Billy and Sherman Show of Deception

Bill and Sherman are your typical ***-men that take the trust of others and steal from them. It occurs in many ways, through documents, meetings and excuses. The front man is always the indicted felon Bill Keever, who is later followed up by a poorly educated and broke Sherman Mohr. They create various personas online and LLC's to hide their true intentions. Their latest scam was Coupon Mint, then it was and most recently Shared Spirits. All the companies do the same thing, pull people into the big picture ideas that never get executed. They target blogging, shell companies and participate in groups that they can later point to as their value.
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Not as described/ advertised

How do they continue to get away with this? I use to work at Couponmint and saw it first hand!

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Sherman Mohr is a crook. Loser who changes jobs with fancy titles, that make no money. Guy leaches onto people with money, then scams them.

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Dalene Vrb
map-marker Napa, California


William Keever (Bill Keever) has built his california company on fraud and deception. After leaving the telecommunications world, he has come home from Europe and continues to rake in millions defrauding consumers in the mobile phone arena. His wine business is a front for countless scams that should be reported to the authorities. You should avoid having anything to do with Bill Keever. He has used his influence in the communications field to take advantage of people all across the country. He uses his california religious affiliations to take money from those least able to afford it. This guys should me stopped.
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sdraper D
map-marker Hendersonville, Tennessee

William Keever (Bill Keever) Pub & Grille

Keever's Grille frustrates the *** out of me. Simple as that. If you go to William Keever's Restaurant, their pretzels or wings are a great menu recommendation to share with a group. If you're looking for a delicious sandwich, try the Black Forest. Hands down one of my favorite meals (in the price range). Being a Pub&Grille, you would think the staff would be accustomed to a crowd. It just seems that Keever's always struggles to keep up when demand is high. I understand that with any restaurant there are highs and lows, busy nights and dead ones.. but I've never gone on a game day (hockey) and gotten great service. On the contrary, if they are a bit slower, the service is stellar. Very eradic, sometimes great, other times terrible. I still keep going back, because the food at Keever P&G can usually make up for the inconsistency. I know the owner, Wiliam Keever (Bill Keever), and understand that he also owns another restaurant and winery. I think he should stick to the finer dining arena.
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sdraper D

IM not trying to desparage Mr. Keever's good name (william keever), just had some really bad service...

jerrylevine L
map-marker Amsterdam, North Holland

William Keever Pub & Grille

I was often the biggest critic of Keever's place. Although the restaurant had its problems, i was sad to hear that the bar was closing. While it may have had its problems, it was a great place to get great food and entertainment. William Keever (Bill Keever) was the consummate local restauranteur, always visiting everyone table by table, making sure everyone was happy with their experience. Atlanta will surely miss this historically significant place. The Keever family has given so much back to this community. Grand-Dad William Keever would have been proud. Rest In Peace Keever Bar & Grille.
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Sharell Ley
map-marker Nashville, Tennessee

He screwed me years ago and I am still paying

My name is Wesley Adms Jr. I met Bill Keever around 2002 give or take. I was part owener of a very high end celebrity health club in Cool Springs.It was very expensive to run. My two partners after we had spent hundreds of thousands especially our majority partner. The two partners decided to leave since we were not taking pay any longer. I was training Bill Keever at the gym as a client...he presented himself as a successfull layyer and acted as he wanted to be my mentor and become my partner at the gym...we did become partners since my other partners left. My clients were whos who as a personal trainer clebrities , pro athletes and ceo's...keever told me had to raise capital from inverstors for the gym.... I finally agreed since i thought i had controlling intrest.My plan was to never take more investments than my equipment was worth...i could easliy have sold it and gave the investors their money back. Bill tricked me into signing a document that gave him control of the company after I raised capital for the company....these were not just clients but friends that trusted me to inverst in my club and this piece of crap screws me. It has taken me years to get over this mentally and am still paying financially for a piece of crap person. I am ashamed that he was ever associated with me! I was young and trusting. I hate it happended to you others out there but I dont feel as stupid as I have all of these years..but still fell stupid to be honest. Id love to talk to any one who has had to deal with him...wadams@***.com please feel free to contact me. Thank you!
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I am feeling your pain presently. I worked for no pay to build an online community and my partner decided he didn't want to work with me after I finished.

