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recieve daily spams multiple times a day past week, many repeated there home security and other spams emails
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Acelynn Frz
map-marker New York, New York

Andrew Kryzak is a scammer who has been a regular for years on a website called

Andrew Kryzak is a scammer who has been a regular for years on a website called where he sells one phony worthless money-making scheme after another to unsuspecting prospective entrepreneurs trying to find an honest way to generate a home-based business income. What follows is an account of my own negative experience with him connected to the purchase of a WSO (Warrior Special Offer) at the following page: forum/785850-how-make-200-per-day-30-second-radio-ad.html My experience has been that Andrew Kryzak is a complete fake, phony fraud. I bought this useless WSO and I was as careful as possible to follow his blueprint as closely as possible and I personally ended up losing a lot of money trying to do make this work for me. Generating traffic to a website via radio advertising does SEEM like a perfectly plausible approach to making money by promoting certain niche CPA offers and so the concept resonated with me as it evidently did with several others in this forum - even those who (as I, in an admittedly cynical fashion, pointed out above) apparently had not even gone as far as ordering and reading this useless WSO yet but nonetheless found themselves endorsing its author and the technique he claims is making him all this profit. I weeks ago challenged anyone on this forum to come forward and tell us about having been successful implementing the technique in this WSO and no one ever came forward. Andrew Kryzak claims this WSO 'includes script for a real life radio ad which brought in nearly a 10-1 return on investment'. As Warrior Member huskerdo pointed out in one of the first posts to this thread, 'Obviously I am missing something big if you are getting 10 to 1 returns'. I discussed this with someone who has been in the radio industry for 13 years who straight up called this claim a lie based on his experience and stated that one is lucky to just break even on a radio advertising campaign and that a 10 to 1 ROI is unheard of. Having purchased this report, I did run several radio ads following Andrew Kryzak's instructions to the best of my ability including having a spot professionally recorded based almost word for word on his '10 to 1' template script from the WSO but, as I've said, not only did I not make money but I ended up losing a lot of money. Admittedly the problem(s) with the campaign could have been any one factor or combination of factors but, contrary to the promises made wherein he says 'I’m also very easy to contact and I’m here to help you anytime you need it. You can contact me at the email above and I’ll give you whatever coaching you need and answer any questions you may have', he was largely unresponsive to email messages for weeks at a time - a theme readers of this thread will observe to be common for Andrew Kryzak. Honestly he comes across as a real mud-for-brains in my opinion and trying to get him to help me zero in on what if anything might have been wrong with what I was doing proved fruitless. It was like pulling teeth trying to elicit responses from him. It would be necessary to resend messages only to get excuses after 2 or 3 sends that he had been 'out of town' or some other lame excuse for not having responded yet and that he was in the process of formulating a response which would/should arrive a few days later. There came a point at which he completely broke off communication and simply suspended any further responses to my email requests for help trying to implement this technique he outlines in the WSO. 'This isn't rocket science and the math doesn't lie. In this case you'd have to try pretty hard to fail. Don't you agree?' Math may not lie but Andrew Kryzak does. He is lying about his 10 to 1 ROI and he is also most assuredly lying about his availability for 'whatever coaching you need and answer(ing) any questions you may have' as well as his DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK guarantee. I tried 'pretty hard' to succeed with this and I'll be damned if I could figure out where things went so off the rails with no help to be had from this charlatan. Even if I were doing something not quite by the book, then shouldn't I have been able to reasonably expect at least to break even let alone realize a 10 to 1 ROI? As it became increasingly apparent that there was no way to get any further guidance from him and having already lost money, I requested delivery on his DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK guarantee which is stated on the first page of this thread and reads as follows: The Most Powerful Guarantee On The Forum First of all, you can get your money back anytime for any reason within 1 year. Even on the 364th day you can email me at andrewkryzak84@***.com and I’ll give you every penny back. But even a 1 year guarantee doesn’t convey my confidence in what this system will do for you. So…if you run a radio ad following my instructions and you don’t make at least $500, I’ll give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK! Just show me the ad and the station you ran it on and I’ll refund your purchase price by 200% guaranteeing you a profit! But that’s not all…I’m also very easy to contact and I’m here to help you anytime you need it. You can contact me at the email above and I’ll give you whatever coaching you need and answer any questions you may have. As I've said, he simply ignored my many requests for follow up help and 'coaching'. I was as patient as possible while being conscious of trying not be a pest but it became clear that the only thing left to do was to request that he make good on his phony DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK guarantee but he also ignored my final message to him on 7/10/13 requesting that $34 be credited to my PayPal account ASAP. His ignoring of that refund request left me no other option but to open a dispute against him with my credit card issuer who did reverse the $17 charge in my favor but claimed to be unable to reverse double that amount as only the original charge can be charged back. As I've stated, I unequivocally consider this WSO to be worse than worthless and its author to be a scammer but, if anyone is interested in reading it, you don't need to pay for it as you can be assured that Andrew Kryzak will not honor his phony and worthless promises of support or DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK guarantee on it anyway. It can be downloaded for free from the following link: which can be jumped to from this link: automated-traffic/ My advice however is to not waste your time.
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