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I would be getting various golf items. I got a warrior 3 wood, omg, it had dings in it, a dent in several places, i could have gotten something like this at play it again sports for 10.00? A used, club. Four sleeves of warrior golf balls, a hat that dont look right and just looks cheap, and a small bag of maybe ten tees in it. The only decent thing i got was a new calender , it was ok. I will be calling them up, take my name off you calling and...
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Anonymous I received my 39.95 Gift kit, worth at least 250.00 today. I received a used 3 wood that had dents in it as well as marks and just very used, 4 sleeves of ball, a few tees, a ...

I ordered three woods, with senior shafts and jumbo grips .it took over a month for them to get here I hope I like the clubs because so far I'm not satisfied . I felt I was high pressured and way overpaid for the clubs plus no free shipping ,any other company would offer free shipping . also I've never heard of selling woods ,without head covers ,if you want them they are 5.00 extra of course they don't tell this until after the fact ,as I said...
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I didn't like
  • Way of doing business
  • Free club but adding other clubs to charge for free club
  • Salesman scam tactics
Warrior would call me occasionally, asking if I was interested in more clubs, after a few calls I made a deal to test a 3 wood, and as a free gift I got 3 more wedges (52,56,60). I knew that Warrior would charge my card the cost of the Wood+Shipping in advance, and If I returned the Wood, I would be reimbursed. I knew when I made the purchase that I wasn't going to return it, so I was good with that. The 3 Wood is awesome, and I intend to buy a...
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I liked
  • Quality of product

Warrior Custom Golf Wood Golf Club Review

Have complete set of irons and woods and hybrids and wedges...100% satisfied...