone and email.

The first two times, I asked them to take me of their list and remove any records of me in their database, but to no avail. I still get messages from them.


I accidently clicked on "***" above so now I feel compelled to write this review echoing what the person above wrote. My biggest problem with them is the fact they ask you what companies you've been interviewing with and who you've been in contact with. They will tell you they need to know this so they don't double submit you. Fine, but why do they need to know the person who you've been in contact with? Simple - so they can generate more leads. Very sleazy in my opinion.

Also, in my case, they lied about the location of a job. They told me the job was local but when I talked to the actual potential employer, the job was in another far-away state.

I also felt it was very weird that they had me meet with everyone in the office. They each said they had leads for me and then I never heard from them again.


I agree buddy. Workbridge associates are the worst.

I went in for an interview for this company and apparently they liked me and were looking at me for a position.

I tried following up with the recruiter and never heard back from the recruiter. They stink

Bryonna Edr
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I've dealt with a few recruiting firms who apparently can't figure out how to send you an email. They'll insist they're going to send out their client's pre-interview screening test or whatever, and never do it.

You call them, they say they'll do it again, and it never comes. Call them again... yeah.

The biggest warning sign I've seen is when everyone who works at the place is in their mid-20s.

I know it's especially rough for new college grads, but all the recruiting firms I've dealt with where the average age is like 25 are unbelievably incompetent. I had one once tell me to "stop acting so entitled" because I told her I wasn't even going to consider a $40K/year job 3 hours away in Connecticut!

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Same experience.

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