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I worked with Omega Math and Nancy for Intermediate Algebra and College Algebra. Nancy Davis, the owner, was very helpful and professional. If I found errors in their program, they were quickly corrected by the IT staff and I always received a followup, personal call back from Nancy. I took the the final proctored College Algebra exam at a local community college, and I found that Omega Math completely prepared me for the exam. I DID put a lot...
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Briana92 I am getting ready to take the college algebra final for the westcott course, is the final easy as long as you do the class work? Is it multiple choice? I think they said the ...

As for actually in depth learning? forget it, the courses are the equivalent of just picking up a math textbook and trying to learn a whole algebra course on there. Would've been nice to have a video of a teacher on there showing you how to do the math. Also, when you miss a problem or get it wrong on the quiz/test they don't provide the correct answer, leaving me stumped still on those tough problems. Bottom line, omega math / westcott courses...
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