He mad me look like *** after stealing it as his own work product and I am gone and completely wounded. I suspected it and it happened. If you are wondering if you partner is no good - measure how much energy they are putting into things. If you think they are pulling back when you are working hard.

Get out completely.

It is not worth your energy. You will be screwed I am sure.


Yea, I though you were going to tell a story about being raped in the *** What a let-down! Next time post something with some sodomy or something.


you disappointed me reading the title i thought this was aboust sex.

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Tracy M Huq
map-marker Arvada, Colorado


WILLIAM KEEVER, AKA BILL KEEVER HAS JUST EMERGED FROM JAIL AND IS UP TO HIS OLD TRICKS. When you first meet William Keever or "Bill" he is SLICK! He will first tell you how he is a big shot SEC attorney, which is not true, he was disbarred and is not a member of the American Bar Association. (American Bar Association 800.285.2221). Last I heard he was still under investigation for Secruites Violations. (Took peoples money illegally.) The SEC contact number is 202.551.6551, all you have to do is give them his name and they send you to his investigator. This guy stole thousands from me and my friends and promised to do attorney work even though he is not an attorney. I am in the process now of going back through all his education and people that he has done business with in the past in hopes to stop him from hurting anyone else. I am surprised at all the people that he has come into contact with. They are as upset and ready to turn him in as I am. He even visited my church and claimed to be doing things in the name of Jesus and Christianity. Which was the lowest!! He would say "Let's pray over this meeting" then say that "God wanted me to help him." I want everyone to know what a liar he is. He even says that he owns Castle Venture Group, (which is not active in the state of TN due to his theft of individuals) he claimed to own a vineyard in California, after I spoke to them they are seeking legal advice as well. I can't imagine a world that a man can profess to be such a Christian and to use God's name to steal from people. I hope they catch him and I hope that anyone that comes into contact with him has read this and RUNS!!!!
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Did anything ever happen with these situations and to him? I worked for him about 4 years ago and he really screwed over that company as well. How can he keep going around doing what he is doing?


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

This man is unbelievable. He actually goes on the internet and poses as multiple people so he can blog and make it look like there are a bunch of people who love him. Its so funny!!!


Hey dude!! Yeah you Bill Keever, William Keever, we are all talking about you and why you have been in jail we have been working to get the money back that you stole from us.

Now, that its not just me trying to fight you we have the resources to stop you from hurting people. Forever. Honestly, I'm shocked at how many people you did this too. I don't feel *** anymore.

I'm just pissed!!

I even gave the guy who called some other names to call. How about that!!!


Hey there....just got a phone that I'm reading whats on the internet I see were not the only ones pissed at you. Where's our freaking money dude??

:( :( :( :( :( :(

We are for sure going to talk to this guy!! Hope he puts you away!!


Hey dude....remember me????? Guess what?

We are all pissed and we all know your out of jail and up to your old trickester games. We have all talked and now we know your game. You blame one for the other etc. We also know that your trying to steal money from a church in Franklin now.

But guess what??? They know who you are!!


:( This guy is unbelieveable!! I saw him being blasted on another site too.

He is so smooth! I just got a call from one of the people that he ripped off and they are all joining forces to get their money back from him. He said that he was a director of a new ministry "Breakout Ministries, Inc" apparently its not a real company.

Man, If I was him I would be hauling it out of TN these people are pissed!! lol

Justin Oye

:( Ok, now, at first I was a little upset as this man has attended our church a couple of times (Cumberland) Well, I looked on the web sites he has up and he claims to be be a member and that he is a director of this or that ministry. This guy is in the need of professional help.

I am a believer that everyone can be helped but he believes he lives in a land all his own. This guy has taken money from my friends and has claimed to be an attorney and then we don't see him again. We did find out that he had been arrested and have contacted via the number you gave us. Thank you very much for brining him to our attention.

I believe that he also has some friends who were in the same kind of scam as him.

I hope that they stop him. BEWARE OF WILLIAM KEEVER!!!

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