map-marker Naperville, Illinois

Shifty job

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First off, I will say the service receptionist was very nice and communicative and compassionate about my post service. Ashley is great!

But to begin things, I booked an appointment for an oil change on Monday 03/20 they started service and I decided to walk to a place to grab a bite to eat and after being quoted an hour and a half to 2 hours. Maybe 45 minutes in I receive a text saying "sad news, we don't actually have the needed oil filter here, are you able to come back tomorrow?" So of course I agree and go back the next day, quoted the same time frame, I decided to wait around, 3 hours later and they are still working on it. I also opted to have them replace my wiper blades while they were at it. $65 for some wiper blades I might add but we all know dealer markup is ridiculous but for convenience I gave the green light to go ahead and do it.

On my way home I tried to use my wiper fluid only to find out my wipers weren't working. The point of this service was preparation for a trip to Chelan, my entire trip was without the use of my wipers... not fun! They must've of done 500 point inspection on everything in the car for safety precautions I would imagine they'd tout, however I did not feel safe without the use of my wipers.

They didn't inspect their work to make sure everything worked properly, Boggles my mind they don't do post inspection for quality assurance. Also this place does not perform car washes or vacuuming with services performed. After spending $200 for an oil change and wiper blades, I would think that would be a nice touch.

Came back from trip and went in to have them fix my windshield wipers and they legitimately blamed me for it, refused to take responsibility and then stated they had to charge me to fix it. Obviously I didn't stay and left with them still broken.

I was EXTREMELY disappointed and pissed! Then they had the audacity to email me the following day to come get work done for 15% off what they recommended from the inspection they did that I never authorized the week prior. I'll clearly not be taking them up on this offer in fear of them ruining something else on my car and blaming me.

Bonus Tidbit: when I first got my Touareg (about 2 yrs ago) I had a headlight out and I thought it would be some complicated process as it was my first German vehicle, I called them to fix it and was quoted over $500 and the same 2 hour time frame.

After hearing that, I looked at a YouTube video and ran to O'Reilly's, got the bulb for $100 replaced it in not even kidding, less then 5 minutes. That was clear robbery that thankfully I didn't fall for.

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User's recommendation: Stay away unless you want your car ruined

map-marker Kirkland, Washington

Worst Possible Service Experince

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I brought a 2008 GTI in for service last year when the check engine light came on and had a very disappointing experience from start to finish. The service consultant, Roxie, was friendly and checked in the vehicle. However, she informed me that there weren't any loaner vehicles available even though I called in ahead of time (about 30 minutes before stopping by) and was ensured there were plenty of loaner vehicles. After I mentioned that I called ahead and was told that there were plenty of loaner vehicles, Roxie looked like a deer in headlights and said she would be right back. Roxie then magically returned with keys to a loaner vehicle in less than a minute.

The GTI was in for a few days and I received a call saying to come in and pick it up, the fault had been resolved, the car was fully fixed and tested. I went in, payed a ton of money, and picked up the car. Upon pulling out of the parking lot, the check engine light came back on. I promptly turned the car around and explained that the problem I brought it in for wasn't fixed. The service staff then told me to wait as they ran diagnostics which took over an hour. I was then told that the techs missed something and needed to keep the car longer. I'm just speculating here, but I have a strong hunch that the diagnostics weren't actually performed before calling me and saying the car was ready.

A few days later, I received another call saying that the car was definitely fixed and the problem has been resolved. Once again, I drove over and got in the GTI. I turned the engine on, and instantly there it was...the check engine light. I went back inside, explained that the problem I paid to fix still hasn't been fixed. The techs took the car back for more "diagnostics" again and this time came up with a laundry list of parts to replace. I trusted that this would fix the problem so I paid for the parts and repairs to be performed and left them to work on the car, again.

More days elapse and I'm called to come in to pick the GTI up again. Hopeful that the additional parts I paid for to be replaced would fixed the issue, I went to pick up the GTI and drove away. Within a mile of my drive, the check engine light comes right back on. At this point I'm beyond frustrated with the service team and have zero faith in their technical ability. I call the dealership when I get home and ask for a refund, which of course they declined to provide and asked that I bring the car in again.

Back I went looking for some type of compensation for the inability to fix the issue I brought the car in for. The service manager, Jon Labbe, comes out and feeds me a sob story about how the dealership was in the middle of moving locations and they can't refund my money because they spent time working on the car and need to pay their poor techs. He offers to look at the GTI again for another diagnostic and personally oversee his master tech perform the work. I agree figuring it can't hurt at this point. Jon and his master tech disappear for almost 2 hours and then return saying that they can't figure out what is wrong. Thinking to myself, "If these guys can't even figure out what is wrong, why the heck did the dealership keep telling me the car is fixed and ready for pickup?"

