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I am the current Vonage customer, I signed up the Vonage with the rebate amazon $100 gift card. I have the email with tracking number and they never send me the card. I contacted the customer service so many times and they obviously lied to me that I didn't sign up with the promo code. How can I get the tracking number for gift card then?? They treated the customers very unprofessionally and shamelessly lied. I feel so pissed that I was lied and...
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Miss Betsy

Miss Betsy Buy a voip box from Obihai on Amazon and port your number to Google Voice. It has better features and costs nothing.Yes, it's free to make calls with Google Voice. - It is onl...

Residential customer -Need Technical Assistance-SOS Since past one month I am facing a major technical malfunction on my cell phone number each time I dial my sisters phone in India with a proper code +91-11-XXXXXXX it is being redirected by itself to a number in North Caroline who most probably has same digits.As I did not authorize this linked redirection I would appreciate if this number which has been liked to my number erroneously is...
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Les cuento que compre unos teléfonos Motorola que venían en una promoción especial por adquirirlos *** la cajita del servicio de Vonage y termino siendo un robo, estafa y fraude por parte de Vonage. Resulta que cuando adquirí la promoción (en la cual solo me interesaban los teléfonos,) yo le informe al vendedor de la promoción que no necesitaba el servicio de vonage y él me dijo que no me preocupara que lo podía cancelar sin ningún problema en...
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Vonage Mobile Phone Service Review

My account got suspended in january for no payments and i was unable to make any call. But they keep on charging me every month and now they say u have to pay the bills or otherwise collection agency will recover that money from you.