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Ryan McFarland Your Wealth Education - another James Bradley Scam

Ryan Mcfarland was the owner of US Invest with the career criminal and conman James Bradley. US Invest shut down with all the money and assets surprisingly disappearing and Ryan McFarland just starts a new company with james Bradley. These guys need to be held to account. James Bradley had a decade long history of fraudulent behaviour and Ryan McFarlnad was very aware of his criminal background but still started companies with him to suck money from gullible clients. See attached - if anyone needs more proof - just ring Ryan McFarland and listen to the blatant lies he tells about US Invest. US Invest deliberately and intentional committed fraud and Ryan Mcfar;land was right in the middle of it all. Ryan McFarland suported ALL of James Bradleys criminal moves and ilegal activities - he even started a new company with James after defrauding clients at US invest. I would go to Ryan if i needed to know how to defraud clients, or start up a company lie in all the brochures and videos, take in a lot of money promise the world and refuse to deliver - then take the money and start up a new company.
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These comments have now been proven to be false and were posted in an attempt to stop a fraud that was never happening.

Please ring +614******** for more information.


The details outlined against Wealthceos and James Bradley, Ryan Mcfarland and Dan Montano have now been proven to be incorrect and deliberately misleading.

Anyone who wants more information can ring +614******** and hear how all this came about.

Sincere apologies to James Bradley, Ryan McFarland and Dan Montano for the comments.


So the whole time James Bradley and RYAN MCFARLAND were producing videos to sell properties you backed up every lie Bradley told without even checking on his background. Unbelievable - when he was claiming to have companies with 400 people and 50 million dollars turnover on your videos - you never checked his story out - RUBBISH RYAN - every company bradley has ever been involved in has been a FRAUDULENT COMPANY and YOU KNEW IT FROM DAY ONE.

RYAN MCFARLAND you are either a consumate lair and conman or the stupidest person I have ever met online.

You repeated claims Bradley made on video - claims that were FRAUDULENT and used to entice clients - you supported and backed up these claims.

Watch your own videos - they are damming.

YOU USED FRAUD to sell properties and you will pay a very heavy price for now protecting James Bradley.

YOU ARE GUILTY - you have lied repeatedly in your rebuttal, you continue to support Bradley knowing he is a professional conman, thief and swindler - you knowingly benefited from FRAUD - you are GUILTY.

Keep lying to yourself Ryan - Unfortunately the facts do not support your story - and after listening to Bradley's lies it appears you are out of the same mold - hope you lose everything - you made money from FRAUD and you did set up companies with Bradley after you shut down US Invest. Just another lie from Ryan McFarland the property guru - more like the Property Swindler. Easy solution Ryan - got to the authorities and report what you and Bradley did - admit to using fraud to sell properties.

Admit to deliberately and intentionally setting up US Invest to make money then close the company and strip the assets and disappear - yes we know all about it Ryan McFarland and it will come out just as Bradley will go down for fraud worth many millions of dollars for other offences. He thought he had got away with it - No statute of limitations on aggravated fraud RYAN.


It is now proven that these comments are false.

You can ring +614******** for more information about how this came about.

Sincere apologies to James Bradley, Ryan Mcfarland and Dan Montano


Please come forward with any additional information if you have done business with Ryan mcfarland, James Bradley, or Daniel Montano


To those who came forward with complaints ring +614******** to get an update. We understand your concerns but comments made on here about James Bradley, ryan Mcfarland and Dan montano are now proven to be false.


To set the record straight, yes I was one of the 4 owners of the company mentioned above (a minority shareholder). I had no idea who James was when started the company as I was not from where he was from…I was from the US and he was in Australia so I had no way of knowing what he had done in previous businesses.

Nonetheless, we were in business for several years and a vast majority of our clients did very well on the properties they purchased, however due to the RE market correction, price increases, compressing cap rates, and currency fluctuations, the business model did not work anymore so we had no choice but to wind down the company. This started happening in late 2014 – early 2015 so the statement that we just closed and disappeared is a blatant lie. That did not happen.

We sold off the assets, used a lot of that money to help clients and handle what issues we had the ability to handle but eventually we could not hang on anymore with the slim operation we had scaled down to so we were forced to close.

