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I was taking care of my elderly mother at a nursing home and unable to get my electric service working on Dec. 16,2016. I needed to be there to feed her daily so scheduling was a problem. She did pass away on Jan. 1, 2017. After being without heat, some lights, stove, refrig, for 5 days, I called Mr. Waldron after returning from the nursing home on Dec. 22. I told him via telephone that Penn Power had been here and said that a corroded bolt need... Read more

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Shut the main to replace a circuit breaker in my box on a Saturday. Could not get the main to reset after the the new breaker was in. Tried it 15-20 times with no luck. I understood there was a $125 trip fee since it was a Saturday. When the guy arrived he told me there would be a $325 reset free but based on what I told him he didn't think there would be an issue. I signed the paper work and gave him my credit card. He walks over to the... Read more

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Total scam artist. Came to my single female neighbors home for no more than 10 minutes and charged $470.00 to flick a breaker! Read more

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I can't believe I got ripped off by this *** man. I paid him $7050.00 to change my breaker box. Other contractors said they would have charged me $1500.00 I'm so embarrassed I fell for his ***. Before I had time to think he had my credit card and literally cut the power cable to my house. He had me sign and initial a great deal of paperwork. That I did without reading. Afterwards, Tom threatened to sue me because I made a complaint against him... Read more

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Agree with all the statements above completely! We live out of state and the air conditioning on our house in Monroeville wasn't blowing cold air. We called Waldron and they took all our information and my parent's information, as they would be the ones to let him in the house. The woman who took my call stated it would be an $85 trip fee and that there would be additional fees for any additional diagnostics and repairs. My dad met Tom at our... Read more

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Half of my lights went out at night in my home on night. In a haste, called Waldron Electric - some "electrician" came around 7 PM -was there for LESS than an hour -and charged me $700!!! $700 for what?? He pointed to something he installed - I had no clue what it was - and it certainly wasn't a new break box or anything big. My brother came over later and told me I was totally ripped off and should have waited for him to do the tiny job. I... Read more

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Called at 3 PM on Friday. Office said it would be $75 for visit and service man would be there between 5 and 7 PM but would call first. Shortly after the service person called and said he would be here in 20 minutes and that the visit would be $95. I called the office back and Janet said that she would call and tell him $75. the service man walked in, did not introduce himself and said "what's wrong with the AC". I began to tell him the problem... Read more

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Tree fell in the yard, knocking down power lines. Called Waldron since he had a big ad in the Yellow Pages. Was all gung ho, ready to come out at a moment's notice. A little too eager. Put him off until the next day. Before his person arrived, we checked on line and saw the many complaints. His person came out and gave us an $8,000 estimate -- eager to start right away. My wife said no, that we're getting more estimates. Waldron got on... Read more

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On a Sunday my 200A main breaker was hot and melting. I call Waldron they came out for $100 - a little steep but it was Sunday and an Emergency. I paid 100 before they did anything. 450 for a "diagnostic" test ( other more reputable electricians say there is no such thing). With my panel board all taken apart, they ( the electrician had to keep calling his boss) started yelling at me, telling me my house was going to burn down and my family will... Read more

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I called Waldron Electric for my 92 year old friend because her lights weren't going on at night.The first thing the technician did at the door was ask for her service fee. The technician did nothing but act like he was doing a "diagnostic" test and put something into the plug. All he did was flip the breaker switch and charged $600.00. When questioned about the price, they get around it by saying that she "signed the forms", and even said she... Read more

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