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Vizio Tv Review

Vizzo - Simple Review #1404597613
7 months ago I purchased a 55 inch Vizio tv at Walmart reading all reviews before purchasing it said 55 inch Vizio tv are highly not expected to break well ours broke and Walmart will not help since we lost receipt even though the Walmart price is still on tv I've called Vizio and never ever get help so I basically bought a plus 1000 dollar tv for nothing I pray someone from Vizio sees this and at least tries to help thanks in advance the Garza family
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Vizzo VTAB1008

I bought the vizzo tablet in dec. In the beginning it was great but soon the problems started. It would not charge properly and in about another week it would not charge at all. I contacted them in September and I have waited and waited, So now in October I contact them again and I explain everything. They tell me they will replace it but first I must send them proof of purchase and three pictures. Idid that and now I have been asked 5 times to send them the pictures because they are not clear enough for them. I resent the pictures and those still were not good enough, so aain I sent them and I ave gotten the same response. I sent them two more times and apparently the pictures are still not good enoough. NEVER buy a product of any sort from this company because if there is a problem then you will get the run around because this is allI have gotten for months. These final five sending of pictures hs been the last straw; so I feel officially screwed out of my money and a product I really needed because being disabled made a Tablet a great idea but I guess I was wrong. I cannot afford to lose this money but I cannot afford to do anything about it or buy a laptop or tablet. It must be nice for all of these companies to not take any responsiblity.
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