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Never received my wig.ordered it 6 weeks ago. Payed through PayPal.I am so frustrated.
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Anonymous File a complaint with Paypal. I did and finally received a refund. Make sure to tell paypal all of your details. I told them they shouldn't even do business with this compa...

Hi, I purchased a wig from wigs buy for approx. $300--- I got a gross wig instead! I did not even want to try it on!!! It smelled and looked like it had been on the street for days... gross. They would NOT give a return address until I had sent them images of the wig and then said they would refund me $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY? I demanded more... they finally wrote that they agreed to $200. I'm trying to send the wig back-- not sure if...
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Ordered a wig over a month ago. Still no wig. E mails to them are answered by either Lucy or Leanne. They both tell you something different. Basically they lie. They false advertise. They don't tell you that it's gonna take forever to get the wig, if you ever get it at all! All their reviews are Negative! I am trying to find out how to put them out of business! I lost almost $200.00. Do not order from this company. If they send you...
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FrustratedinSF I'm currently dealing with the same negative experience. I ordered a specific item about a month ago and received a completely different wig. I had to send pictures to "Lean...


bea i also lost 170.00 the wig i recieved was a piece of junk.i cannot wear was not at all what i had no tags on it and it came from china so you know what i ende...


Wigsbuy wig Review

I ordered s wig over two months ago and still have not received this wig. I have tried to contact them with no reply. I'm out of 268.00 i will choke it up as a lost I wii never Oder from them again should have known better.

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