We did not intentionally and deliberately mislead clients…in fact a vast majority of our clients did very well. Unfortunately RE investing has risks and not every investment is a peachy walk in the park…tenants move out, break leases, damage the property, mechanical issues occur that are beyond our control. This is just a few of the issues that can occur and if you’ve ever owned a rental property you will know what I’m talking about.

That being said we worked through these as they occurred and paid a great deal of money to clients who had such issues but at the end of the day we could not be responsible for all of these issues that are beyond our control. In addition as we were winding down the company the money just simply was not there to fix issues that occurred on houses we sold months or even years prior.

Nonetheless myself and the other 2 owners are still working with clients to this day to resolve issues. Unfortunately James has left the US and is not present. This has obviously left a bad taste in my mouth as the wind up of the company has been solely left on my shoulders, so the next false statement is the one that I have gone on to open a new company with him. I did not open a new company with him and based on how the closure of this company occurred I would never open a company again with him.

I did open a new company in the RE space as that is the business I have been in since 2002 so that is the business I know. I am not involved with Dan nor am I involved with James. I run my company by myself without any other partners so again, false statements about being partners or having involvement with any other companies.

I have been dragged into this online attack against James for what he did at previous companies that I had nothing to do with, knew nothing about, and I currently have no involvement with him. My new company and my name have been defamed from false accusations that have no truth whatsoever to them.

If you want James go after him…leave me out of it! And if anyone wants to check the online attackers profile’s he/she is a master at setting up new profiles on proxy servers so it appears he/she is in multiple locations, on multiple forums however he/she has only posted 1-2 times so majority of the messages are from 1 person posing as multiple people with fake profiles with no history of ever posting anywhere else on anything else. That should address the validity of the false claims again me and my company.

If anyone reading this wants more information you can email me personally at ryanm9998@***.com and I’ll happily communicate with you about any issues you may have, questions and/or concerns. Ryan M


Interesting Mr. McFarland seems to want to play imnocent is laughable.

From our research and speaking to clients of US Invest we know Mr. McFarland was the only owner of US Invest along with the conman James Bradley for the few years of its operations. He claims that that the company failed by chance due to "real estate corrections" that he could not forsee yet states that he is a real estate expert whose immense knowledge is worth tens of thousands of dollars. He is clearly a conman like his business partner James Bradley.

He claims the attack has to due solely with James Bradley but is equally due to the dozens of defrauded US Invest clients. Daniel Montano his other business partner running the same scam has conviently disappeared and shut down the website wealthceos. Ryan is trying to claim no association with James or Daniel which is a blatant lie. The link below proves Ryan McFarland is a liar who will do anything to cheat people out of their hard earned money.

He claims he is not in business with Daniel Montano and James Bradley but then why up until Wealth Ceos website was taken down soon after our expose it had the same company address as Your Wealth Education the company Mr McFarland claims has no association with James Bradley and Daniel Montano.

Why Mr. McFarland did a company bearing the same address as yours suddenly shut down as soon as accusations came to light?****3425/


Seems Daniel Montano was quick to take down wealthceos. Clear sign that he was running a scam same as US INVEST and Your Wealth Education.

I recommend that if you have given this man money or have purchased property from him to contact the authorities.

Especially if you have purchased property from him as he is claiming to have a real estate license in the state of California which he does not. THIS IS FRAUD.


A bit more info on these guys = see attached

They are trying to distance themselves from US Invest.

Bad luck Ryan McFarland and Dan Montano - old saying - "If you want to lie with dogs, don't complain when you get fleas"

You guys have Bradley's fleas all over you.

Protecting Bradley at all costs because you both know what you did at US Invest

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Wealthceos is set up by career conman James Bradley

Wealth Ceos - Wealthceos is set up by career conman James Bradley
Wealth Ceos - Wealthceos is set up by career conman James Bradley
Wealth Ceos - Wealthceos is set up by career conman James Bradley
Wealth Ceos - Wealthceos is set up by career conman James Bradley
Wealth Ceos - Wealthceos is set up by career conman James Bradley
Wealth Ceos - Wealthceos is set up by career conman James Bradley
I purchased a property through US invest after talking to Ryan McFarland. Ryan guaranteed the property would be refurbished and that it was in a good area. After purchasing the property US Invest shut down and it appears the owners have taken the money paid for the rehab of all the units. The owners were James Bradley and Ryan McFarland and they currently are running new companies Wealthceos and Your Wealth Education. I just want these criminals held to account. There are a lot of very unhappy clients looking for the elusive James Bradley. After searching on the web we find James Bradley is a professional conman who has made millions from stealing other peoples money. James Bradley should be ashamed of himself.
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Though these comments were not from our group after much research we have found that james bradley and US Invest did not commit fraud.

