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Wentworth Doglass Hospital Customer Care Review

I got a bill for some xrays. I tried to set up a payment plan. They wanted more money than I can afford. They don't work with their patients at all if there is a balance owed. There need to take a course in patient etiquette. I will not go to this hospital again.
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Problems with payment

JG Einstein Structured Settlements Thank You Great Service

A special thanks to the two companies that got me the money I needed JG Wentworth Einstein structured settlements as their salesmen loaned me the money needed to get out of debt before trying to sell my annuity payments. My name is Jacoby and I live in Missouri. When I was 15 years of age I got burned very badly by some hot water from some not so nice guys and they know how badly this was for me. in the end what made it better was the lawyer getting me the money needed at the time but when i wanted to go back to college i needs moar money and so i got funding from these guys. thanx
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Anything associated with those sophomoric goons at Einstein structured funding should be taken with a grain of freshly shucked and roasted corn filled tird. Time and time again these guys eff up by the numbers. A huge non event.


How much did they loan you "Jacoby" and why did you decided to put a review for a company that does not exist, "JG Wentworth Einstein", on Pissed Most settlement purchasers will do an advance, not a non recourse loan for $2,000-$5,000 (some up to $10,000).

JG Wentworth of course is the leading purchaser of structured settlement payment rights and Einstein is a nobody that wants you to believe they are geniuses.

Slick ads don't mean jack "Jake". The proof is in the court records.


Way to go JRR Funding LLC Yea!


isn't this supposed to be a review for Wentworth Douglass hospital, mein herr?

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Missouri, United States
  • Einstein structured settlements
  • Customer service
Reason of review
Fast order processing

Sent to collections when making faithful monthly payments

I have multiple accounts with this hospital as I've been sick for some time now. I have made monthly payments to them faithfully since day one. Unfortunately this March I suffered another set back & long story short, lost my job due to illness. I continued to make payments to all 3 accounts faithfully taking from my savings as I have not received any income since the lob loss. In addition, I have needed to call every month as my payments got misapplied or I received a nasty gram letter threatening collections for paying my bills, On Time. My bills were due on the 16th of every month. On the the 16th, I would make the payments but they didn't post to my account until the 25th of the month. When I inquired as to why the delay, I was told it was their system causing the issue. "Why is that my issue", you send me a bill, I pay it On Time, then I get a letter each & every month threatening collections. One of my accounts is old therfore their online payment system doesn't recognize the account number & misapplies the payment to another account. I again receive a monthly collections notice. Again, "Why is this my issue"? The straw that broke the camel's back, I made my monthly payment, On Time & the very next day, I received a letter from a collections agency. I contacted the hospital & was essentially told, there's nothing we're going to do about your concern, pay the balance in full. I offered, pleaded them to work with me on this. That I'm not receiving a paycheck presently, have sent payments in faithfully & I have no issue paying my debt, will do so & once working again, send them larger payments. I was shut down. It seems, in my opinion, profit & making money is a priority over patient welfare. Oh, did I state, I have health insurance so these balances are only my co pays. It's pretty disheartening to work all your life to build a solid, respectful credit rating & have a business that supposedly puts patients first disrespect any person making effort to settle thier debt with that business. I have a debt with Frisbie hospital as well, have been making faithful payments to them & they never have given me any trouble at all, gladly accepting my payments.
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Rochester, New Hampshire

