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Treated like *** after sale

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March 24, 2017 To: Dale Woods Homes 901 US-11 Sweetwater Tn 37874 We purchased a home in April 2016 through your sales representative, Rebecca Keller (Bunny). During our time on the lot we discussed the construction and foundation aspects. We were told the homes were built “just like stick homes”. In addition, the house would in fact, not be set on blocks like the samples on the sales lot. Land clearing, driveway work as well as septic work were also discussed with Rebecca with her recommendations on all subcontractors for said services. After purchase, Dale Woods met us on our property to do a general “lay of the land” and discussed placement of home. As for placement of home, he stated he could not place house where we wanted as he recommended the foundation to be within three (3) blocks of elevation. We recieved a table top with a large drop off both in front and behind home? We also discussed tree removal and agreed that all trees to be removed were to be marked with contractor's tape as to avoid confusion.This was also discussed with his contractor Tommy Thompson on site. In addition, the placement of downed trees was agreed to be hauled to a specific side of the house. Instead, what we received was the placement of our home in a manner that leaves us with a total of five (5) feet of front yard, leading to a major drop off that has continually eroded; the removal of appxomitely 35 trees when only 14 were marked, leaving three large piles of dead trees on top of young trees in a precarious position for me to remove as they were sitting in front of my septic system and a hill. Not to mention, said young trees were destroyed from the weight of removed trees which were a privacy screening for the home. To add to the nightmare, a dirt pile appx. 20' x 30' x 8' high was left immediately at the back of my house on a very steep grade making removal by hand means only with a similar mound on the hill in front of the house. Shoddy, sloppy work at best. Moving on, I have several concerns relating to the foundation. During the initial pour, the contractor ran out of concrete 2/3 of the way through. Came back for second pour the next day. I question as to whether that will create a crack in near future. Further, the foundation is less than 4” thick but according to FHA standards, the outside foundation should be 18” as to comply with frost line requirements for this area. We have recently noticed 17 cracks in the foundation and it is less than 7 months old. And while on the subject of concrete, the contractors took it upon themselves to wash their equipment at my garage, leaving an incredible mess for me to contend with, along with leaving rock, concrete and block scattered about the foundation for several weeks and also clumps in the pasture which I had to remove. Again, shoddy and immensely unprofessional. As stated earlier, Bunny assured us that our home would not be set up like the models on your lot in reference to the stacked block but, to my surprise, that is exactly how it has been set. Yet, according to FHA/HUD Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing, (HUD Publication HUD-7584) the following applies: The foundation piers must bear upon reinforced poured concrete footings that are constructed below the frost line. 1 Foundation piers must be constructed of “solid materials”, such as reinforced concrete, masonry, steel or treated wood. Dry-stacked block piers, which are commonly used in manufactured home foundations, can be upgraded to meet this requirement by applying an adequate coating of fiber-reinforced surface bonding cement. Moving on, I have a question in regards to our sewer line.The Code states that there can be no less than 1/8” and no more than 1/4” drop per foot, otherwise, water will flow past sewage and not with it. What was installed however, is a 5 ft. to 6 ft. drop in a span of 5 feet. I don't know about you, but that screams potential problems in a year or two. To add to the insult, a 3 ½' x 3' x 10' hole was left after hooking up sewer line that I ended up back filling as it was a potential danger to my family and pets. When asked about this issue, Bunny stated that the back fill of foundation and septic was NOT Woods' Homes responsibility. This, of course, a total contradiction to our original conversation. I will now move to the setting of the home. The day our home was brought onto the property, my wife was on site. As the second half of the home was being transported up the hill, she noticed they had to re-maneuver the unit and back up several times. At one point she observed the home hitting a tree, she went up to take a look and noticed a dent at one end of the home. Also noticed, was bark ripped from the nearest tree. When installers were questioned, they claimed they backed into a dirt pile which is hard to believe as the dirt was only about 1 foot high and the home was about 3 feet high. After finding extensive problems/damage inside home due to the collision, which will be listed further, Dale claimed that this damage could not have occurred at 3 to 5 mph. Into dirt. One must question, even if The damage onThe inside as well as outside did not occur due to impact, then where is quality control within the confines of your factory? As to the land clearing and partial driveway work Tommy Thompson stated that he would have to install drain tiles (culvert pipe) or the drive would wash away, he didn't and it does! In regards to the septic system, My wife met with the inspector to obtain a permit (after waiting a couple of weeks for her to get to us) she was shown the placement of the house and determined that the system should be placed directly in front of the home on the grade. The system was installed 70 feet out below the drop off, My guess is due to the fact it would be very hard to install on that steep grade that was created. And to add insult to injury Tommy is asking for $800.00 more than agreed upon due to he had to use more pipe than he thought. I still can't comprehend how a septic system can be dug, installed, inspected and covered in less than a day especially without one stone being left around? We called 5 different companies and they all stated 3 to 5 days after they start before it would complete. Now that our attention was turned to possible structural issues, we noticed while the factory reps were peeling back the vinyl siding there is no exterior sheeting behind it. Again, a code violation, not to mention yet another fabrication of the “stick built” story coming from the sales department. The vinyl and corner piece that was buckled from the impact was finally corrected by woods homes personnel, although we've noticed recently that there is still a buckled corner at the top back of house. As for any other exterior items, crawl space vents are not all secured and the eve vents do not lay flush against the house and are twisted. I will now list interior issues. If fixed, I will denote. Center ceiling between the 2 sections where screws were placed are visible. kitchen and second bedroom ceilings are cracked (most likely due to impact) When subs finally came out to fix, they were asked at the time to make sure texture of ceiling would match (blend) with existing. Instead, we have a strip that is far more visible, an obvious difference in depth of texture, and plaster splattered on my curtains, that wasn't noticed at first because it appeared they tried to hide it by folding curtains in. They also cut the center trim piece too short and instead of cutting new piece, tried to fake it by filling the vacancy with spackling.I now have 2 cracks. Kitchen Cabinet doors uneven (fixed) Trim piece on island coming off (fixed) Island cabinet loose panel on back 2 Center hinge on cabinet door not working properly...looks like it will eventually break Screw on fridge handle missing ( I fixed) Oven temperature way out of kilter (runs too hot) Cabinet side panel loose near refrigerator Sticker glue will not come off the counter top. Have tried many products to no avail. Cabinet panel back loose on Island. Laundry Room The back door twisted so bad it would not open. All molding around door popped loose. (fixed) Living Room Center wall bowed out. Replaced due to broken 2 x 4. Since new drywall was applied due to the fix, the electric outlet was placed in floating hole instead of screwed to a stud. How do I know? I was shocked when trying to pull a plug out of outlet and outlet is came out of the wall. Front door out of plumb. In addition, can see outside through door jamb. When True Homes came to repair, they said to leave packing foam around the not remove. As far as I know, that is for shipping only, not to cover laziness. Master Bedroom Door *** fell apart in my hand. (I fixed) No stopper behind door ( fixed) Master Bath Exhaust vent not flush to ceiling (fixed) Shower wall coming loose from wall (fixed) Trim on the wall next to toilet loose (your people fixed by stapling, making a removable panel not removable where there was access to plumbing. Toilet seat broken (fixed) Bathroom door continually pops open when walking across the floor and is out of plumb enough that you can see into the bedroom when closed. closet door is out of plumb enough that the door hits the top of the frame. Bedroom 2 crack in ceiling (fixed) No drywall by door on both sides of closet and the molding on top of door was crushed (fixed) 3 Bedroom 3 Bedroom door does not close right as if trim/jamb is not plumb or placed improperly. Eposed screws on floor between bedroom and closet (fixed with molding) Front Bath Cabinet door would not close completely (fixed) Toilet seat broken ( I fixed) Air Conditioning Unit This was interesting as initially, the first time someone came out, they said the A/C unit was not charged enough.The Second time you sent the subs that handled our bad plumbing vents to fix the AC unit . the AC was still not right. Finally, you sent an actual HVAC sub who said the unit had been over charged. I understand that in the construction of any home, problems will arise. In a manufactured home, it seems that many of these items could have been initially caught in the factory. If these problems naturally occur during the setting of a home, a walk through should be provided to do a punch list. However, Bunny also told us that was not the company's responsibility. Then, where does it lie? I also must question if many of the interior problems are due to the fact that our home is not remotely level, or was much of this created on the impact of tree/dirt? A bigger question in my mind will always remain, if we had not paid cash for the house but instead financed through a bank, would you have the same lackadaisical attitude with the bank and their pack of lawyers that you have treated us with? We have contacted both Bunny and Tru homes directly concerning these issues and the response time is deplorable even for a callback. It appears I will have to contact a Home Inspection company and seek legal advice. Respectfully Anthony C. & Daisy A Fantozzi cc: Clayton Homes cc: Thompson backhoe service Inc
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I have been reading this complaint letter from pissed off customer, I understand when purchasing a home you want everything to be right for the money you spend, however! did he even look at the home before he purchased it, it seems everything was falling apart on this house, did he pay cash for this home, if so why would the rules or concerns of FHA/ Hud have anything to do with his home, if it was an FHA loan, as most of us know FHA will not release money until inspection is done, I do understand that things don't always go like they should, but this complaint was over the top. lets get real with all these complaints he should have just built his own house.

