map-marker Richmond, Indiana

Nick Wetzel is a horrible person

I thought everything was going well until the owner introduced himself as Nick Wetzel. I have never met someone so arrogant and will never go back to Richmond for a car! He talked down to me and my children and insulted my wife as he looked at her chest several times. He insisted that we couldn't afford the car, but little did he know that I had 15 grand in my pocket. I didn't buy anything and can't imagine how bad the experience would have been after the sale. I have hear since, that others have had the same experience with Nick and his crew.
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map-marker Indianapolis, Indiana

Wetzel Auto took me for a ride

In 2008, I was going through a rough period in my life. I was recently divorced and without a car. I wasn't sure I could afford a new car, so I went to Wetzel Used Cars (part of a much larger auto group)to look at used cars. I picked outa car, described my situation to the salesmen and bought a 2003 Grand Am. I left there thinking I had gotten a good deal. In 2010, they sent me a letter telling me I should come and talk to them about trading my car for a new one. I did and was offered $3500 for it in trade. I left there thinking they were crazy. This past week, I got another letter, but I went to a local Indianapolis dealer. They appraised my car and asked why I owed so much on it. When I told him, he showed me what the car was worth now, in 2008 when I bought it and new. He said I was taken. I paid roughly $13,000 for the car. In 2008, book value was about $6900. Newthe car was roughly $18,000. I paid $13,000 for a 5 year old car! The Indy dealer offered me the same $3500 though. The salesmen told me they were going to take care of me and boy did they. Be very wary of buying a car from this dealership. And in case you thought it was just used cars, the car they tried to sell me last summer was a GM Program car. It had 5000+ miles on it and he was willing to take $400 off the sticker price. He said there just wasn't any margin on cars these days. I am stuck owing $9700 on a car worth $3500. By the time I get it paid for, if it lasts that long, it won't be worth anything. There are a lot of auto dealers out there. This group owns a number of dealerships in the Richmond Indiana area. It is not a mom and pop operation. Find another place to buy your cars. Hopefully you won't end up in the same position I am in.
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Really? Did you do ANY research?


I just bought a BRAND NEW Hyundai from them at $25 UNDER Kelly Blue Book Fair Market Value AND they threw in a $40 dinner (while we waited on the paperwork), a First Aid kit, and their paint, rust, and leather protection ($595 value).

Dude - SERIOUSLY - next time you shop for a car, take a 12 year old with you. I think you will get a much better deal!


I got a 89 sunbird I will sell you... Runs better than anything you have ever driven in your life..

$7700 and its yours..

I will be the bank too.. Call me 1-800-ur-***


Your *** *** didnt know better? Idiots like you are why this country is in the shape it is...


Wow...what an ***. I graduated from college and am very informed consumer, usually.

In this case maybe I was not.

But I am not the reason the country is in the shape it is in, *** such as yourself with little regard for.others is. Sorry, call it like I see it.


The price you paid for the car no doubt includes a huge bank fee hidden inside. Most of the secondary lenders are now going to this since the maximum interest rate in Indiana is 21%.

also your payoff is high for two reasons. Most of your payment is going to pay interest and the hidden bank fee, banks won't a dealer disclose these fees to you. The have to absorbed in the sale price of the vehicle.

That's why people with bad credit need equity going into a deal. In the form of a free and clear trade or cash down.


I do not have bad credit and my interest rate is 8%. I did buy an extended warranty which added some to the price.

The dealers here in Indy told me what I should have paid for the car. I normally rely on the dealers and have always gotten good deals, until now. I couldn't even use my GM discount.

I am not the only one that has had issues with dealership. I will never use them for anything, but it is entirely an individual choice.


Manufacturer discounts only apply to new vehicle purchases. Also, it is very easy to find the value of a used car online.

Kelly Blue Book is the gold standard for this, but there are many others.

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