Avoid the Spine Center

The Spine Center is nothing but a front. They do not have a spine center. What they have is an agreement whereby they can refer you to Seacoast Orthopedics or the Seacoast Pain Center in Somersworth. They call you and ask you a myriad of questions and refer you to Seacoast Orthopedics. They tell you Seacoast Orthopedics will call you to set up an appointment. About a week later you get a call from them. If you're lucky, you'll get an appointment in about 2 weeks. When you arrive for your appointment, they hand you a questionnaire that contains all the same questions you answered over the phone with the Spine Center. Why? Because they do not have access to your records at the Spine Center. Then, if you're like me, you get a referral to the Pain Center which is in the same building. They call you in about a week to schedule an appointment - which will be in about 2 weeks. When you arrive for that appointment, you guessed it - a questionnaire with the same *** questions that you've answered twice before. You may eventually get to where you need to be to get some pain relief, but it won't be before a couple of months have passed. These agencies are totally independent of each other and are not part of the hospital. As a result, there is no coordination, no sharing of any records other than your X-rays or MRIs. Go to an independent spine center where they can diagnose and treat your pain directly instead of fooling around with this outfit.
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Dover, New Hampshire
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Wentworth Doglass Hospital Thumbs down Part2

go to.... to hear all about Wentworth Douglas Hospital and Dr.David Coppola of Dover NH.Stay away from this pit.They are nothing but a money mill.The Patient Advocate there is a JOKE. She is there just to prevent litigation and white wash incedent reports. As far as Dr. Coppola he is untalented ,unproffesional,arrogant and frankly I think he acts a bit like a spoiled brat at times if you dare question him.He will not ask for help ,admit he may ave slipped up and treats people like @#^%I pray someone fights against this guy someday so e stops endangering other peoples lives.Again go to and see some of our stories and videos ,pictures .Thanks Linda Morin
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My wife and I went to the ER at 7:10pm

My wife had fallen at work and had to wait till I got out of work

To goto the hospital. By 8pm she had a room and the nurse asked her to *** ib a cup and left the room (no cup or directions to the bathroom) by 8:20 they asked her if she.had peed but again no cup or direction I went out and asked them where she needed to go. By 8:25pm they picked up the sample. At 8:50 they asked her if she had peed. ... Really! Do they not communicate apparently not. At 8:56pm

I went out to the nurses desk to c if she could get ib profen causenow shes in so much pain shes on tears. @ 9:15they came in and gave her some tylonal. Still sitting gere no news or help its 9:30pm now im ready to go bring my wife to a different hospital cause this is ridiculous the insensistive *** of wentworth douglas dover nh shpuld just be fired. You can change the outside but still same *** on the inside


Haven't had the pleasure of going there but have had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with a few people who work there. I hope I never have to go there.

These people joke about invading patients privacy and records. They stab each other in the back. They complain about the poor computer systems and how they can't use them.

One short fat woman who allegedly works closely with children joked about abusing them.

I thought I was having a high school flashback just listening to them. Gives me the shivers just to think about it.


:x :( :cry :? :roll :eek :zzz :sigh :p 8) ;) :grin :)

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Dover, New Hampshire
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Wentworth Doglass Hospital Thumbs down

1:one of their surgeons almost killed my husband be cause he would not accept his mistake.Still suffering and needing more surgery to repair his mistakes 2 yrs later. 2:ER sent my brother home with a broken back and told him he just pulled a muscle.My brother is a fire fighter/EMT and knew he broke his back.Went to another doctor that could not believe they missed what so clearly showed up in their X-rays,BROKEN NOT SPRAINED. 3:People there are Uncaring and untalented in their profession and are out for $$$$$ THAT IS IT!!!!
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I've documented multiple lies and in agreement with another complaint, the advocate is there (similarly to the IRS advocate) to protect THEM while pretending to be mutual. It is a fact.

I've left a message and have yet to be called.

The first rule is -DO NOTHING UNTIL A LAWYER CAUSES ALARM. The patient/consumer is a very weak voice.


We get a lot of that in Las Vegas here also Linda. Not just hospitals, but doctor offices and other medical institutions.

It's disgusting that money means more than human life, but it is the truth. The endoscopy centers in Las Vegas are only a minute fraction of the problem here and I swear to God, they are not only not helping me get better while they freely take my and my insurance companies money, but they are helping to kill me. It seems to be perfectly legal as long as they don't kill you directly.

It also doesn't help that our medical board, while they are hired to protect the community, help the doctors hide their malpractices.

I hope your husband and brother get better soon.

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Dover, New Hampshire

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