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A few years ago I bought a West Marine submersible VFH150 radio. The device worked fine for a few years. Lately, the unit fails to hold a charge. Went to store to purchase a replacement and was told it was special order. Called, and after multiple tries found out that there is no replacement. So why does Wet Marine provide a product that they can not supply parts for (for a reasonable number of years), Over my boating years I have purchased many... Read more

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I walked into a west marine in Aventura fl and a employee walked up named Jason supposedly a manager dosent know anything about the store ask if he knew what type of line this fishing rod hold just pawned me off on another employee went and asked him another question and kept pawning me off on other employees I was trying to see if he could answer a question him self but he couldn't I guess these day in age anyone can be a manager very... Read more

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The worst service ever!! I just left there very frustrated. I walked in to buy a Captain hat and a weather station. I asked a associate where the capt. hats were and got a point, "There over there by electronics". Couldn't find them. Asked again and was told again they are over by electronics. Gave up on that. Now I've moved on to looking for my weather station. Standing in electronics there are two salesmen helping other customers. I wait right... Read more

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Made order of 20 rod combos, got order confirmation! Then called a week later to check, they say no problem just gonna be drop shipped directly from manufacturer. Week later get 2 of the 20 and one is broken and that's all I can get! And no replacement for broken one!

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I would just like to thank the customer service staff at west marine in a time when customer service is all but dead, your staff showed the most professional and personal attention to a problem that our family experienced. My son saved his money to purchase a fishing rod combo it arrived with rod broken, I called my local store here in Ft pierce Fl. I got the run around I then called your customer service ( I wish I the lady's name) She was so... Read more

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I placed an order for two pairs of swim shoes because we are going on vacation. the order total was $52.03 I was charged $52.04 and then 2 other charges of 36.41 and 16.62 (also equaling $52.04). This is so outrageous. My order was only for $52.03 so they charged me $0.01 over initially after I paid $20 for shipping AND they charged me three times breaking down the charges so they looked like separate charges. They are 100% thieves and criminals... Read more

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I purchased a Garmin 741xs package with GPS and Radar at the same time purchased an extended warranty. After about 2 and 1/2 years the unit failed. Went back to West Marine customer service and have been given every excuse in the book. If you buy a west Marine extended warranty you will find it is administered by a third party and apparently useless I have been screwed around for three weeks and been told it has been turned over to West Marine... Read more

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West marine is a rip off this store is going out of business if they dont get there prices in control They want $42,00 a gallon for quicksilver 2 stroke oil when i get the same oil for 19.99 a gallon shipped Get a grip west marine stop robbing people

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Your customer service sucks!! Iam in the store & she answers 3 calls. No 3/4" brass ck valve no 1100 rule 24 vt bilge pump, 2 week delivery Harrison Ave NOLA. Sorry Capt Ron Read more

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I have placed several orders with this company. Each and EVERY one there was a problem with. The card didn't go through or they forgot to ship....waste of time and money!! And I am not spending 100 words on them!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx x xx xx xx xxx xx x x xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xxx xx xx x xx xx x x x x x xxx x x x xx xx xx xx xxx xxx x xxx xx... Read more

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