Jon then fed me a ton of garbage excuses saying how the problem could be "carbon buildup" and that they could take a crack at fixing it, for more money. Kind of funny how he was proposing a "solution" despite telling me they couldn't even figure out what is wrong less than a minute earlier. As Jon kept trying to sell me more and more illegitimate services I realized that you can't talk rationally with an ***, so I decided to cut my losses and leave.

The funny part is that I was just looking to get the GTI in mechanically sound shape so I could trade it in for a brand new GTI since I love the platform and have been a repeat GTI customer over the years. Due to this terrible experience with Volkswagen of Kirkland, I traded the GTI in at a different dealership and picked up a new car from a competing manufacturer. This dealership not only lost my business, but Volkswagen also lost a lifelong customer because of this dealerships shady and unqualified service department.

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

map-marker Redmond, Washington

Poor customer service

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10:30 ish AM

I went to the dealer ship to see what it would cost to find out why my car vibrates when it turns to the right.

I was greeted by Kristin when I walked in I explained and the SECOND I said it was a 2012 she cut me off and said “you are out of warranty” I explained that I purchased a 7yr warranty when I bought the car she looked on two screens and said “it’s not in our system, do you want to go home and look for it because I don’t know who to bill IF you have it”

They took my car about 2hrs later she said the Tie Rod was loose and they where tightening it, about 30-40 min later she said “they can’t get it to tighten we need to replace it but we do not have the part. It will take us a day to get it.” I explained that I could not leave the car there and I would have to find my 7yr Warranty at home and call back. She said that it would be another half hour to wash and vacuum the car.

12:45 ish PM

Kristin told me the car was out front and ready to go, I paid my $124.00 for Diagnostics and was told it would take 3 days to get the part (What the heck happened in half an hour) I went to leave…… The tech that worked on my car, I am sure had to take it for a test drive… Why did they change my radio station? Why does my car Smell like sweat and not a little but take a shower or put on deodorant something.

1:15 PM

I called the dealership to tell them I found my 7yr warranty. I was transferred to the service dep. After a few rings the receptionist came back on the line and I left a message on who I was and what I was calling for and she said that they would call be back shortly.

2:17 PM

I called back and was transferred again to the service dep. It rang 2 times then someone picked up and I went directly to voicemail. I left another message and said “please call me back to make sure the part was ordered.

2:24 PM

I called back and was transferred to Services and I left another voicemail asking for another call back to make sure that my part was ordered.


9:36 AM

I called the dealership and asked to speak to the highest ranking Manager on duty, the receptionist said “so you want to talk to services?” I said I want to speak to a manager. She transferred me to Jared (I think that is what he said his name was). I explained that I had left several messages asking to tell me if the part was ordered, and I had my Warranty and they yesterday I was dealing with Kristin. He said “oh she is working today just a minute” and transferred me….. I wanted to talk to him and explain how UNIMPORTANT I was made to feel in this process. I guess he did not want to hear me (like everyone els).

I spoke to Kristina. I asked if she go any of my messages and she said “yes but by the time you called back the parts dep. was closed…. So your parts department closes at 1:15 no wonder they don’t know how many days it takes to get parts. She said she will order the part and call me when it is in to schedule a time to come in and get it fixed.


Received a call from VW telling the part was in, on my VM as I was working. When I called back they transferred me to Roxy. I explained that I needed to schedule a time to have my car worked on. I asked what time they open she said 7 but the techs do not get there until 8, I asked for an 8am appointment.


7:50 am

I walked up to Danny who said “how can I help you” explained why I was there and that I made the appointment with Roxy. He said she is ¬down there¬ pointing down the counter. I went to who I guessed Roxy was and explained I had the 8am appointment. She said “oh I said that was open not an appointment” That is a lie as when I hung up the phone yesterday I said my appointment is at 8 and she said yes. Again I got the feeling I was unwanted, inconveniencing them and they really could care less about me. She asked what I was there for and I just handed my paper work to her and said THIS.

After she looked me up (not speaking or looking at me one time) said fill this out and handed me paper work. I read the paper work and signed. I asked when to pick up the car and she said it would be an “all day” I told her fairly rude that this is not acceptable as I was told a couple of hours she then argued with me that it is going to be all day. After arguing with her she said 10:30am and went back to what she was doing. When I got home she called to tell me the 7yr warranty will not cover the problem and asked if I still want to continue. I said yes and asked if she would be calling me when it was done she said I will call you and I said okay and she hung up.


Received a call from Roxy telling me it would be another 45 min. So much for the 2 ½ hours I was told.


Showed up and told Roxy I know I am early but wanted to let you know I was here. She said they are almost done.


Roxy told me they are washing it now do you want to finish the paper work, she handed me a bill for 398 dollars and some odd cents. I said I thought that the price of the Inspections would be deducted. She said “it’s not in there?” looked and then rang up another bill…. If I had trusted them (good thing I don’t) they would have over charged me by almost 150.00 dollars and not thought twice about it. Can you say UNETHICAL and don’t care about their customers.

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: I want everyone to know how people are treated.

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