Though we initially thought Bradley because of his background was up to no good it has become very apparent that he is not involved with the people he has been accused of associating with and has not been associated for over a decade.

Though we did not post this comment we apologise to James Bradley, Ryan mcfarland and Dan Montano for comments made on other sites about their behaviour.

Ring +614******** for further details and information.


Well Ryan - there will be some very interesting facts posted shortly in regard to what you did after you shut down US Invest.

We will not post them yet as we are waiting for documents but it doesn't look good for your story about not being involved with BRADLEY anymore.

Sure you never deliberately and intentionally broke the law either - that would be very unlike any company associated with James Bradley.

You allowed Bradley to openly LIE and use FRAUD to sell properties when you knew they were lies. We have all your videos as well and we are in the process of stitching all the lies together with the real evidence and facts shown to disprove your and Bradley's comments.

Sure you are about to be proven VERY WRONG Ryan McFarland.

Anyone who would start a business with a man who is a known fraudster (YES YOU KNEW) is a bit hard to be taken seriously.

We can put up a website and call for victims if you want.

And of course you will cop all the flak - Bradley will be long gone and you will do everything to protect him as he is your good friend. We also admit to using false names as we do not want Organised Crime Figures sending people around to threaten us because we dared to stand up to a fraudster like Bradley.


Sincere apologies to Ryan Mcfarland who was dragged into this sordid affair through no fault of his own.

Any imputation that Ryan committed fraud is false and further information can be acquired by ring +614********

It is a long story and Ryan got caught in the middle of it.


Please be advised that if you have an issue with a US Invest property you can email into the customer service department at customerservice@*** and it will be reviewed and assistance will be provided if possible.

We are still working through any outstanding issues and all clients were notified of this when we closed down US Invest operations.

I'm also not sure where your getting your information from regarding James Bradley being an owner of Your Wealth Education because he is not. He has nothing to do with Your Wealth Education, is not at owner, employee, partner, shareholder, etc. and this company is also not doing anything close to what US Invest was doing.

We sell real estate investing education which teaches people that want to start a business buying and selling real estate how to find, fund, and flip real estate deals.

If you need further clarification please advise and we will be happy to assist in whatever way we can.


So Mr. McFarland since you are not denying that you were an owner of US Invest please explain how you feel you are a real estate guru deserving of people money from your expert advice

US Invest offered the same thing as your new company yet you male claims there is no money to pay back the money you took from your clients.

Also why are all the "gurus" of US Invest starting new companies doing same thing but claiming to be different companies.

I'm referring to Your Wealth Education and Wealth CEOs. You bo there offer "education" but are obviously both the same company


The Customer Service Department - is that you Mr Ryan McFarland. They will admit there is no money - it is all just disappeared along with James Bradley. You have no intention of honoring your legal promises and commitments to your former clients - you knew all along that the assets would be stripped and the company shut down - THIS IS HOW BRADLEY has run companies ofr a decade and is illegal.


These comments are false and have proven to be so.

Ryan McFarland has not to our knowledge broken any legal commitments or promises and has been caught up in something he was not involved in to start with.

Further clarification can be supplied- ring +614********


We also got stung by the false promises from Ryan McFarland and James Bradley.

Happy to join a class action against these people.


Please refer to the previous comment and email any issues to customerservice@***


Why all you repeat is the same lies you are told to repeat from James Bradley - we have no money.

WHERE DID THE MONEY GO Ryan McFarland - Property guru

If you had any idea what you were doing you would not shut companies down and run off with your clients money then start up new companies with known ORGANISED CRIME figures.

More *** from Ryan McFarland - James's butt boy.

All lies Ryan - your response is send us an email - what to the same people that stole our money in the first place - ***

You cannot defraud people then expect them to email YOU for help - you are a complete joke Ryan and are about to be exposed BIG TIME. Shred everything Ryan.

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