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They dont pick it up it qas mo keep so take it trash but they push oit and lay down floor some out drop floor

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Stay away from WM. After years of price hikes, I decided to find another provider. I found a new provider at a much reduced rate, so I cancelled my service with WM with one month of service remaining. I expected to receive a refund for the last month of service only to be told by WM, no refunds. I was informed by WM CS that this is stated on the bill. Shame on me for not checking this, it's a garbage bill, I have other more pressing matters to... Read more

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Customer service lied about pick up days in snowie weather,field supervisor refuse to return 5 phone calls,bad for business ,going above his head to file complaints.

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Been with this company for 25 plus years really no complaints till the last 5 years then every year a10 to 15 percent increase was added on at renew time you call to ask why and your just told inflation but sign up for another 3 years and will go back to the old rate then you sign the contract and for the next 3 years they jump you up 10 to 15 percent and you have no say in what they can do make sure you read the little writing on the contract... Read more

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Horrible customer service. Billing is always wrong. Missed pick ups. Don't waste your money or time find another company.

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Today on January 31st 2017......2330 Star avenue in Castro Valley......Truck #152602 pulled up to my house. I was delighted to see a Gentleman in appropriate safety wear(as always) exit the vehicle, move my green waste container to the side of his vehicle, raise, dump and shake the can several times to make sure it was completely empty. ( It never gets completely emptied, by the way, I know it's messy stuff, but a good shaking will get it out).... Read more

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I would not recommend Waste Management to anybody. Very similar to others, it was not clear that by cancelling the established and required 2-month prepaid period. Once in need to to cancel, there would be no refund. The person who received my cancel call did not in any way suggest there would be no refund. When I emailed them to insist there should be a refund for a service not received they referred me to the back of the statement, which... Read more

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NEVER, EVER USE WASTE MANAGEMENT! I switched to Waste Management from Rumpke for garbage pickup and paid for a year in advance to get a slightly reduced rate. I did not expect to move, but life happens and I ended up moving after 8 1/2 months. When I cancelled my service, I was told IN WRITING that I would get a refund of the remaining balance paid. I cancelled my service on 11/11/16. It is now 1/27/17 and I am still fighting with them to get my... Read more

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For the fourth time in a year WM has failed to pick up my trash as scheduled in which i have had to call to get it picked up. However this time when i called and e-mailed them they said my regular scheduled pick up of Wednesday morning wouldnt get picked up until Thursday. It was not, after calling they said no later than 5pm Friday, it is now 7pm. Again it has not has been picked up and they have failed to e-mail me back. Very poor customer... Read more

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We have been a Waste Management customer for 10 years. This past year we received a new driver. Absolute worst service ever. Today didn't even pick up service. Every time we call customer service they ignore us. Absolutely horrible, avoid Waste Management. We are finally changing service. He won't pick up if it isn't exactly at the curb line, won't place lid back on container in inclement weather, rude, skips service, totally unreliable. Company... Read more

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