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Purchased a pair well in advance for about 1500$.Nonrefundable air and lodging arrangements in place. Got a call from VS that my tickets were cancelled due to strict ID checking at Shrine gate disallowing entry to secondary market holders. This ID check threat has been...
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Anonymous I purchased my tickets from a third-party reseller and when I found out Radiohead's (they are too blame, it was their decision not to honor third-party reseller tickets) I imm...

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Nobody contacted me to inform me that I was not going to receive my two Radiohead tickets, which were bought five months in advance (over 1,150 USD). The concert was not cancelled. When the deadline for electronic delivery was due, I contacted VS three days before the...
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Raul20162016 I filled out the complaint. They recognized their mistake and offered me a compensation, which helps to heal a trip gone badly. I was satisfied after receiving a reasonable ex...

I bought 1 ticket for Radiohead August 4th concert. It was a dream for me only to learn 3 days before the show that Vivid was cancelling my ticket. They DID NOT provide me a reason. Just like that. They are not trustworthy. I pray that I get my full return and that I...
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Anonymous First time i use this site thinking good things!!! i purchase two tickets to guns and roses for today a dream come true for me and my husband cancel my purchase they wont refu...