map-marker Cincinnati, Ohio

My order was canceled without my permission

There was a mixup and I didnt realize that I got a 20 percent off on an order that I placed one day prior to the buy two get one free sale. I had reached out to warmies to ask them about it, and in the meantime, realized that I had gotten a discount on that order and went ahead and placed another order, that they promptly canceled. Rosa was kind and compassionate, and we got to the bottom of the situation. Everything was handled correctly via Rosa. Someone in the organization canceled the order prior to even looking at what it was so thats what made me so angry. It has since been taken care of and I am happy with my purchase.
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User's recommendation: Call warmie’s directly don’t use their chat thing it doesn’t work. They don’t mean it long enough to get things taken care of before something else occurs.

Gwendelyn Uml
map-marker Cincinnati, Ohio

Rosa was compassionate and listened to my situation