Marie M Dex
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Woods Mobile Homes in Sweetwater, TN does not finish their work nor honor contracts

Woods Mobile Homes in Sweetwater, TN does not finish their work nor honor contracts
Company has failed to perform specific work required concerning the finishing and repairs of new mobile home as per agreement. New mobile home was purchased on March 19, 2010. Delivery occurred around April 14, 2010. Delays in delivery was attributed to "the weather." Setup and tie-downs were completed, but the final work has never been done. The interior trim work is still in need of finishing in one area; the damaged front door has not been fixed nor replaced as it was damaged on Woods lot before home was even delivered; The siding over the front door is now popping off and has not been fixed. I received a call from Mr. Woods stating that he would have one of his employees, Mr. Ray Peels, finish the work on 6/27/2010. I did receive a call from Mr. Peels saying that he would be there between 11 and 11:30 a.m. I waited at the home until noon and he was a no show. He later called me saying that he "was sorry he didn't show up" and that he would "try" to get the work done this upcoming week, without giving me a specific date. There was a "Certificate of Quality and Cleanliness" taped to the kitchen counter stating that "We carefully cleaned and inspected your new home...please enjoy!" It was signed off on the "cleaning, vacuuming" (not done, nor was the floor even swept up with a broom); "trim, molding" signed off and not completed; "floor coverings" signed off; and final inspection was supposed to have been done and signed off by a "James Seymore." This was not done or it would have never passed final inspection by anyone qualified to see that there was definitely a lot of problems still to be addressed.
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