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PissedConsumer has a professional research team that is ready to help and assist journalists with their requests, even the ones on the deadline. We want to help our consumers be heard, and media representatives to find an exclusive story to tell.

We can provide:
  • Consumer data & trends by industries and companies
  • Knowledgebase of 2,5M reviews
  • Research on the topic or company
  • Help in contacting real consumers
  • News pitches on consumer issues sent to your inbox
  • Your news shared on our social pages

For research or media assistance, please contact: media@pissedconsumer.com

Micheal Podolsky

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Michael Podolsky (CEO and Co-Founder)

Michael Podolsky is a co-founder and CEO of PissedConsumer.com, a review platform and consumer advocacy website. After completing two degrees in Computer Science and Finance, Michael has spent over 20 years on Wall Street crafting his career from a Help Desk Assistant to an independent business owner. For the past 15 years, he has been actively involved in search engine optimization, technology development, legal strategies, and general business management.

Having extensive experience in customer service, Michael advocates for consumers’ right to free speech and the First Amendment. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Michael shares practical insights and tips with young business owners. His expert commentary, opinion, and PissedConsumer news have appeared in the media outlets, such as the U.S. News, Bloomberg, New York Post, The Washington Post, The New York Times, TechDirt, ABC News, Inc.

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15 Ways To Hone Your Business Storytelling Skills As A Leader

Learn to be a good listener before you become a storyteller. Then, make sure to follow the fundamentals of good communication by practicing listening and responding to customers. It will help you gain the trust and loyalty of customers and grow customer satisfaction. A happy customer is far more likely to want to hear your new story.

13 Powerful Retention Strategies That Keep Customers Coming Back

Think about why you have to retain customers. If they decide to leave you, then something is wrong. My best advice here is to communicate with your customers before and after purchase, and most importantly, react. If there are complaints, issues, questions and difficulties, provide the best customer service you possibly can. You'll earn their loyalty, and that might result in the best strategy.

15 Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Boost Their Credibility

I believe that credibility highly depends on how honest, transparent and responsive a business is with customers. Attempting to hide the negative feedback or failing to admit mistakes will lead to losing trust within the market. It's as simple as never making promises that you can’t fulfill and always responding.

Customers Continue to Go Through It With Carvana

While many of Carvana’s customer problems surround registration problems, there’s other bullshit going on. Consumer complaint sites are filled with customers detailing their problems with the company. One site called Pissedconsumer.com currently has Carvana sitting at a 1.8 out of 5 with 360 reviews of the company.
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Customers describe ‘nightmare’ problems after Carvana purchase

Channel 2 consumer investigator Justin Gray learned Carvana faces multiple class-action lawsuits. Metro customers told Gray buying a car was easy but getting vehicle titles from the company left some in a legal and financial mess. Metro driver Richard Stanford waited months to get the title to his car title. When a FedEx package arrived from Carvana it wasn’t a title, but a letter telling him the company stating they no longer had the title to his vehicle. He posted about his experience on the online forum, PissedConsumer.com.
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Press Releases

Black Friday Shopping Numbers Expected to Fall According to New PissedConsumer.com Survey

Nearly 70% of consumers might sit out this season’s biggest holiday shopping day according to a new Black Friday survey conducted by PissedConsumer.com. That includes 7% of those surveyed who previously shopped on Black Friday.

PissedConsumer.com Helps Consumers Identify, and Boycott, Companies Doing Business in Russia

PissedConsumer.com now features notices on company profile pages if a company continues to do business in Russia despite the war in Ukraine. The move aims to help consumers make more informed decisions regarding purchases and boycotts in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

PissedConsumer.com Launches Self-Recorded Interview Option for Consumers

PissedConsumer.com introduced a new self-recorded video interview option for online reviews, opening video review opportunities to more visitors. Increased demand comes as the company finds a 500% greater chance of satisfactory resolutions to online reviews when they include media such as video interviews.

PissedConsumer.com Makes Attorney-Consumer Connections, Leads to Class-Action Lawsuits

PissedConsumer.com helps attorneys reach potential plaintiffs interested in class-action lawsuits. Several suits have been filed as a result since the service’s launch in 2019. The success of this service is predominantly a result of targeted email marketing to PissedConsumer’s users.

PissedConsumer.com Empowers Consumers to Protect Their Rights with Consumer Interviews

U.S. consumer advocacy and customer complaints website, PissedConsumer.com, marks 14 years of helping consumers better protect their consumer rights. As an anniversary gift, Pissed Consumer now offers two-way conversations with companies and enables complaint resolutions through its online platform and consumer video interviews.

Been Swindled? PissedConsumer.com Tells How to Get Satisfaction

A complaint resolution and consumer advocacy website, PissedConsumer.com, explains to consumers the common ways of how they can seek solutions with companies and improve their satisfaction. Expertise based on consumer data and latest submitted reviews which were resolved through their platform.

PissedConsumer.com to Connect Consumers with Class Action Attorneys

PissedConsumer.com launched a new service helping attorneys connect with negatively-impacted consumers interested in becoming plaintiffs in class action lawsuits. The service will include the identification of potentially-interested consumers, as well as outreach. It is designed to save attorneys and their legal marketing firms time by finding leads from within the company’s extensive database of consumer complaints.

PissedConsumer.com Launches “Consumer Trends” Tool Making Industry Data More Accessible

U.S. consumer advocacy and customer complaints website, https://www.PissedConsumer.com will make real-time industry and consumer review data available through the company’s new “Consumer Trends” tool. The aggregate data in the “Consumer Trends” tool will feature statistics in an infographic format. All data is exportable and can be browsed by industry and custom date ranges.

PissedConsumer.com Reveals Top Tax-Related Consumer Complaints for 2018

U.S. consumer advocacy and customer complaints website, PissedConsumer.com researched tax-related consumer complaint trends filed by its users during the first two months of 2018. The company is offering tips for taxpayers looking to avoid these common problems.