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3 weeks ago my couch was delivered ripped.I kept it while they made another replacement. That was good...BUT The cushions are already mis-shaped and flat. Very very dissappointed. I wish i would have had my old high quality couch reupholstered. I will never buy a couch site unseen and couch un-sat. This is low quality and sad....just like me. I plan on donating this cheesy thing.I am embarrassed by it and me for my stupiity.
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We bought our Tillary tufted sofa (all the pieces/full set) Summer 2014 at West Elm's newly opened London store for almost £3000. It was initially delivered 2 months late, and the corner back rest even later. I was told by customer service that this was because the couches weren't passing Quality Control and were being sent back to the states to be remade. This made me quite worried initially, and I should have cancelled my order then and there!...
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shelly I too had a bad experience with west elm. I ordered a sectional, it arrived late and was in two side grey and the other side dove. After about 5 hours of getti...

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