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Emailed Vizio and, although under warranty, they insist that I return it to the USA where they'll have a repairman come and fix it or, in all likelihood, ascertain what it needs for parts, order the parts, return later and repair it. Trouble is, I live in Canada. Their reps, as does a "manager" name of Jameson (just Jameson, don't know if it's his first or last name) claim this is policy and indeed, on looking at their warranty, one line does...
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h.kitchener Vizio is a rather unreliable telly. Now you know why they are cheaper than major brands. Most people will buy these cheap sets like Element, Vizio, etc. based solely on the ch...

I didn't like
  • Lack of service and customer service arrogance
I bought a 48" Vizio smart TV. Had it 3 weeks. My wife and I are older and no one lives with us. The screen spontaneously cracked from the inside out. There is absolutely no damage on the outside of the TV. The only way you can tell the screen is cracked is my powering on the TV. For 3 days afterward we could at least watch it because there was just a dark 2" wide strip running vertically down the right side and some very narrow horizontal lines...
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Anonymous Screens on tvs do not just spontaneously crack. Screens break due to an external force being applied to them and as such is considered physical damage and this is standard acr...

I didn't like
  • Product or the company