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Engaged in dishonest business practices

I purchased a Genuine Warranty extended warranty for a 2006 Range Rover thru Warranties 4 Wheels, who sells these worthless policies. I paid $3200 for that policy. I also decided to purchase another Genuine Warranty policy for another car and paid $2200 for that one. The sales representative at Warranties 4 Wheels told me that both policies cover everything that the manufacturer's warranty would cover. However, she never told me that you have to pay a deductible per every part needing repair if you bring your car in to an authorized repair shop. To the average person, this would be good information to know to make an informed decision when deciding to purchase an extended warranty from Warranties 4 Wheels. The language in the Genuine contract reads as if you pay one deductible every time your car is needing repair, no matter how many parts are needed to fix the problem. At the end of April 2011, I began getting error messages on the dashboard of the 2006 Range Rover. I took it in to a Land Rover dealership and they ran a diagnostic on the car. The dealership discovered that the error messages were due to the compressor for the suspension and the fuel pump, both of which needed to be replaced for a total of $1700, plus the costs for the diagnostic. No problem I think. Good thing I purchased an extended warranty. Wrong! When the dealership filed a claim with Genuine, Genuine said it would not cover the fuel pump because the costs for the part and labor is less than my $500 deductible. They would cover the cost of the compressor, but Genuine would only approve 0.4 hour of labor (no you did not read this wrong) to remove the existing compressor and put in a new one when the dealership was requesting 3 hours of labor to perform this work. How does that even seem reasonable? Finally, the dealership would have to run diagnostics again after putting in the new parts to reset the computer system, but Genuine will not cover this. So out of a $1700 bill, Genuine is only going to pay $250. So in addition to paying $3200 for a policy that doesn't cover anything, I have to come out of pocket an additional $1450 for the repairs. What's the point of having an extended warranty? When I called Wayne at Warranties 4 Wheels to complain about the lack of coverage and the misrepresentations about the policies that were made when I bought them from Warranties 4 Wheels, he was very rude and told me that people like me were trying to get over. I paid over $5000 for two worthless policies. How am I trying to get over? Wayne refuses to give me my money back and cancel the policies despite the fact that I did not get the repairs done on the Range Rover and nothing has ever been paid out by Genuine under either policy I purchased. Bottom line: DO NOT PURCHASE A GENUINE WARRANTY POLICY AND DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM WARRANTY 4 WHEELS! I have reported both companies to the Better Business Bureau. I have gotten my credit card company involved, which I used to make the payments to Warranties 4 Wheels. I live in Texas, so I am filing complaints with the Texas Attorney General's Office and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Since both Genuine and Warranty 4 Wheels are Arizona companies, I'm also covering all bases by filing a complaint with the Arizona Department of Insurance. It is very time consuming. However, I believe both companies are engaging in fraudulent practices and must be stopped. I encourage all who have experienced similar problems with these companies to do the same. The more complaints, the quicker state governments where these companies do business will take action on behalf of defrauded consumers. I'm out $5000-plus, but I will not go down without a fight.
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:( Sounds just like my experience. This guy Wayne is a real tough guy.

Went to great lengths to explain everything. By explain I mean insult, berate, lie, all the way to the point of threatening me with the age old "or else...." To which I asked, "are you threatening me" and he quickly hung up. I'm just glad I made this mistake only once.

Beyond Wayne@***s, Genuine is nearly impossible to deal with.

They are at least polite, but they do not respond. I think their method is to wear you down until you give up on filing claims.

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Warranties 4 Wheels Did a Great Job!!

Warranties 4 Wheels did a fantastic job for me on coverage on my BMW. I called them all, Continental, Warranty Direct, Auto Warranty Broker, AA Auto Warranty and they all high pressured me into buying coverage I did not want or need. Stacy at W4W took the time to explain everything to me, sent me the contract to review and then helped me get the coverage going. She made me feel good about spending 3,000.00 of my hard earned money. I highly recommend them! Call her at 1-87*-844-**** and tell her LarryT told you to call!!
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Yeah, but have you tried to file a claim yet?


Another bogus commercial for a competitor on this site, wow what a bunch of desperate companies using a competitors complaint forum to push your product

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WARRANTIES 4 WHEELS WARNING DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY PROGRAM THROUGH WARRANTY 4 WHEELS LITCHFIELD PARK Arizona. They Knowingly are in a Scam operation with Genuine Warranty formerly known as Exotic Warranty Ben Evans Alias Ben Nuon of Genuine Warranty was arraigned in Florida for charges Of Criminal Grand Theft In general, the state of Florida shut him down once for illegal business practices so why not go to a different state and do it all over. It appears that this Florida-based Company was selling extended warranties through numerous automobile dealerships across the country as well as directly online illegally since 2003. Related Court Documents can be found at Interested parties should contact Patti Tuppin at the Florida Dept of Financial Servic
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If you like to flush your money down the toilet: by all means purchase a piece of paper from W4W that means ziltch.


The people who work for the State of Florida will do anything to shut a business down. I know this because the same thing happened to me.

I reviewed the court documents related to this and it states that $380,000 was distributed in employee salaries and bonuses. My question is why wasn't the $750,000 that they took used to honor the contracts that were in force.

It appears as though the same thing that happened to me happened to this poor guy. See in Florida, little does a business owner know, they will issue you the wrong lisence and then come back and tell you that you need to get a different one. The catch 22 is that once you have one lisence you can not get another one, no matter what. This is when they come in to close your business down and take all money and assets just so that they can divide it up amongst themselves. Who are the REAL crooks here?

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