Dave S Sfs
map-marker Beaumont, Texas

Rufused to service my vehicle, because I bought from another dealer.

I went to my local Dodge dealer to get my 3,000 mile oil change on a new Dodge Ram and was refused service because I bought from an out of town Dodge dealer. I have bought numerous vehicles from the local dealer and was always in the red on my trade in values. I went to the dealer that gave me more for my trade in. When I took my new truck in to get the oil changed for the first time I was told that my local dealer would not service it because I didn't buy from them. The local dealer that refused to service my truck is Weaver Motors of Kirbyville Texas.
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I did not ask for a free oil change. I was ready to pay for the service, but he refused to do it period.


Why would you expect a different dealer to give you a free oil change?? Offering free oil changes is a DEALER-PAID incentive.

He picks up the cost of this as a freebie to those who bought a vehicle FROM HIM. Now you know.

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