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I have only used western union a few times. My husband is out of state working and he need some extra cash. So last week I sent him money through Western Union. And no problems at all. Well today he need money to make repairs on his truck. He is still out of state so I called Western Union and they declined my money transfer. Because of a security risk? I can understand if I was sending thousands of dollars to a foreign country but I'm in...
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offconsumerpissed Why not just use your bank account? Or any free app?

On 7/28, i called Western Union to cancel this transaction. It is my understanding it takes 7 husiness days for refund. I have been in dialogue with the company since 8/8, speaking to their corporate office and its one excuse after the next. No supervisor is available to speak. I was told by the person answering the phone that the supervisors dont take call. I cannot just let western union keep my money. Maybe that's the outcome they...
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Western Union Domestic Money Transfer Review

Don't trust western union! About 24 days ago we tried to tranfer some money to my brother in law in the states, they not only didn't give the money to him, but also are refusing to refund our money! Every time we call them they lie to us by giving us false refund dates, still no refund has been issued after 24 days. They steal your money in the day light! Choose PayPal or money gram instead.