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The lenses only had the correct prescription directly in the center of the lense. If I looked where to the side of the lense it was completely blurry and made me feel sick to wear them. Their customer service told me there was nothing they could do, but that maybe I should drive to their nearest store (2 hour drive) and have them adjusted to fit better. I feel like they didn't even listen to what was wrong with them, which is so frustrating. I... Read more

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After receiving two home try-on orders successfully, I ordered a pair of glasses. The USPS was unable to deliver the glasses because the apartment unit was missing, even though both home orders had been delivered successfully without issue. I saw immediately on the tracking info that the address had been found undeliverable at 10:30 am. I called Warby Parker at 1:30 pm and was told there was nothing they could do to help except place a new... Read more

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I have 6 pairs of glasses from Warby Parker, 4 pair of progressives, 2 pair of sunglasses. I absolutely love all of them! Best glasses I've ever had. The biggest problem I have is deciding which pair to wear! They never break. Quality and customer service is amazing! Can't wait to see the next collection. The price for this quality of glasses is unbelievable. I used to pay $600 for my glasses. Never again. I usually order online, but... Read more

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Glad they are disrupting the monopoly on eye glasses. Great selection of frames. However, WB is only good for single vision. You still need an overpriced local OD for progressive lenses. I need to enter 100 words. I need to enter 100 words. I need to enter 100 words . I need many more and more and more and more more more more more more more more more and more more more more more more more 30 more words more and more more more more more and more... Read more

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I'm very disappointed . I was excited to visit the place after I watched the owner himself talking highly about the company. The stuff have no basic knowledge about the glasses. Poor I mean very poor customer service. It horrible feeling being there . They could not answer a basic simple question about lenses . I'm Not sure what the company is offering It's joke . Never will advise someone to go there ... Read more

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Bought the frame and lens from them in Dec 2015. Lens scratched and needed to be changed which, according to their policy, they do. However, since the original Rx expired since then, they absolutely refused to change the lens without getting a new Rx. Nothing changed but I have to see a doctor just to satisfy their ridiculous (given the circumstances) policy. An MD myself, I even offered to write them my own Rx but they refused. So I am forced... Read more

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Warby Parker is a poor excuse for a company. I ordered glasses from them on the free home try-on. I never received the trial. I live in Florida, and the glasses were delivered o Sacramento, CA. These glasses were literally shipped to the wrong coast over 3,000 miles from where I live. And if they are not returned, you are charged for the glasses, and now I am going to have to pay $500 for their mistake and inability to carry out simple, every... Read more

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I bought several pair of glasses. Their great design is what made me buying them. But I ordered 2 pairs with the same prescription within a year. The prescription was wrong. It's only this past week when I when to shop to a regular optician nearby that I asked about this possible problem. It was confirmed that it wasn't the same prescription! So for over a year I wore the wrong prescription with possibly draining my eyes. I contacted Warby... Read more

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After going through the lengthy process of getting my prescription filled, I was super excited to be able to finally afford glasses per their website and ads. After receiving the home try-ons I found the pair I liked, submitted my pupil distance and finally placed the order. After about a day I got an email stating the high-index lenses I need would be an ADDITIONAL $130 to my order. I submitted several correspondences with them over the lack of... Read more

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Warby Parker service is below sub standard. It is certainly not consiatent with their sleek web site and candy voiceed customer experience team. We have been out of glasses and refunds that were promised on two occasions were not credited. The Miami store does NOT have a rest room.for customers, or even a telephone line. WP failed to execute time and again, delivering only execuses.. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT shop Warby Parker. Read more

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