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It is like "I" was giving your review!! Same here I ordered it back in the late summer of 2015. At first I was impressed with the texture of my hair, I also have had Thick and Coarse hair since I was born(not kidding). I received two shipments, I had financial situations and had to cancel. But, I had not even finished with what I had left and I had to start combing my hair out outdoors because the amount of hair falling out of my scalp would... Read more

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I have been using the product for seven years on my natural black hair. Started it when my hair was just pass my shoulders now it is near my waist. My hair is very coarse and frizzy (4b). Just to clarify I only use their cleansing conditioner and I do not apply heat styling tools to my hair more than 4 times a year. I do not color treat my hair also. Honestly, I would not use the product when any products that contain harsh chemicals. I have... Read more

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Around 2011 I started using WEN hair cleanser because their advertising made me believe it was gentle on hair and did not contain soap and damaging chemicals. I liked it so much I bought it by the gallon and since I have short hair, it lasted a long time. Unfortunately too long. My hair started falling out and now what hair is left is baby fine and too sparse to cover my bald spots. Even though my hair is short I have to comb it forward to try... Read more

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thought I was doing something good really for myself makes the hair feel nice and is easy to use ...used over 2 years and noticed more hair on husband even replied as I forgot to clean the trap once "do you have any hair left" I retraced my hair products and it was good until using ...wen... so unless you have hair to loose don't use this product. I have flaky scalp now and also can see thin areas on the crown of my head. I... Read more

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Several years back, I ordered the Wen hair care products. A few weeks in to the products i noticed my hair was falling out. I would find huge knots of my hair in the lint trap in the dryer, in the shower drain and in my hair brushes. When i would run my fingers through my hair to smooth it out, huge chunks of hair would come right out. I'm talking about hundreds of hairs. I was taking prescritpion medications at the time and thought that was the... Read more

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  • Dec 31, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #982994

Love it.been using for 2 years

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Most people do not realize that soap as we know it came from the American Indians which do not use it every day. I makes sence if you are using a conditioner as shampoo and only use one product and you are not rincing it completly rinceing it completly that you are cloging the hair follicle AKA the pore where the hair grows from. If you hair is braking it must be do to other processing such as blow drying, hot combs, hair color, age and lact of... Read more

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I have used Wen for many years and never had a problem until about a year ago when my scalp began feeling like I had sunburn. It go worse and worse to the point that my entire head was actually sore. It did not occur to me that the Wen could be the cause because I had used it for so long, until quite by accident I came upon a site like this while looking for a review of something else and began reading about the same issues I was having. I... Read more

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I first purchased WEN by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner in Sephora in 2014. I liked the idea of cleaning my hair without using a regular shampoo and harsh chemicals. WEN’s cream made my hair feel smooth and moisturized. After a few weeks, though, I noticed that my scalp would feel itchy and I saw flakes of skin in my hair. Unfortunately, it took me several months to realize that the problems were caused by WEN. During application, the WEN... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 25, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #961428

I used it for 5 years then all of a sudden it seemed like they changed the formula as my hair broke off at the crown and I have gobs of hair come out when I did not have that before with wen. I'm 65 so my hair is dry anyways and doesn't need shampooing that often so I really lived this stuff until this last spring then major disaster. I'm so upset.

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