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This company completely rips you off!I paid $289.77 for two tickets for the event and was sent a prepaid credit card valued at $154.56! Thats a $135.21 up charge! That practice is called SCALPING! I contacted customer service to find out why on earth they would charge so much extra and they basically told me that they gave me that information when I purchased. Um, they left out the part that they tag on over 40%!for awful customer service and...
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Anonymous I know the pricing sucks. I'm worried because of this showing your receipt n credit card info with photo idea for the concerts here in Edmonton Alberta that since I was not th...

I liked
  • To be able to purchase tickets online
I didn't like
  • Attitude of customer service
  • Being overcharged an insane amount
  • Ripoff scam poor customer service no refunds
I bought 2 from Vivid Seats to see Garth Brooks in Bossier City. I specifically bought E-Tickets as I was road tripping through Texas and Louisiana on vacation from Australia and had no fixed address to send them to. Once the tickets were purchased I got an email from Vivid Seats saying my tickets were actually paper tickets and they needed an address to send them too. After wasting my vacation time contacting Vivid Seats customer service team...
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I liked
  • Nothing yet
I didn't like
  • No financial compensation for loss
  • Tickets were supposed to be sent by email and were not
  • Customer service unhelpful and unapologetic
Waited 2 months for our Garth Brooks tickets, got tickets Saturday morning via email, went to the concert, paid to park, waited 30 minutes to get in to find out our tickets were for Fridays nice show, unreal, I have never felt so much anger and inbarasment in my life!!. I promise the world I will never buy over priced ticket from this company ever again. The company was no help in resolving or helping us on the night of the concert or the next...
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Vivid Seats Garth Brooks Concert Ticket Review

Do.not purchase tickets from this place. My tire.blew out and all they had to do was give me or call ticket master to get into the later Garth Brooks show, as ticket master was willing to do so but Vivid seats didn't. Their customer service is *** as well. Their charges are astronomical and I lost $293 and no concert
John & Cathy, My wife and I bought $250 dollar Garth Brooks tickets for this last Saturday night the 17th of September at the Honda Center Anahiem concert. First off we did not get the tickets till Saturday morning via email totally wierd for the day of the concert. Next we go to the concert to find out our tickets were for Friday night after parking $15 buck, 20 minute in line to get in to be embarrassed in front of our friend and told the 4...
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