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Very bad service

But a 2008 Subaru on march 11 2013,the car was delivered very nasty n dirty I took it back cause my back window was not working then I took it back cause the steering wheel had vibration then took it back again for the same thing they never fixed it then I took it to the Subaru dealer they found a bent rim n my radio was not working n the shifter cable had corrosion then I went back to the dealer n the sales manger got loud with me n tried to grab me then I called the police on the sales manger for trying to grab me then he told me he was not going to fix my car so now I'm taken vision dodge to court.
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Oh my! Bought a 5 year old car as is and now have buyers remorse. Get real and get a life!!!!!

Dan L Euz
map-marker Rochester, New York

Screwed ByVision Dodge In Penfield, NY

Purchased 2006 Dodge ram 1500. After discovering that the box was not attached I did a carfax and found out that the truck had been smashed head on into a tree in NJ. The dealership promised me a replacement truck. After being lied to repeatadly they finally ended up saying that all they would do is give me a warranty for when it breaks down. The truck shimmies and makes thunking noises. the brake light on the dash goes on and off and the truck stalls intermittently. I feel unsafe driving it. There was never a buyers guide on the truck before I bought it. I contacted the manager, Mark Ledtke by email and told him I was hoping to resolve the matter without involving the Attorney generals office and he didn`t respond. The salesman Chuck told me that Mark said I don`t have a leg to stand on and to go ahead and contact the Attorney Generals Office. I finally got them to agree to give me an unlimited mileage, 4 year warranty that would cover any defects that may come about as a result of the accident . The salesman brought the warranty paper right to my house for me to sign. It was just a yellow paper. He showed me a brochure with two pages checked at the top. He said "you get this warranty, with this add on". It looked like a good warranty. We signed the yellow papers which didn`t have much on them. Later we discovered that the warranty paper that he had us sign was dated 4-20-2010, but he just had us sign the warranty paper on 6-16-2010. They dated the warranty for the day I bought the truck.(Insurance fraud?) Now when I get the actual warranty in the mail from Chrysler, it turns out to be a plain old 39 month drive train warranty. They even screwed me on the warranty that was suppose to be the remedy for screwing me the first time on the truck. I can`t seem to get any resolve out of this company. I have even been contacting the vice president of Vision Dodge, and he has promised me that he would try to get me a replacement truck, but I have heard no more from him either. I am finally going to stop listening to their lies. I have sent my complaint with all of my documentation to the NYS Attorney General`s Office. BEWARE OF VISION DODGE!!
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I know this guy....He found a picture of a smashed truck on the internet and lied that it was his truck he bought! You can find the picture by googling smashed ram trucks...he then found a white one. Complete fabrication and while I could care less about the dealer, he is a scammer and undermines the validity of people getting taken advantage of


Oh you know me Joe??? Funny I don`t know you.

Just because you don`t like what I said in my comment, don`t make me out to be a lier. Everything I said in my complaint is true.

You must work for Vision. You don`t know me Joe, and I don`ty like being called a what you may come back to *** you

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