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It's no secret to anyone who's used this site for several years that they post the fakes they've swiped from overseas sites themselves based on their experience with voting trends. They also manipulate the totals. Use Tin eye and Google images to verify this for yourself. Also, just watch the leaders board trend. A legit submission will be in first place until the end is close then they'll submit a fake bombshell or two to boot that submission... Read more

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I had fallen on hard times and been a member of Watchersweb for ten years. I could not afford to renew, so I wrote to them after they sent me a reminder. I was shocked to find not only did they give me a free renewal , but made it a lifetime one. I'm an Vet and dont have a lot of funds, but I do have Watchersweb. Thank you to all the great things they do. Its not about the money for them. They keep it real and seeing complaints I can be... Read more

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The banned me right after I paid for my membership they are scrambling to keep a float don't join this site It should be called *** beaters anyway. I contacted them to find out why i was banned and couldn't even get a response from them. Spread the word and don't join. Plus I have sent In many submission over the years which I could not even view myself site sucks waste of money. I had been a member since around 2004 but that means nothing to... Read more

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i have always loved Watchers Web.The staff has always been very nice to me as well as all of your comments. I have been sending in nudes of me for the last ten years since I was eighteen. Can someone tell me what happened to Hot little Robin? She was the best and me and my husband miss her so much.

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They are not paying winmings, and when you open a ticket they do not reply I was emailed by them saying that they do pay .. then I said you owe me wining from 4 and 5 months ago .... these are tickets numbers To be met with abuse from their customer support and them being told I'm a fake and not to submit more!!!! I cant belive they can do this and then steal money .. or just not pay out They also say ameatuer when I have seen many pics on other... Read more

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Problem was taken up by your staff and was solved. I must say that your way of working through emails and the accumulative "blog" is both innovative and very, very effective. You need for some strange and unknown reason, 100 words? OK. THIS RESPONSE SYSTEM IS NOT UP TO YOUR STANDARDS. aND THE SUGGESTION THAT MY BROWSER IS NOT UP TO DATE IS FALSE. I AM USING XP AS ARE 450 MILLION OTHERS. LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU ASKED ME TO LEAVE FEEDBACK AND I... Read more

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I was pleased to receive a $500.00 prize into my paypal account today from Watchersweb. I submitted my Pictures and videos and won. I submit to otherplaces and never get paid. I will always love Watchersweb. Off to buy new Lingerie now :) There customer support is excellent and helped me whenever i needed assistance. I want to thank Raven and the team for the great comments.I am someone who is shy and concerned about my body. But not... Read more

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When I went to the submit photo section, I posted a few photos. No where on the submit page did it say anything about being a paid member to view my own photos. I sent an email to the contact us page asking where my photos were and they replied in the blue section. I don't understand why I can view other posts by other women but not my own. I did ask to have my post removed and they responded that they would remove, but without being a paid... Read more

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Being a recent recipient of Watchersweb strong-arm tactics, I fully sympathize with others who have been banned. There is one forum, in particular, that is "ruled" by a guy who thinks that anyone who intensely hates the US government is a-okay. But, dare to present opposing opinions to him and his many followers, then you must be silenced; hence banned. I've no doubt, that if the NSA is listening, they're tuned into him and his "friends." ... Read more

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I submitted photos to Watchersweb for their contest. Won one contest for $200...they never paid. Submitted photos another time and won again. This time $400. They didn't pay again. They came up with all these bogus stories and conditions to pay out making it impossible to collect. Raven seems to be a good person but Ray seems to be argumentative and a big shot want-a-be. I was so excited to win twice with this site only to be dissapointed after... Read more

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