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DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY FROM WARRANTY DIRECT OR THEIR PARENT INTERSTATE NATIONAL DEALER SERVICES. they are horrible and do not pay what is required to actually have your car repaired. I took my Volvo XC70 to a very reputable import auto repair shop. They quickly identified the problem and sent the estimate to Warranty Direct (INDS). At first they had the contract completed wrong, saying I had a v70 not a XC70 and that my contract didn't cover...
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Anonymous How old and how many miles does your Volvo have?

I didn't like
  • I still had to pay hundreds more to get the car fixed
  • Lied about coverage
  • Did not cover new part when needed
Reading reviews and decided to go with Warranty Direct for my 2012 Audi A8 completed everything and made the initial payment 2 weeks ago and today got a phone call that underwriters denied coverage for my Audi WTF is all I can say, inform your sales staff that you don't insure Audi's so we don't hang around to get told 2 - 3 weeks later get Lost we don't wan't you what a way to do biz. Why this dog and pony show with your sales guys and they...
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I had a O2 sensor replaced and i witnessed the authorization of the parts and labor.When the repair was done the provider was told that payment would be slow, so i agreed to pay the bill and get reimbursed from WD. After waiting 3 weeks and no check i called and was told first that they didnt know they were to send a check to me (though i witnessed the agreement) Then they said they didnt get the invoice and i needed to send in mine. Finally...
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