West Inc/Cydcor..wasted 6 days of my life..should of went with my gut.

I worked for a branch office of Cydcor named West Inc in Perrysburg OH Owner/CEO Andra Butler. They have an A- BBB rating. How? I have no clue. They called me for an 1st interview asking questions about my previous employers and what I did at those jobs. Then 1st interview day, I walked in and there were 4 other people waiting for an interview while the Manager/CEO/Owner was interview someone. The receptionist looked barely over the age of 20. So as I sat there for an minute I was called next. I went into the interview and she, the owner begin to ask me questions about my goals, previous employer, my weaknesses and strengths the typical things that are usually asked. She they asked me am I open to being relocated and relocated internationally. Her office is setting up a team to have an branch in London. She then told me that I would have an second interview of shadowing, being in meetings and observing business presentations. So the second round interview was with a 'leader' She took me to a nearby coffee shop to interview me and then this when the "too good to be true feeling" kicked in. She began to tell about salary and how much I would be making. She was highly energetic to the point where it was kind of weird and quirky. So she then goes on talking about how the company is growing and how I would advance in management which I though was too fast for anyone who had little to no experience. So then was the shadowing part, were driving along and I wondering where the *** we're going. And we in up in a neighborhood. Here I'm thinking that I'm suppose to be observing meetings with these "clients" that was talked about in the previous interview. We get out of the car and she has he clipboard and started going door to door trying to get people to sign up with Spark Energy (energy supplier). We were out in the field for almost 6 hours! So I came back to the office and was interviewed again and so I took the job, because I was unemployed to begin with..why oh why did I take it. The first day I had to be in office attire for the 'Atmosphere' don't get me wrong the people that work there were nice people but I think they're being duped just like I was. The first couple day I notice I didn't see a few people. The basically vanished! RED FLAG!, then all of this running back and forth from my house to the office which was almost more that half hour away, play dress up in these so called "meetings & workshops" then all the team chanting was a turn off for me. Then turn around change clothes to go out into the field where my territory was 15-20 away from the office, walk the streets get yelled at, almost literally pass out in 90+ degree weather, then turn around got back to the office and be at the office for another hour and half then go home tired and exhausted as ***..FOR WHAT!?!?! RUNNING MY GAS DOWN, PAYING FOR LUNCH, for nothing...for wasting my time. I am not going to do this for 6 DAYS straight a every single week!! THERE IS NO WORK/LIFE BALANCE. Oh then there's the crew nights where after spending all day getting cussed at and ran away like an rat exhausted spend another hour and half with employees no thank you. I wish I would of said NO to this job ROUND 1 of the interview and came to this website first about it That's what I get for ignoring my gut..smh...had me wasting 6 days of my life I can never get back lol. CYDCOR IS A JOB SCAM & CORPORATE CULT.
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sounds to me like you are one lazy individual. Sales isnt for a painzy like yourself.

Just because no likes you enough to sign up with you does not mean you should bash a company. This job sucks if u are a *** and cant even close a door.


She's smart! Only a loser without an education and any career possibilities would resort to a D2D commission only, no benefits, no work/life balance joke of a job!

This company isn't even around anymore!

So much for longevity! BTW: Please invest in a dictionary and maybe some English 101 classes.


With all the information there is out there online Cydcor, and you STILL take the job, all I can say is: You warned! Thoroughly Warned!


I had the joy of supporting these people (idiots) during my previous employment. I had to teach them how to use their computers daily, and they blamed us all day for not getting enough applications.

Hey you big dummies, if you do a search on any of those company names, the results generated blogs and reports that state "entry level job scams". Job seekers have so much information at their fingertips now that it's difficult to pull the wool over their eyes. Everyone working in those offices had the intelligence of a gnat. The jokes that we had about their staff was endless.

They made it easy for daily punchlines.

Sales is not the only way to make money. These poor unfortunate souls that had no idea how to use a computer should go back to school and maybe get a real job. Door to door sales are from the 50s.

But obviously having technical knowledge got me out of that position quickly.

They are the true job catfishers.


According to BBB, this company is out of business.


LMAO! There is no way she is planning to relocate American D2D salespeople to England!

It is hard to get a work visa here and it is way too expensive anyway. If any cra@***y office was to be opened, you can be sure it would be staffed with locals.


She did. And they are doing awesome.

Yall are retarded for missing out on the opportunity. But you know, d2d sales aren't for everyone. Only 6% of America make over 6 figures.

We still need you guys to flip burgers and make under 30 k a year. We need people beneath us


Sweetie, if you are working for Cydcor, you are waaay beneath people who flip burgers! The truth is (and I know it hurts to hear the truth) any 16 year old kid flipping burgers at McDonalds makes more money than you.

And no, no American D2D sales-slobs were relocated to the UK. Nice try.

Enroll for some job training skills at your local Job Corps, maybe in food service? You too could be earning as much as your teeny bopper neighbours!


Audra is a huge ***. Aside from the fact that she's deceptive to prospective employees, (I literally asked 4 times for more info on the job description during my interview and door-to-door sales or any variation of that phrase did not come up) she's also obsessed with money, in a sick way.

I overheard her bragging that she would "be a millionaire before she turned 30". And her LinkedIn page says that she "wants to make a difference". Yeah, right.



Clearly everyone knows it's a scam! People who work for the company are just posting this dumb *** so people will still want to work there.

Also their the ones talking negatively about anyone who has something bad to say. How mature... NOT! Just a 20 year old in business clothing.

The company is a crock and they try to lure you in by cool pictures of them partying in Vegas. I went to a interview there and after I found out it was going door to door Jehovah's Witness *** I never got back to them. They will literally hire anyone. A word of advice from me is if a job is bothering you to come work there it's no good.

No real job does that. Nobody wants to open up the door to be bothered by people trying to sell *** PERIOD.

This isn't 1970. :grin

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