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I haven't had a problem with Voguewigs. Yeah they charge a "restocking" fee, but guess what? There's a hygiene issue, they have to be really careful with returns. I feel like I've gotten pretty good deals here. As far as the color goes, you need to get a color ring if you are really picky. I have gotten 4 wigs from here with no problem. I think in general the brands and quality are a little better than say It took a while to get one... Read more

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Placed order 10/17/16 and order shipped 10/20/16, so far so good. Now here it comes. It was sent via USPS (couldn't get any worse shipping from them. Order was send to an incorrect which they are claiming I placed, however upon checking the original order, it had my correct address. Also, paid via PayPal who also has my correct address. Vogue refuses to refund my $121 until the package is returned by the post office (yea good luck especially... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 14, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #900504

Order Christie Brinkley wig from Vogue. Very disappointed. Wig was so fake looking. Shiny and looked nothing like the photo. Never will I order from Vogue Wigs again.

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Your company is a COMPLETE joke! I have contacted and spoke with many different people in regards to try and order this hair piece going on TWO months now. Each time you are more than willing to charge the credit card then you say "oh I'm sorry its not in stock please pick another color" Ok great!!! well I called many times to find WHAT ACTUAL COLOR YOU HAVE IN STOCK so I could order a color you have in stock. Many times I never received an... Read more

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First of all let me say that I've been through three sites on reviews for you the highest mark you got was a one star which is the least I have had run-ins every time I have called to order something from you I'm sick of it you are the lowest rated Wig seller online I had just looked at several pages everyone gives you a one or a bunch of?'s saying what the *** I don't need i'm living on disability I was doing you a favor by ordering something... Read more

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Im so disapointed with your company that im sending report to the better business bureau. I sent you payment for 2 items and you only sent me one *** wig and the wig stand that i also bought never reached me. I called the next day because i want to return the wig and get a refund for everythi g the man said that they would send me thevwig stand and never reached me. If i dont hear from you soon i will make sure you goout of business. How ca n... Read more

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I returned an item because I did not like color and fullness. VogueWigs said I damaged the box and brushed out the wig, but completely untrue! I had to take a 30% loss due to their false accusations, not to mention the personal cost of shipping. Read more

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A total ripoff! "Buy one get one half off" means pay for 2 and only get 1 (for astronomical shipping fees). Customer service is non existent, seeing as I cancelled my order (in writing) 3 days before they shipped the 1 item in Stock - and billed me for both. No credit for the item that should have been half price not any adjustment for shipping so I paid $12 to ship one rather than 2. Worse is billing me for the non shipped and not available... Read more

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I ordered several wigs from Vogue in late November/2015. Wigs were returned within 10 days of my receiving them. I am too ashamed to even tell the amount I paid for these items but I can tell you I received less than 1/2 back. I have been told one of the wigs was not even in the shipment. Since they were all sent back in the same box, I have no idea how they can tell me that but it is my word against theirs. They also credited me back 30% less... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 04, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #764012

Ordered two items, one arrived many weeks later, after I asked why only half the order arrived they told me the other item had been sent separately and now it has been almost 6 weeks and still nothing. Typical arrogant Americans.

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